Cyber Shadow tips — 5 things to know before starting

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Cyber Shadow tips — 5 things to know before starting

A guide to getting started in your side-scrolling trip through Mekacity.

Greetings traveler, it’s great to see you within operational specification. Welcome to Mekacity… or, what’s left of it. Before we get moving, please peruse these five data logs. They’ll surely increase your chances of survival!

(Hint: The Service Pods include a yellow navigation arrow – a marvel of engineering and a testament to the futuristically advanced Mekacity. Just follow them.)

Log 1: Practical Service Pods

As you explore the ruins of Mekacity, you’ll occasionally bump into Service Pods – checkpoints  loaded with goodies. In addition to saving your progress, some pods can be upgraded if you pay enough of your hard-earned essence.

  • Spirit Recovery: Special Items and skills consume Spirit Points (SP), but this upgrade will top you off.
  • Automatic Repair: Replenishes your HP. You’ll need it.
  • Item Synthesis: Grants you a Special Item displayed on the Pod’s Terminal. 

Once a feature has been activated, that particular Service Pod will keep refilling HP, SP, or your Special Item indefinitely. This is especially useful in the event of an unfortunate step into a bottomless pit or when you get into mortal danger. The Service Pod will lock onto your position and transport you to safety, no questions asked. This “respawn” function is usually reserved for glitching synthetics that misplace themselves.

(Hint: Sometimes a crack is just a crack, but might as well check?)

Log 2: Cracks in the wall

Sometimes nooks and crannies in Mekacity contain surprises, ranging anywhere from item drops to hidden pathways. Keep an eye out for anything that seems out of place, and slash away.

(Hint: Striking the Swag Blade with your sword will send it hurtling forward!)

Log 3: Special Items

Special Items are powerful weapons, and they’re not only found in Service Pods. You can find a plethora of Special Items scattered around, and sometimes hidden in plain sight. A Special Item has three hit points and will be dismantled when those reach zero. If you keep out of harm’s way, you can keep using a Special Item indefinitely. Find a particularly powerful Special Item? If you tread nimbly, and you’ll be blasting through your journey with that extra firepower. 

(Hint: Combining instant skills allows you to clear rooms in seconds.)

Log 4: Beyond the skills

Your skills (once you acquire them) come with multiple secret techniques. For example, your Lightning Strike skill will give you extra height if you use it at the apex of your jump. Additionally, if you repeat the move command while already executing the skill, you’ll warp to your target in an instant. It’s advisable that you learn the secret techniques for all your skills.

(Hint: When in a hurry, turning your back towards an enemy right before taking a hit is sometimes faster than dealing with the enemy. Shadow is always pushed towards HIS back when taking damage. This is called “damage boosting.”)

Log 5: Fearless? Take on Feats!

Shadow, I know things are difficult, so don’t be afraid to play carefully and at your own pace… for your first adventure. But if you’re looking for an even tougher challenge, I recommend trying for some Feats, some of which are outlined below. These Feats are tracked, so you can try to accomplish them all.

  • Born Ready: Beat the game without collecting HP/SP upgrades.
  • Fast as Lightning: Beat the game in under three hours.

These Feats will truly test your skills. Once, I heard tales of a master ninja who went for both of these at the same time.

Until we meet in Mekacity, that’s all for now. Good luck, Shadow. 

Cyber Shadow releases today on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. We hope you enjoy your ninja adventure.

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