Games Under promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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Games Under promotion comes to PlayStation Store

Limited time sale includes Dead by Daylight: Special Edition, Resident Evil 2 - Deluxe Edition, Assassin's Creed Odyssey

PlayStation Store’s new Games Under promotion begins Tuesday, January 19 and brings with it a selection of amazing experiences available at a reduced price for a limited time.

Running until Wednesday February 3 at 11.59pm local time, the Games Under sale includes the likes of multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight: Special Edition PS4 & PS5, open world epic Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and survival horror Resident Evil 2 – Deluxe Edition.

There are plenty of other titles included in the sale – a selection of which you can see below – so check out the full list for European players here and North American players here.

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Dead By Daylight: Special Edition
  • Death Stranding
  • GRID Ultimate Edition
  • House Flipper
  • Injustice 2 – Legendary Edition
  • JUMP FORCE – Deluxe Edition
  • Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker
  • Need for Speed Payback
  • Overcooked: Gourmet Edition
  • Payday 2: Crimewave Edition
  • RESIDENT EVIL 2 Deluxe
  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Edition
  • The Crew 2 – Deluxe Edition

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  • Where are the filter/sort options in web store? And where are the videos/screenshots? This is such a downgrade from the previous PS store version! It’s very annoying to be obliged to browse all the list in a random order. This makes me want to give up buying.

    • Fortunately you can use other sites like for filtering/sorting and seeing trailers/screenshots. But yeah, it’d be nice if that was on the official web store.

    • I absolutely hate the PS5 storefront, home screen and new trophy layout when selecting a game. Not to mention, unless I just can’t find it, the removal of the trophy level exp bar. Some things just work well and it’s those things that should not be changed imo.

      Perhaps it’s in part due to a limited amount of PS5 stuff and we’ll see changes over time but regardless it’s just a bad setup imo.

    • @Sarges:
      Yeah honestly. The whole PS5 UI needs a ton of work. Finding ps5 games on the store is such a hassle.

      There’s a ton or other UI issues that drive me insane too lol. Like I REALLY feel like the tap and hold functions of the PS button are reversed from what they should be. Got my ps5 at launch and it still messes with my head.

      The overall UI needs some work and the ps5 store needs, er, quite a ton of work

    • @Sarges
      Absolutely despise the trophy layout. It shows 4 big ass blocks instead of having an option to view them as a list.

      Also, the sort by price sorts it by retail price and not the sale price. What’s even the point then?

    • Chiming in to agree. The web store is a mess. The PS5 online store is a mess.

      What ever happened to Flash Sales? Why not weekly sales? I love how they have a base game like AC IV Black Flag on sale and then discount the Gold edition on the next? They do that ALL THE TIME. Sony, show your customers respect and put base games and bundles on discount at the same time. The same publishers do it on Steam for the same titles, so why abuse console gamers?!?

      @Axecution. You speak the truth. I was lucky to get mine on day one, and I still can’t stand the UI. The PS5 UI is horrid. They put extra steps in everything that was easy-peasy with the PS4 UI. They stripped out functionality, including folders and themes. The PS4 UI was a big improvement over PS3 and I would prefer that over PS5 UI. Beyond the UI, the stupidly small SSD is ridiculous. 2 TB SSD on my Series X plus another 2 TB SSD external and 14 TB on 7200 rpm externals. PS5 is limited to ONE 8 TB external. I still think PS has the best games overall, but definitely not the best next-gen console at present.

    • 100% This. I made a comment on the last blog post saying the same thing. I mean, to my own benefit, I’ve been spending less on the playstation platform because of this. But they gotta fix this new horrid experience they call the web-store.

    • @Tatanka2007 I have to admit, the UI has grown on me – but there are still many things that could be simpler. But folders were in the PS3, and missing from the PS4 for at least a year or two after launch – seems Sony doesn’t learn their lessons. If we complain about it constantly, we’ll probably get folders back in late 2022 or early 2023. Thanks, Sony!

      On the PS5, I wish there was a simpler way to get to the cloud saves from the game screen, like you can on the PS4. Going to sleep mode takes more steps now. Telling a game to close takes more steps. Finding a game without folders takes a lot more steps, unless it’s one of the last 3-4 games you played. The PS5 store has a wishlist, but to get to it you press down, then up, then right…it’s not intuitive, even if you know it’s there.

      It’s smarter about some things – switch users while a game is open, and the PS5 will immediately update cloud storage with the save of the game it shut down.

  • Please add PS3 and Vita games on sale.

    • I second that. Bring back legacy PlayStation consoles to sales!

    • Completely agree. The new store is terrible and I hate that I can’t even see PS3 or Vita titles on the website or phone app store. Every time I try to use the PS3 Store platform it crashes.

      Thanks Sony. You fixed what wasn’t broken and managed to make the shopping experience worse.

    • Yes, please. There’s some DLC for PS3 I’d like to buy

  • Improvements to the web store and console store need to be made soon. The web store needs pictures and trailers back. There is nothing there at all to give someone an idea on whether they should buy the game or not. We also need filter options.

    Both the web store and the console store need the add-on section back. There is no way to see which new add-ons for games released on any given day. That is horrible design in terms of discovery.

  • PS5 is difficult to find what u want. Wishlist is fantastic and it’s so fast, but sales are impossible to find unless they are advertised in a promotion.

  • Thanks for another sale but please fix the store. I love how fast it loads and that it is integrated into the PS5, but it is one of the worst store fronts. The PS4 store, while slow, was actually pretty well designed, at least it was easier to find things.

  • I have the newest version of the fire tablet. On both my PC and also the tablet, the PlayStation store sometimes doesn’t display prices or version details, and other times it does. I miss the old store, please bring it back or fix the current version.

    • It is absolutely the worst shopping experience the company has ever made available for customers. I absolutely hate it, and spend significantly less money now than I ever did.

  • Why is this so difficult to see the sales on the ps5 store?

    • The whole user interface is a mess.
      It’s sad to see. Everyone thought it would just be a better looking version of the last one.

      So much screen space wasted.

  • oh that’s great there’s a sale! Too bad my ps5 doesn’t show me and have no way to find it and no way to know what games are on sale unless I browse through everything. honestly very unhappy with just about everything on ps5 and have had it since launch day. From ubisoft putting out 3 broken games and doing nothing about it, to the mess that is cyberpunk and the mess on the ps5 main menu can only see 6 recent games and have no way to check if the others need updates unless i put the disc in then it comes back to my home screen and then I can check. auto update has never worked all the way back to ps3 days. Still can’t safely add my ps4 external hdd. Hello sony ….ubisoft released games on your platform and is ignoring any customer complaints going on 6 weeks now with no fix. Completely unsatisfied with the hard earned money spent on stuff THAT NO ONE IS FIXING.

    • Could not agree more, I absolutely hate the XMB on the PS5, I often switch to my PS4 to see what’s on for game sales or the PS APP. I really hope they change the the XMB to more completely to something more like Xbox X or just straight back to the old PS4 even to see my trophies or game progression for trophies are a pain in the ass and to see what’s missing forget it! It’s not a very gamer friendly interface.

  • I HATE the PS5 store. Even the app is terrible.
    Such a step back it needs fixing ASAP.
    I feel sorry for all those developers that make game that no one will ever see or be able to find.
    Look at the big retail sites. What keeps people coming back, learn some lessons.
    I even miss the old store which I never thought I would say. You could at least fine tune what you were looking for.

    FIX IT

    • Agreed!! I hate everything about the PS5 XMB!

    • It literally days don’t be a jerk…

    • darthito:

      Nah man its not being a jerk to complain about things. Especially when so many people are all saying the same thing. Clearly that means theres an issue

      Sony usually honestly listens to their customers from this site and theres been tons of proof of that over the years. The more people say they have an issue with it, the sooner we’ll get a store that is usable lol

    • Sony deserves any criticism they get and then some for being complete morons.

  • Will you ever add roblox to playstation?

  • Where is my wishlist? Inability to sort searches from cheapest and similar?

    • They got rid of the wish list on the phone app/website store. (So stupid.) But they haphazardly added it to the PS5 even though it is useless. It doesn’t even let you add add-ons to it or notify you when items are on sale. Mercy, even Nintendo knows how to do that…

  • Someone actually used brain during storefront development? Did some of responsible actually ask users-paying customers by the way, what they think about that horrendous piece of crap?

  • I finally got “Final Fantast Type-0 HD” for $10 on the sale. I’m loving it and going for the platinum!

  • I can’t even see buy buttons when I use Firefox and with how horrible the store looks with all those big ugly graphics plastered so they are 50ft tall, it’s just stupid. Kinda like what they did to the blog! Haven’t fixed this so they won’t fix that. Who thinks that stuff looks good and makes it easier to look at? Maybe on a 5″ cell phone? I dunno but it is so broken I have to jump through major hoops just to try and get any of the PLUS games I want each month. Getting really annoying, really fast. Glad I never got a PS5 yet as it seems it is even worse on there!

  • Damn forgot to checkout my basket from the last sale :(

    • If it makes you feel better the last sale wouldn’t even load last night, despite the fact that it was supposed to end at 3AM today. Honestly the whole store is such a mess. I miss the people that made the decisions that lead to the last Store layout. The current incarnation is just terrible..

  • Can’t even see the sales on PS5. There is no deals tab. The sales banner does not show up 9/10 times I go to the store. Complete mess.

    • It’s absolutely a terrible shopping experience now. You can’t even see a new add-ons category, or sort. The app alone is chronically buggy, with repeated tiles, blank tiles, contradictory price points, less information, and broken or missing links.

      I absolutely hate shopping on the PlayStation Store now.

  • I agree the storefront needs sorting badly, plus being able to hide games in library. Also could really use folders now too. To see trophy list in good old fashioned vertical use compare trophies, also if you go straight to game profile (Where is says time played) you can compare them against yourself weirdly enough. Doesn`t always work ,but I`ve been using it more recently.

  • Things that need to be fixed on PS5: 1 – Folders for games. It’s annoying to have to look in the game library when you want a game that’s not in the meager selection on the main screen. 2 – A search tool for the game library (especially in light of my point 1). 3 – Themes would be nice as an option. 4 – Bring backward compatibility for ALL PlayStation generations. If Microsoft can do it then Sony can too (and patent filings support it). It’s odd that one second Sony is saying “Look, 25 years of PlayStation!” and then instead of celebrating it on its new console with all its customers (many of them for multiple console generations) it’s more “Yeah – forget that and look at the new machine”. It’d be a great way to thank loyal customers/early adopters for their support AND a real celebration of PlayStation and its long history in games.

    PS Store: 1 – Unclutter the PS5 Store interface; everything is jumbled together. 2 – Bring back all the filter options from the PS4 Store to the PS5 version. There’s a general lack of options. 3- Bring back the “New Add-ons” section to all Stores.

  • Seriously, why does the PlayStation Store suck so much now? It is, hands down, the worst shopping experience in the company’s history and the worst platform on the market today for game purchasing.

    I’m absolutely stunned at how bad it has become since the launch of the PlayStation 5, and the thousands of dollars (feel free to check) that I’ve spent over the years simply will not be replicated moving forward for a myriad of reasons, not the least amount if which is because you’ve made me hate shopping for games on your service.

  • I feel like I should get a platinum trophy just for navigating to games on sale on the PS5 console storefront.

    Love the system Sony, but make some UI improvements, please.

  • Sadly, the Store does not load at all for me in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. None of the content loads, just grey squares. Disabling JavaScript makes it even worse (when should be better!). Please think about improving this, it’s utterly unusable, while it wasn’t quite bad before the PS5 came out (PS4 UI and web UI). Such a downgrade.

    Side note: bring back the wishlist/favourites, please!

  • This blog is a terrible redesign. Kinda useless really. The previous version was way better. At least the prices were shown. smh

  • Woooow, not only can you no longer sort from lowest to highest prices, but the blog post no longer tells you anything about the prices either. THAT’S customer service!!!!

    • Welcome to the blog for all countries in the EU usa and a few other English speaking ones rolled in to one. Where listing prices is almost impossible.

  • Yeah, this is ridiculous – browsing and searching for games is specially annoying on mobile devices, but bad throught.

    Excluding the Wishlist was a terrible idea – the PS Store is bad on PC, Mobile and on the PS5.

    To make things more annoying, you can have a wishlist if you access it on the PS5…go figure…

  • Can’t buy anything until you sort out that awful, awful web store.

    – add screenshots
    – add videos
    – add wishlist
    – add sorting
    – add filters
    – add vita and ps3, ps2, classics etc. back

    then we’ll talk.

  • can i request for vita sale? i like to buy god of war collection and many more for my ps vita

  • good

  • Always the same games!! Where are the “flash sales”, “discount codes”, “the discount in the seasons pass”,etc?

  • What bothers me about so many of these deals is that they are always so focused on new players and never on existing players. If that doesn’t make sense, let me clarify: I am talking about season passes. Once again we see a game like Assassin’s Creed Origins reduced to a really low price (£9.99) while the Season Pass remains at £32.99. Some of us do pre-order these games you know or buy them quite soon after the release date. Is it really too much to ask for a bit of love with regards DLCs from time to time? It’s nice to rediscover games we already own from time to time and what better way of breathing fresh life into them than giving existing owners an excuse to buy the expansions?

  • Will there Be another Midnight club coming out for ps 4 and 5?? My second question is Are they going to add anymore to the virtual cabin in the Friday the 13th game. I’ve already brought Jason Back to life i would like to do more as a camper offline…..

  • The PS4 & PS5 games that are the same should be playable it’s kinda of sad you have to download the features on ps4 o ps5 again. How come the new PS5 is still out of stock 🤔 I can’t get it anywhere.

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