Stealth-action RPG Disjunction comes to PS4 on January 28

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Stealth-action RPG Disjunction comes to PS4 on January 28

Five things you need to know about this futuristic adventure.

Hi everyone! Happy new year and welcome to 2048… Erm, sorry, I mean 2021! I’m super excited to be here to give you a very special update on our upcoming cyberpunk stealth-action RPG Disjunction: a release date.

I’m thrilled to say that Disjunction will be releasing on PlayStation 4 on January 28, and will be fully playable on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. We also have a brand new gameplay trailer to give you a closer look at what to expect:

Stealth-action RPG Disjunction comes to PS4 on January 28

If you didn’t already know, Disjunction is set in the dystopian underworld of 2048 New York City that tells the interconnected story of three playable characters. The game was developed by myself and my two brothers here at Ape Tribe Games. We’re all huge fans of games like Deus Ex and classic sci-fi movies, and wanted to create a game with deep RPG systems, cybernetic abilities, plenty of player choice, and adrenaline-pumping stealth-action gameplay.

There’s so much to tell you about, so I’m going to try to distill Disjunction’s essence into five key points. Let’s get started.

It’s set in a cyberpunk New York City

Disjunction takes place in the year 2048, in a New York City barrelling into the future, yet plagued by social unrest. Megastructures soar overhead, cybernetic implants are commonplace, and security robots patrol the perimeters of powerful corporations. On the other hand, crime has skyrocketed, climate change has forced the construction of an enormous flood wall surrounding the city, and Central Park has been converted into an autonomous shanty town. The technological advances of the future are enormous, but they haven’t been spread evenly across society.

There are three main characters

Disjunction follows the stories of three characters – Frank, Joe, and Spider – as they work together to unravel a city-wide conspiracy. Each character has a unique personality, story, and set of abilities with which to overcome the challenges they face. The narratives of these three characters are interwoven with one another, and you’ll learn more about their personal histories over the course of the game.

Your playstyle is up to you

Disjunction gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose your own playstyle. You can tackle encounters in lethal, high-octane combat, or use your wits to stick to the shadows, using distraction techniques and non-lethal attacks to reach your objective. It’s up to you how you decide how best to navigate New York City’s treacherous underworld.

Your choices matter

Disjunction features a reactive story that is shaped by your actions. Your approach to situations can have serious consequences for the future of New York City, with the repercussions of choosing to spare or kill even one person rippling throughout the underworld. Based on your playstyle and dialogue choices, the story you experience will react and change, culminating in a wide range of possible endings.

There’s deep character progression

In Disjunction, you’ll be able to unlock cybernetic upgrades to augment your abilities via upgrade trees, and build upon your playstyle to improve your stealth or increase the lethality of attacks through talent trees. Find every hidden upgrade kit and spend your hard-earned talent points wisely to maximize the effectiveness of each character.

Thanks so much for checking out Disjunction. We’re really looking forward to all of you trying it out for yourselves when the game launches later this month!

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