Share of the Year

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Share of the Year

We take a look back at some of our favorite gaming moments from 2020.

It’s a new year, but we can’t help but look back at some of the amazing gaming moments that had us opening up photo mode in 2020. As last year came to a close, we asked you to share you favorite gaming shots using #PSshare and #PSBlog. Here are the highlights: 

This detailed portrait of Ellie in The Last of Us Part II is shared by Xenolith3D

Jin shares a moment with a fox in this shot by Dande_Lion55

This Stormtroopers aims to fire in this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order share by ccf_photomode

DotPone shares this magnificent portrait of a valkyrie in God of War.

This Death Stranding share by TheFourthFocus honestly just made me laugh, it’s so good.

Eivor is ready to go aviking in this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla share by adambomb2mk

Cloud gazes through the mist in this Final Fantasy VII Remake share by virtua_photo

Jesse stares down new threats in Control, shared by MdeavorVP

Hoffman_vp shared a monstrous portrait from Doom Eternal.

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THEME: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

SUBMIT BY: Wednesday 9 AM PT on January 13

Next week, use Odin’s sight to capture legendary shares from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Send in your best shots aviking with #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. 

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  • Massive respect to all taking pictures. They’re so good it’s hard to imagine they’re just Share pictures. Good form.

  • Very impressed! These look more professional than marketing photos. They are incredible!

  • How about sharing some PS5s with the market?

    • Thought they said not to be jerks. Sony is trying their best but supply is low and demand is high. If you really wanted a PS5 so bad you should’ve pre-ordered in 2020

  • Amazing artwork from many ppl’s favorites games , rly appreciated it.
    Exciting for 2020 playstation wrap up.

  • Your algorithms for censoring words is absolutely terrible.
    When you can’t even say the word “happening”. There’s some serious issues.
    You can’t do anything with the PS5 under these rules.
    Remove them completely, users can moderate on their own.
    We’re not children.
    It’s completely broken and your service suffers because of this.
    You’re going to loose millions of subscribers.
    Please fix this situation quickly.

  • Where can I go to request Sony to make a ps5 3d movie update available for us?

  • Please add the option to hide games and trophy lists on player profiles – not just from other players, but on your own view as well

    • Thank you! I played Bully years ago and I’m tired of seeing it’s 1% completion ruining my PSfeng-shei

    • Agreed. I rarely even try out the PS+ games because of this. Because once you try and unlock even a single trophy, it’s there forever.

    • I’ve personally always wanted to delete trophies I don’t want. I mean I’ve heard other gamers say stuff like, “a trophy is a trophy” but I don’t feel that way. If I wanna get rid of a trophy and I don’t care I think we should be allowed to do it.

    • Why would you want to do that?

  • Sony, stop blocking developers from adding cross-play and cross-save to their games.

    We want to play games from different platforms!

    It’s super easy to implement. I am a developer myself. Implementing cross-save is like couple of hours. Cross-play online is a bit harder, but no more than a month for single programmer.

    E.g. I want to play Death Stranding on PC. Not start anew, but continue from my PS saves. And I can’t. And that’s about almost any game.

    Just love your fans, stop limiting developers. We will still buy your products.

  • I can’t imagine how much hard they were working on this.
    But the death stranding picture was really funny

  • What the heck, man!? Pretty sure I have every one of these games. Just missing a good shot from Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Horizon Zero Dawn. Such good games. I’ve taken killer shots on HZD! Great memories. All from this year too! I’ve only just played the greats like GoW, LoU, Spider-Man. Will cherish these games as long as possible. Spidey is the first game I’ve ever 100% completed!

  • I think the fox one is my favorite!

  • I already spend way too much time just looking around and soaking up the atmosphere in games, no time for making pics and not at all interested in uploading them. Which brings me to my point. I think the “Share, Create” button should become sort of a “Personal button” than users can apply a function to themselves. I think it’s ridiculous we get a physical button for a function that has nothing to do with gaming directly, but don’t have a physical button for quick saving, which I feel is a LOT more relevant. A quick save or a button that leads directly to trophies would get a lot of use from me, whereas in its current sharing function it’s useless to me. Worth considering, Sony?

  • These are some Epic shots!

  • These should be the best photos I’ve ever seen in 2020

  • Don’t be a meanie! I got the screenie!

  • Can someone be my friend

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