The Crew 2 headlines PlayStation Now’s January lineup

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The Crew 2 headlines PlayStation Now’s January lineup

Surviving Mars and Frostpunk also come to PlayStation Now on January 5.

With this month’s PlayStation Now releases, race across the United States by land, sea or air, help a city survive – and grow – in the middle of a new ice age, or leave Earth entirely and attempt to colonise a hostile planet. These new additions to the PS Now lineup are available from today, Tuesday January 5 for all subscribers, joining hundreds of other titles ready to play instantly.

Let’s take a closer look at those games below. New to PlayStation Now and want to know more? Head here.

The Crew 2 

The Crew 2

In The Crew 2, take on the American motorsports scene as you explore and dominate the land, air, and sea of the United States in one of the most exhilarating open worlds ever created. With a wide variety of exotic cars, bikes, boats, and planes to choose from, experience the unbridled thrill and adrenaline-pumping excitement of competing across the entire USA as you test your skills in a wide range of driving disciplines. Record every heart-pounding, asphalt-melting moment and share them with the simple push of a button – fame is yours to take!

●      The Crew 2 is available to play on PlayStation Now until July 5, 2021

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

Discover a planet’s secrets as you work to build a sustainable colony on the face of Mars. Use drones to prepare for human colonists, then make sure to balance colonist personalities as you create habitable living areas in grand domes, make discoveries, and build a new society. But colonizing a hostile world challenges you to build carefully and the planet hides secrets, both good and bad. Best of luck, pioneer. 

Frostpunk: Console Edition


Enjoy a complex strategic challenge alongside a rich narrative in this alternative take on the nineteenth-century industrial revolution. Heat means life as you construct and maintain a steam-fueled Victorian city in this social survival game.

Search for intel, supplies and survivors to expand your society’s population. Research new technologies to develop advanced infrastructure, including self-powered automatons, airships and more to help you survive the overwhelming cold. Whether you’re an enlightened ruler or an iron-fisted tyrant, you’ll discover choices in this world aren’t as easy as they seem.

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  • Good additions. I heard Bioshock Collection remastered also got added permanently. So that makes this month pretty good. Still need to add the option to combine PS Now and PS Plus. 1080p streaming. And put PS Now on more devices like phones, tablets and smart tvs. Just like other services are doing. And hopefully PSOne games as well.

  • Joke of a month imo. Oh hey so you’re subscribed to both our services… Well for PS Plus enjoy 2 PS Now games…. Oh and for PS Now enjoy 3 previous PS Plus games… Ridiculous! Makes it worse that the PS3 versions are already on Now… Oh well what about 2… That’s 2 city building games.. YAWN! We have a great exclusive racing game called GT Sport… Oh nope have The Crew 2 instead. Worst month ever for both PS Plus and Now for long time subs.

    • None of the PS Now games this month are previous PS Plus games.

    • Errm Bioshock 1+2+Infinite.. that’s half the games.

    • they don’t care about now, it’s important that fans that don’t see the value over the year like us not reup.

      the service is decent for a few months one time.

      until they change the structure if plus and now it’s peer to peer online to ransom and bag of rejecte that are old and or didn’t sell well.

      im not mad about it but after my year in may i won’t sub to either. i can play online on pc or tablet free anyways.

      (yeah plus internet costs trolls)

    • Bioshock isn’t even mentioned in this article. nuku1980 is right – none of the three titles mentioned here have ever been on PS Plus.

      Now, I do expect The Crew 2 to show up on Plus in August, once it leaves Now…but that’s just my cynical prediction, not a senseless rant.

    • They said games this month…. Bioshock 1+2+Infinite are games this month. What a silly reply…

    • lol where do you see bioshock mentioned on this article about three games that were never on PS Plus?

  • Fantastic! I love RTS games and I’m so happy that so many of them are coming now to playstation and to PsNow this month, thanks!

  • Is it just me or haven’t the last 4 months of games been straight garbage??

  • Does this mean we are getting Crew 2 in February with PS Plus? Awesome!

  • Great month. Can’t wait to play all three of these!

  • When can we have alphabetical trophy lists please? PS3 and Vita have it. How come not the new generations PS4 PS5.

    Thank you

  • Awesome month yet again, can’t wait til ps5 games start getting added!

  • This is crap. Really disappointed. Sony should’ve added better titles to start the new year.

  • Out of the hundreds of PS4 games we get this! Absolutely shocking choice of games not a single good game in this bunch. Not a good month for PS Now. There should be a voting system to show how the PlayStation users react to the games to see whether PlayStation are providing a good experience.

  • Please add the ratchet and clank HD collection and the games from the European version of ps now. I do not understand why the European ps now has Genji days of the blade and Daytona USA but the North American version does not.

    • I 100% agree. The Ratchet & Clank HD Collection should have been on PS Now years ago. That and the PS4 version of the Jak and Daxter series.

  • Why dont you have the full list of games? Youd probably have less people talking bad about your service if you let them know the Bioshock trilogy got added as well. That’s a boneheaded decision

  • You’re with The Crew on K96. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Never knew PS Now fans liked country.

  • Literally no reason to subscribe to this

  • I don’t know where else to ask this besides Reddit. Could you guys make a PC application to join Playstation parties besides SharePlay? It’s really clunky and messes up my microphone half the time. I know about the mobile app by the way.

  • I’m sorry PlayStation, but I’ve been a loyal member since it all started and I’ve never been so disappointed with the release of a counselor is the PS five. How did you not plan ahead and have enough counselors available for people to purchase, this is absolutely ridiculous it’s almost making me want to quit PlayStation.Which in the coming weeks I will determine whether or not I stay, thank you!

    • Am I the only one that is upset with PlayStation and how they handle the release of the PS five

    • Sony litterally produced more consoles than any previous generation, and during a global pandemic no less. The fact that demand has been insanely high, and scalping has been rampant isn’t something Sony can be blamed for. If anyone is to blame for the shortages, it’s the scalpers and the stores, that haven’t done enough to stop the them.

    • These aren’t “counselors”. You find those in your high school.

  • Love the line up!

  • I highly doubt that, even if that was the case being in a global pandemic they should’ve planned on making record sales and producing even more and satisfying fing the public

    • You highly doubt what? That there are scalpers using bot software to buy up stock from every single retailer? That’s a proven fact. That Sony produced more machines for this launch than any previous launch? Also a proven fact. I’m not sure if you are old enough to understand the limitations of producing computer hardware, but Sony can’t just scream “Make moar!” to the factory and assembly line workers, and have them churn out more consoles with a moment’s notice, especially when said factories are operating during a global crisis. I get you’re upset you didn’t get one, but by the entitled way you’re acting, I’m kind of glad you didn’t. Learning about patience is an important lesson life lesson, one that you seem yet to have learned.

  • Sup guys how yall doin today

  • Bro this is fire

  • The PSNOW comment section is always rude and has long strings of replies on the ones that start the argument.

    I like the crew 2 but it should have been a different better racing open world game.

    I never look at the comments that much I only do the day I check for new games, so if you reply to this comment I likely won’t see it.

    Love ya 😘

  • Nice, I like the focus on strategy games, great change of pace.

  • Just a question…where did the tab for new Add Ons go? There is no way to see what new add ons are added each week and it’s been like this since the app got updated. For example, Rock Band 4 adds songs every week but the only way I can buy them is to find Rock Band in the dtore then search thru the game listings. I have over 200 games, am I suppossed to just check every game I own every week just in case there is new content? This is a major failing that nobody has noticed and fixed. Could you pass this on to whoever is in charge of the PSN store? Thanks.

    • On the ps4 go into the store go games pick the first one must see I believe and scroll all the way to the right past all the games it shows and you will find new add ons in a list

    • I see that in What’s Hot all the way to the right is a tab that says Add Ons (Why would that be moved to What’s Hot?”) but when you click on it, it shows ganes and not Add Ons. So again I have to scroll thru every game on the list hoping that some content might have been published. I guess all attention is going to the PS5 version of the store now but this is just stupid.

    • Ok sorry that’s where add ons are on UK store but I will find out where on usa store it is

    • Oh and ps5 store doesn’t even have add ons tab

  • When ps5 will be available in Germany???

  • Aryam

  • They just added the Bioshock 1 Remastered, not the entire Bioshock Collection. And I don’t understand why this masterpiece is not mentioned in the 3 games of this month.

  • Not sure where to post to get this to Sony developers. Please add the option to hide games and trophy lists on player profiles on ps5 – not just from other players, but when you view your own profile as well. Our libraries are clogged and games with poor trophy support are a nightmare with those with OCD

  • Can we please get Naughty bear panic in paradise on ps now? Please please please!?

  • In The Crew 2, take on the American Motorsports scene as you explore and dominate the land, air, and sea of the United States in one of the most exhilarating open worlds ever created. hear we provide short information relented our game site.The Best Gaming web journals from hundred of top Gaming websites in our list utilizing pursuit and social measurements. Information will be invigorated once per week. At Apex Legends Battle game, you can get the best information about online games.if any interested know more information about this game so you are visit our site.

  • Hiw long do we as consumers have to beg you guys to get us a version of Fight Night here on ps now wether its Fight night champions or fight night 4. Getting that title on ps now would bring you SO MANY new subscribers and I can send you guys screen shots of all the comments I have came across on youtube BEGGING for this game ESPECIALLY since its available to xbox one consumers. PLEASE listen to us we have been BEGGING for years for a BOXING game because not all boxing fans are UFC fans, its not that we want something newer to play. We just want SOMETHING to play, theres no boxing game available for the PlayStation 4. If you go on YouTube and search fight night champions you will see people are still playing the game online and its a lot of them. PLEASE GET US A REAL BOXING GAME ON PS NOW PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU. I dont want to be that guy that has to guy buy an xbox to play one single game. Ive been a FAITHFUL PlayStation customer since the ps1 1st came out and I REALLY dont want to own an xbox but if it comes to it I will but if they were able to make that game available to their consumer base I KNOW YOU GUYS CAN!!!! X box doesnt even deserve to be mentioned in the same comment as PlayStation.

  • @Adam Michel
    Can we get Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destructions added to the service?
    would love to see that game game again.

  • I don’t think I will be renewing my sub after having this service for a whole year. I bet I played the games on the service maybe 5 percent or less. Most games are not even heavy hitter titles. At this point you would think all ps4 exclusives would be a permanent addition but that’s not the case. Even though I love the streaming option since my 2TB has been filled for over 2 years and I can’t download any new games. The games offered mostly are below Mediocre in my eyes other similar options have much better big title games. Look at the competition and see how to make the service better.

  • Need to add more PS3 Games for streaming.

  • add exculusive games pls

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