January’s PlayStation Plus games: Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall

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January’s PlayStation Plus games: Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall

Chomp your way to the top of the food chain, stave off a Maya apocalypse, and explore new lands with next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup.


PlayStation Plus starts 2021 with a bang. PlayStation Plus members will receive two PS4 titles – action adventure Shadow of the Tomb Raider and action RPG Greedfall – on Tuesday January 5. On the same day, PlayStation 5 owners with a PlayStation Plus membership can play a terrifying apex predator in the open world (sea?) RPG Maneater*.

Let’s take a closer look at the games.

Maneater* (PS5 version)

January’s PlayStation Plus games: Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall

Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas – a terrifying shark! Maneater is a single player, open world action RPG (ShaRkPG) where you are the shark. Starting as a small shark pup you are tasked with surviving the harsh world while eating your way up the ecosystem. To do this you will explore a large and varied open world encountering diverse enemies – both human and wildlife. Find the right resources and you can grow and evolve far beyond what nature intended, allowing the player to tailor the shark to their play style. Eat. Explore. Evolve.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4 game)

January’s PlayStation Plus games: Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall

Fight, explore, craft and survive amid the dense and perilous jungles of South America in Lara Croft’s biggest adventure to date as you race to save the world from a Maya apocalypse. Gather resources and master the unforgiving terrain. Outgunned and outnumbered, you need to use your surroundings to your advantage; strike from the shadows and use mud to camouflage your presence. Use advanced traversal techniques to reach long-forgotten tombs and negotiate deadly puzzles

Greedfall** (PS4 game)

January’s PlayStation Plus games: Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall

In this stunning action RPG, explore uncharted new lands as you set foot on a remote island seeping with magic, and filled with riches, lost secrets, and fantastic creatures. You’ll have complete freedom to shape your abilities, spells and skills and decide whether to complete objectives with combat, diplomacy, deception, or stealth. Forge this new world’s destiny, as you befriend or betray companions and entire factions.

 All games will be available until Monday February 1.

*PS5 console only; PlayStation Plus benefit not applicable for Maneater on PS4. Maneater is not available in Saudi Arabia.
**Greedfall: Not available in the Middle East (replaced with Assetto Corsa), Japan, or South Korea (replaced with Mistover)
***The games included in the subscription, the online features of each game, as well as the other features and benefits of the PlayStation Plus subscription, are subject to change.

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  • the latest tomb raider, sweet

    • The whole line-up is pretty awesome!!

    • How come it’s not out yet

    • Is tomb raider the full game? I’m not seeing any indication that this would be the demo or partial game!! Full meaning begining to end not DLC, online etc.

      I’m not seeing the option for the free full game just a demo! (Which duh of course a demo is free lol)

  • Lovely little nice start to the new year PS :)

  • Great month! This is a significant step up from last month, I wanted all 3 of these games

  • Tomb raider ok, but greedfakl is one of the worst games available. Maneater should have been for ps4 too. Pls fix that.

    • No, Maneater had a launch day PS5 release, and it now saves me spending $60 on this version, it’s not the PS4 version.

    • I honestly don’t get how you say this unless you’re getting it mixed up with godfall?

    • Maneater is the ps4 one on ps5 so they really should have just gave ps4 one then ps4 one can be upgraded to ps5 for free

    • I’ve really enjoyed the game, as long as you can avoid a literally game breaking bug. First go do all the ambassador missions and then the ruins/native quests. Otherwise you’re stuck.

    • Don’t listen to this dude. Greedfall isn’t perfect, but it’s a good game, especially if you’re a fan of RPGs like Dragon Age.

    • Agree we all pay the same amount of membership money

    • i totally agree–last few months have sucked on available games or the games that were free were games i already owned–i saw maneater going to be free i though heck yeah finally a gamei didnt own and i want to play–then see its on ps5 only—this game should be free on both ps4 and ps5–

      if they want the ps5 versions to catch on they need get off their butts and get more ps5s out there as i am not paying a scalper 2000 bucks for one

  • ****TYPO****

    “All games will be available until Monday February 1.”

  • No surprise it’s yet more PS Now games!!!! Yet again Now subscribers get absolutely nothing on PS4. This beyond a joke now. Why do you keep putting Now games on Plus??? January will be the first time I don’t re subscribe, it’s just a waste of money.

    • My ps now subscription expired a couple of days back and I did not renew it for the exact reason. I don’t want to pay for the same games twice.

    • I get where you’re coming from.

      Seeing as there are about 20x more subscribers for Plus than there is Now, or about 40 million more subscribers to Plus.

      Overlap is inevitable, but they aren’t going to exclude the 42m plus subscribers to avoid overlap with the 2m now subscribers.

    • There’s always going to be a handful of people who will experience some overlap – last month was EA Play and Rocket Arena… However, there will be significantly more people who only have PS+ and not EA Play, PS Now, etc… especially during a pandemic when extra money for multiple subscription services is harder to come by.

    • There is no sense renew the PS Now subscription.
      It’s mandatory include PS Now games on Plus.

    • Same here. My PS Now expired 2 days ago and I didn’t renew due to it always had the same games as the plus. Yes there were some different games but not enough to renew. RIP Now subscription :) .

    • you are complaining about them putting ps now titles on plus? I pay for yearly subs for both its not expensive and it gives others who maybe cant afford or dont want to pay for now to get games im goad they did it just my personal opinion

  • Finally a game I really want to play. Both games are really good this month.

    I’m not a great fan of Tomb Raider, but I welcome it. Greedfall looks right my type of rpg too. :D

    • Add me it’s atom _ larky671 u know about was that’s they did not watch them trick than lol look face I’m them dance team kill mall lvl Bill minus game play fornite

  • Dang, pet peeve of mine to see Now titles on Plus (Greedfall) Still, solid month 👍🏼

  • Arigatou gozaimasu!!! ☺

  • Nice, thanks!

  • Well that’s annoying. Forgot to change year and can’t watch videos.. even if inclose and re-open.. even after I’ve logged into my account…

    Anywaya tomb raider is good, rest probably meh

  • Please make more PS5s!

  • I almost bought tomb raider the other day as it was so cheap on the store glad I didn’t might get the extra DLC as it’s only £4.79 – although I’m glad about it I think it’s a bit harsh including games that are currently on sale I wonder how many people have bought games on offer only to see it on ps plus weeks later? At least you’d own it I guess..

    • I hate how they do this. I literally just pulled the trigger on Shadow of the Tomb Raider last night only to find out it’s one of the free games this month.

      I really didn’t think they would give away a game on Plus that is currently heavily discounted in the holiday sales. I mean how many thousands of players bought it and are going to want refunds now?

      Needless to say I’ve learned my lesson. From now on I’ll wait until announcements are made until I hit that checkout button in my cart.

    • Hey thanks for the heads-up on the DLCs, I somehow missed it!

    • Yeah you would own it, I actually just bought TR 2013 & ROTR:20-yr Celebration for $2.99 and $5.99 each as the sale ended 1-2 weeks ago (good marketing of them to end the sale of the first 2 games just as the third one becomes free), I almost bought SOTR Definitive as well for $15 but saw that sale was ending 1/20 and I figured I’d wait and I’m happy I did because here it is for free, I’m gonna buy the extra DLC for $5.99 as you said

    • @dieselmanchild Contact Sony Support, they can refund you for buying it a day before the announcement.

  • I just bought Maneater because it was on the sale now they are giving it away. If you know its gonna be free why put it on sale the month before?🤦

    • To get a few extra bucks from people like you.

    • Actually, Sony is surprisingly reimbursing anyone who just recently purchased MAN-EATER. Don’t know the fine details to this, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t apply to the other two titles unfortunately. So no, it wasn’t for a quick buck. Assumptions are almost always wrong, but here’s my shot in the dark: maybe the $60 AAA price would cause too much grief among current plus subscribers that bought it?

    • if you research you can find out the following month lineup 2 weeks in advance to avoid this

  • Nice lineup for 2022.

  • That’s a pretty great lineup right there. More people need to play Maneater and Greedfall. Looking forward to Destruction All Stars in February as well.

  • Maneater PS4 is a free upgrade to PS5.

    Would have like the PS4 version of Maneater as well.

    I believe Shadow of Tomb Raider is the Definitive Edition (So all DLC included), since it the only edition on the play store.

    • I wouldn’t assume that. I believe in the past they re-added a base version just for the PS+ month that it was free.

  • Oh great… I have both Shadow and Greedfall. Oh well, Maneater might be fun at least.

    • If you have physical copues, just sell Shadow and Greedfall on Craigslist or trade in at Gamestop. It’s not that big of a deal. I do it anytime ps plus provides a game I already have.

  • This is stupid, why cant i get maneater in my ps4, i pay for playstation plus and often get lame games presented on a silver platter now something at least decent but its only limited to the small majority of ps5 owners from the limited stock playstation had create, seems like a real fair business plan for the player. Sonys started to measure of to ea standards

    • You can still claim it and if you decide to upgrade to PS5 later it will be waiting for you.

    • That’s awesome to know GOCANES89, was hoping this to be the case. I don’t wanna have to support a damn scalper in order to own a PS5. I don’t mind the extra 100 bucks, but what they’re doing is not a legitimate service of any kind and I’m not about to give a leech a 100 bucks to own a ps5 before March.

  • F them I just bought SOTR digital vers and pretty much every PS Plus game I just bought in the sale before it hits plus. I wish I could just stop buying games so I could enjoy PS Plus release day.

    • Um that’s kind of your fault. Maybe you should’ve waited to see the lineup before buying the game. The sale on it wasn’t ending anytime soon. People who buy games days before the PS+ announcement post only have themselves to blame.

    • @Mercenary09

      That’s not really fair.

      I just did the same thing as Nixie and bought SotTR last night. It never even crossed my mind that Sony would give away a game that they’re selling for a steep discount at the exact same time, because that just seems completely illogical. Wouldn’t this just lead to thousands of people demanding refunds and causing problems for them?

      Needless to say, I have learned my lesson. Never assume Sony is above pulling some shady, scummy stuff like that.

    • @diesel No it’s not scummy. There are like 1,000 games on sale right now. They announce the PS Plus games on the same day every month. People should realize that and wait to make their purchases until they see the lineup. That sale wasn’t ending for a few more weeks. It’s your own fault for not just waiting a few days.

    • As someone who also just bought SOTR in the sale, I have to agree with Mercenary. I knew when the sale ended and when the Plus announcement would be. I took the risk and bought it with the other sale games I was getting. Caveat emptor. On the up side, the DLC is likely not included, so I probably didn’t pay much more than the season pass would cost me. Also, excited about GreedFall, so I’m happy.

    • @Mercenary

      Yes, it is scummy.

      It’s not like Sony is deciding at the eleventh hour which games end up in the PS+ lineup. Sony knows far ahead of time which games are going to be offered free in the coming month, and so as a consumer it’s not unreasonable to assume that they would exclude these games from a sale that goes live a few days prior to the PS+ announcement.

      The only reason I can think of why they wouldn’t do this, is because they’re trying to get as many dumb dumbs like Nixie and myself to buy the game before they give it away a few days later lol. It’s not like SotTR has been on sale all month. The current sale went live less than a week before the PS+ announcement. How hard would it have been to exclude the game from the holiday sales knowing they would be offering it free in a week?

      I see from one of your other comments that you apparently learned this practice years ago, so I’m assuming you’ve had the same thing happen to you at some point in the past? I’ve only had PS+ for 2 years and so until now, I had not yet had the misfortune to learn that Sony pulls stuff like this.

      Live and learn they say. They gamed me once, it won’t happen again.

    • @mercenary I age wi

  • Of course, I just got maneater yesterday. And 2 ps now games. Good month for people without ps now subscription, but Sony not considering people who have both services. I think I will let ps now service run out and only keep ps plus

    • Something I learned years ago that you should follow if that if you’re thinking of buying a game leading up to the PS Plus announcement don’t. Wait to see what they’ll be and then buy it if it’s not one of them.

    • 42m plus subscribers, 2m now subscribers, not sure about overlap but the overwhelming majority don’t have both.

    • @Phaded Spot on and I’ve been saying that to these babies for months. There are tens of millions more PS+ members than Now members. They should’ve skip giving all of those people a game just because it is or was on PS Now at some point. Stupid logic these people have.

    • Same thing happened last month to EA Play subscribers when Rocket Arena was included. Asking Sony to not include games just because they are included in another subscription service could reduce the quality of games – and I’m sure many others are like me and limiting monthly subscriptions during the pandemic just in case and we’re happy to have received Rocket Arena.

  • Sweet! Wanted both of these.

  • It’s really bad for Now subscribers. Since September we have had 11 PS4 games on Plus… 8 of those were PS Now games… Also if you have EA Access, 2 were from that. So for me all i got in 4 months was Worms. Of all the games they could choose, why choose these, just doesn’t make any sense as to why they do this.

  • I know this is not a place to raise my concerns, but the playstation support pointed me here to do it, they also opened a case for me.
    It’s really odd the current situation related to the storage of the PS5.
    I think PS5 should improve the followings aspects:

    * Allow user to use multiple usb drives (more than one) with higher capacity (remove the 8tb limit) as xbox does. On xbox you can use multiple usb drives and higher drives like 12tb, I think sony should address this with a firmware upgrade. The workaround that sony has of disabling usb drives to use a new one, it’s odd. Moving the date from my ps4 to the ps5 was a pain in the neck, and now if i want to use the games on my ps4, i have to redownload them again, and that’s odd… because that means that I need to re-download 8tb of data…
    * Sony should address a solution to store ps5 games on a usb drive via usb-c, thinking in the future I don’t think that the m.2 drive will solve this, there are many people that currently have more than 8tb of ps4 games and they will have more than 8tb of ps5 games, and I don’t think that deleting and re-downloading games is a decent option.
    * Sony needs to add backward compatibility for ps1, ps2 and ps3 via emulation at least. By history, Sony has had the best and biggest catalogue of videogames. and it’s odd that PS5 cannot do what xbox can do with their previous tittles, it’s embarrasing that the first question that my family asked me about the ps5 was “Is it backward compatible with ps1, ps2 and ps3 games?, they were hoping to play previous gen games, and it’s odd that sony cannot do that.

    I hope my concerns can be read by from someone from Sony, but I’m really surprised that some people in the company haven’t recognized those concerns. Adressing those details, I’m pretty sure that many ps5 customers will be happy with the playstation products.

    I Would really appreciate if someone from sony can address my concerns and at least to send this feedback, so the development team and the executives can consider how to improve the experience of the playstation users. I hope that all teams in sony really hear their customers.


    • if you want to live in the past get a raspberry pi.

    • Wow that’s a ton of requests! I understand your frustration but I assume it’s falling on deaf ears. You have to understand that most people don’t think downloading every single digital game they own is very practical. As annoying as it seems, digital games are not built for hoarders. That’s why I never want physical discs to go away. I hope you have a disc version of PS5, and keep your old consoles and discs for backups. Someday maybe this won’t be necessary.

    • I agree with the multiple USB Drives supported at once thing. It can often be cheaper to buy 1TB SSDs rather than 4TB ones to take advantage of the improved speeds on PS5. Having 2 supported would go a long way.

      I place less priority on supporting more than 8TB drives but I can see how over the course of this generation, with more PS5 and PS4 games to play, it could come in handy.

      Right now, I would like this setup:

      1- 600gb SSD primary drive to play PS5 Games.
      2- 1TB External SSD to play PS4 games.
      3- 4TB External HDD to store PS4 & PS5 games when I’m not playing them.

    • I get everything you are saying BUT the BC stuff.

      Just add PS3 games? Impossible, not even the most powerful 10,000 quid PCs on the market can do it properly, how could a PS4 or PS5?

      BUT it is pure nonsense that Sony will not let us simply play the “PS1 Classics” format of games that they put on the PS Store back in 2006 for PSP, PS3 and then even Vita also. WHY can the PS4, and now PS5, be simply not allowed to access these 300 titles? Do they just not want money from people that would be delighted to purchase the Resident Evil or Spyro PS1 trilogy games? It makes NO sense.

      And please don’t bring up Xbox. You mentioned them, as if you can play 1000 Xbox original games and 3500 360 games. It is simply not the case. You can only play the tiny percentage of games they bothered to bring over to their BC on Xbone. There are HUNDREDS of the games on that BC list people NEVER wanted and 1000s that people would have wanted.
      They added only 30 Xbox original games, again, some pure crap that nobody wanted. That’s it. And with 360 they were done when only 20% of the library got added.

      Sony should try and give us the PS1 games we already paid for, or even let us simply put the disc in our PS5’s and let a group literally make a PS1 Emulator App for PS5 or something. MAYBE even PS2 if that is possible on PS5 now, although PS2 emulation is still far from perfect on PC in my opinion.

      Unfortunately if this wasn’t a thing ready for launch, it probably never will be going forward.

  • ungrateful “people” incoming.

    • Jisatsu_Kiddo I don’t think playing ps4 games is living in the past (the current storage limitation of the ps5 in general, including the usb drives is a pain in the neck); now if you are saying this about ps1, ps2 and ps3 games you response is valid (and I could accept it), but if you are talking about the other concerns I think your response is really poor. Unfortunately and it’s true, Sony has the biggest catalogue of the videogames history, and it’s odd that they cannot offer backward compatibility and other company can do it. For me it’s a shame that I cannot use my previous gen games on the ps5 via emulation. I don’t think expressing a concern is ungrateful, the goal here is to improve the experience of something that you are paying for it, the console and the games are not for free, you pay for them, so don’t confuse the things here. Feedback is the most valuable thing that customer can express to the companies.

    • Other thing to mention. I don’t think that pointing people to use a raspberry pi and use pirate games (via ISO) of previous generations is a real solution… You gotta think twice what you say. The best would be that sony allow users to use their previous games that they bought with the current generation console.

    • I have a raspberry Pi and many other forms of gaming. For some games, it’s the only way to play the lost classics. My question for Subajaku is why do you feel the need to download every game you have on your account? You start mentioning 8tb and 12tb of data, and you start sounding a little crazy. Is digital hoarding an actual condition?

    • Yes your response is poor Subajaku. If you don’t own the games you dump you are stealing. Seeing as theft was your first idea that shows your state of mind. If you want a REAL collection you should have went physical like actual collectors do. Perhaps stop being self centered and obtuse.

    • yentair it is a serious case of digital hoarding. I have a home server that is 12 TB. It has backup for two PCs, 3D work and video editing raws/materials. It has been plenty for almost 5 years now. It still has 8 TB left. I mean come on their first thought was theft instead of do what collectors do by dumping their owned games for backup.

    • This is just my experience, but right now I live in a rural area that will probably never see internet speeds above 1.5mbs*. It’s just the reality of a lot of places that no one talks about or wants to understand: US internet infrastructure sucks.

      It takes me at least a week to download an average sized game if that’s all I devote my internet connection to, and the connection stays good enough to even pull the full load it can do. The few games out there that end up being upwards of 100gb are a nightmare. If I didn’t download and “hoard” my games on an external immediately, I’d have to wait a pretty long time to play any of my digital library when I do decide to play them. The whole thing’s a real drag, but it’s the best/only way to solve this very 1st world “progress” problem.

      A good portion of my library is on disk -I still love and won’t abandon physical copies of anything- but trying for a 100% physical library is a little crazy. It would definitely limit me to waiting for a game to go on sale for a price I want to buy it for, while hoping it won’t go out of print while during that time (and when games go out of print, the used market goes insane). That’s a lot of time wasted waiting for sales that may never happen and trying to predict whatever publishers are thinking. It also means *long* waits to play things most people have already played. Since, lately, retailers have been really iffy with good physical sales the 99% of the year that isn’t Black Friday, let alone giving us a wide selection of titles in those sales, it doesn’t make a ton of sense. Meanwhile PSN has good sales all through the year on pretty much everything. So it’d be crazy for me not to buy something through a PSN sale and download it to my external, if I didn’t want to play it immediately.

      All of this isn’t even going out of the way to mention games that will never see a physical printing.

      And it’s not like physical games don’t also have their downside, either. Getting any game on disk that needs several gigs of updates still means a wait. Like, that over 30gb Days Gone patch that cut the disk space needed by the game by a lot -you had to download practically a whole games worth of data to actually save you space, lol. That was around a week of downloading for me (and still didn’t even fix major bugs, lol).

      Anyway, I don’t have 100% of my library downloaded, but it’s got to be about 95% of it. Most of that 5% is PS+ stuff I know I won’t play -I don’t bother with anything strictly multiplayer, since I don’thave a good connection to play with other people, and I really don’t play them anyway. I also pass on any sports titles, since I have no interest. That still had me filling up a 5tb external over 6 yrs, and deciding to buy another 8tb last month.

      I’m just not complaining that I’ll have to swap cords when I decide to start using the 5tb again. I’ll just do it and have roughly 13tbs of total storage. It’s not a big deal.

      *Just to head off anyone mentioning satellite internet services: they’re a joke. They’re terrible for gaming, the data limits are horrifically low, and the prices for plans is insane. All because the signal has to beam into space first. They also aren’t available everywhere like they claim to be.

    • yentair How do you know that most of the people don’t want to have their digital games downloded?, there are many people on youtube and google concerning about that, sorry to say this but my digital ps4 library is moren than 8tb and i also own physical games and those games won’t be forever on the store when the times goes and we go to new generations.

  • Hi guys, just enquiring.. is it worth having a ps3 anymore and are there any games online for the ps3?

    • Definitely ,you can buy one for thirty pounds and most of the games can be purchased for around a couple of pounds.Personally I still play Payday 2 on Ps3 and the lobbies are usually busy,go get one.😊

  • So all the people that cant find a ps5 miss out on maneater because they make it ps5 only.

  • Oh hell yeah! Nice lineup

  • Man Eater is a good way to space out to some netflix and jumping on beaches for some snacks. And tomb raider is always welcome for people that haven’t played it yet. I’ll need to check out greedfall i know nothing about it.

  • I was waiting for Shadow of the Tomb Raider for a long time, i just hope it’s the Definitive Edition, great start of the year for PS Plus, thanks guys.

  • Nice additions to the instant game collection! I haven’t played any of these. I’m especially looking forward to the PS5 version of Man Eater!

  • tanx sir<3

  • Got man-eater free with upgrade still a laggy mess on ps5 and easy play trophy and already have tomb raider will give greedfall a try though.

  • Just so you know, the Mayan Civilization occupied Central America, not South America.

  • Would VASTLY prefer Man-eater on PS4….

  • Nice, can complete my freebie Tomb Raider collection, lol.

  • Awesome month. Of course I just bought Greedfall but TR and PS5 ME – can’t wait. Still got to finish the rise first though.

  • Nice… Three games that I really like to play. Great start to the new year!!

  • this was a really good line up of games to start with the year but greedfall is so trash you should have given uncharted the lost legacy that would have made the month better .

  • Sony why is maneater not for PS4on this ps+ Sale on January 1 because I love maneater I have a PS4 I can’t get a PS5 and I don’t have the money I would love u to make this a PS5 and PS4 free game for ps+ members

    • Add MANEATER for later, when you actually do have money for a ps5 (and their available), you will have it waiting, along with any other ps5 free games u claimed in between…. think that’s a fair deal.

  • This lineup is insane! Great month, thank you!

  • I’m so glad I didn’t buy Maneater a few days ago😅

    I had a $50 PS Store card, and I was trying to take advantage of the Holiday sale… *this*🤏🏽 close to getting Maneater, but opted to go with the deluxe version of Immortals Fenyx Rising because I figured it would be a better value.

    I still wanted Maneater though, and I planned on getting SOTR at some point (still haven’t finished ROTR) so I’m very happy with this month’s drops

  • Maneater is a ton of fun. Enjoy!

  • Would be nice to see more PS VR games added to the line up. Remember when Sony gave us “Rigs: Mechanized Combat”, “Firewall: Zero Hour”, as freebies for PS Plus members? I’d like to see 1 AAA PS4 game, 1 PS VR game, and 1 PS5 game in PS Plus’ future.

    • I agree! Haven’t gotten any free PSVR games in a while. At least the Christmas sale has some decent deals. Picked up a ton of VR games for the kids.

  • Maneater, really only on PS5? Did you not aware of that many of us are still unable to obtain PS5, right? You could have made it for PS4 version too since it was free upgrade to PS5 regardless.

  • I can’t wait :D

  • why plus subscribers who don’t have ps5 can’t get ps5 games? users should have access to the titles offered for the ps5 through the PlayStation website itself

    • Redeem it with the app and when you get a PS5 you are good to go

    • You can add the PS5 games to your library via the PSN store. Just login to your account and add them to your library. I have done this for years, for PS Vita and PS4 games before I owned those consoles. The website even says to can add them to your account and enjoy them later when you have a PS5. Do it!

  • Awesome!!!!! I was going to buy ManEater on Friday

  • I got a msg on my ps5 saying I would be getting a refund for maneater because it’s going to be a ps plus game. That’s good

  • I just bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider because it was on sale.
    What happened to the you guys used to have about no adding games that was on sale the previous month?
    This really sucks!

    • That has never been something that Sony said they would do. That sale wasn’t ending until next month. You should always wait to see the PS Plus lineup before buying something that is on sale. Your own fault

    • I don’t think that’s a thing, and Sony can (and does) change things at any time without any notice: sales, for example, used to start on tuesdays, and now they start on wednesdays.

      I do feel bad for you. Try and contact Sony Support via chat or phone. “Buyer’s remorse” is not considered valid grounds for a refund, but when exposing your case, do it nicely, don’t be antagonistic and arrogant. You may run into a kind-hearted support rep that could make your day. It’s the holidays season: a time for miracles.

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