Holiday Sale promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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Holiday Sale promotion comes to PlayStation Store

Save on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, FIFA 21, NBA 2K21 and more for a limited time

The Holiday Sale promotion comes to PlayStation Store from Tuesday, 22nd December, with savings up to 50% on games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, FIFA 21, NBA 2K21, and more. For our European players, head here to check out the full lineup and discounts. Coming to us from North America? Head here

Below is just a selection of the games included in the promotion. Check your PlayStation Store for the full list and your regional discounts.  

  •     Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  •     Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Deluxe Edition
  •     Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War**
  •     Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
  •     Destiny 2: Beyond Light
  •     Doom Eternal Standard Edition
  •     F1 2020
  •     FIFA 21 
  •     Final Fantasy VII Remake
  •     Godfall
  •     Ghost of Tsushima
  •     Grand Theft Auto V
  •     Madden NFL 21: Standard Edition
  •     Marvel’s Avengers
  •     MLB The Show 20
  •     Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Digital Deluxe
  •     Mortal Kombat 11
  •     NBA 2K21 (PS4)
  •     Red Dead Redemption 2
  •     Resident Evil 3
  •     Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  •     Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  •     Star Wars: Squadrons
  •     The Last of Us Part II
  •     Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition
  •     Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2
  •     UFC 4
  •     Watch Dogs: Legion

*PlayStation Store’s Holiday Sales promotion runs from Tuesday, 22nd December until 23.59pm local time on Tuesday, January 19. Lineup refreshes Friday, January 8.

**Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War offer ends January 5 23.59pm local time.

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  • The website for the NA deals isn’t loading. Just shows gray placeholders for me

  • anyone know if skyrim will be on sale?

  • Its just empty placeholder. You dont have enough ps5’s but let me at least buy the games, fix this sony.

  • Please change the PS5 store, the PS4 store was easier to navigate.

    • Yeah, other than the instant loading and easier indication of what’s on PS Now (and etc.), I actually miss the previous store experience.

    • The websites’ ps store sucks…idk why on Earth did they downgraded, plus it feels empty when I don’t see the previous gen games

  • Was hoping for Sakura Wars to go on sale
    But at least I can get Final fantasy 7 remake

    • Sakura Wars Digital Deluxe Edition is on sale by half the price.

      Game was supposed to be on deals only January 9 according with the post.

  • Why can’t you view add-ons in a reliable manner or the PS5? Even on the PS4 the New Add-Ons tab has been removed. It really makes it easy to miss PS Plus freebies.

  • No PS Studios titles then , not surprising really. Probably be another 6 months until they’re discounted.

  • Not a big fan of the selection refreshing on the 8th of January because I’d like to get my shopping in before Christmas, but aside from that I’m looking forward to scrolling through the discounts.

    Happy holidays to everyone.

    • I think they made a mistake and put all the games on sale. hahaha

      I just got God Wars and I think the game was supposed to be on deals only January.

  • PS5 – The worst launch of a system ever by Sony. They sell boat loads of units to scalpers and scammers and forget about the loyal customers. Thanks Sony!

    • Blame the retailers and online webshops. Once the ps5 is in the stock of the retailer ls it’s beyond Sony’s control.

    • Agree. I am rethinking getting one. If for no other reason other than how silent they have been. If they are a month out say it, say something. Don’t appreciate them taking customers for granted.

  • Sekiro is virtually never on sale.. Almost 2yrs later cmon Activision. Game should be at least $24.99 by now

  • Sales seems live (I checked some of the games from the list and they’re discounted until January) but the links just won’t load anything – just an empty store page.


    Deals not showing up. Prices constantly doesn’t show up in the past to now, which means you can’t BUY anything.

    Also FIX the ps store on the PS5. I have to exit and go back in the store to see the deals banner for the last sale. It’s a very horrific design. Deals should be in a permanent tab where applicable.

    It’s rubbish. Pathetic. Buggy. Happens too often. FIX IT.

    • And they need to brong back the wishlist and the ability to rate games back on the psn app.

    • And you can’t even buy ANYTHING on the webstore. The prices has disappeared from every game AGAIN.

      It’s a horrible faulty, disaster of a design. FIX IT.

    • PLEASE Sony, please, put up a permanent sales tab on PS5 store, and give us some real options to filter and order content, based on name, biggest discount, and so on. It’s easy to think about these little things, that would bring SO MUCH Quality of Life! Please! With the Web store permanently not loading info and prices and media, it’s really hard to buy games. It almost seems like you don’t want our money!

    • YES!!!
      I’m trying to Spend money and they made it extra difficult!
      I cant even see what is on sale, and they list the same things twice.
      I used to be able to do a quick look at wishlist and see if my favorite items for sale, and get ready to buy.

  • Don’t post this if the deals aren’t even live yet or when nothing works. That’s my feedback.

  • There is still nothing on the psn January sale or on the new horribly changed app. The time for the sale to start has passed and still nothing. Who has broken what psn

  • So which one of these will be on ps plus next month? Seen rumors indicating Godfall might be on it for PS5. Annoys me they put stuff on sale right before becoming free with ps plus.

    • Isn’t it that wacky futuristic destruction derby like game that’s due next month? I forget what it’s called.

    • I’d be very surprised to see Godfall on Plus less than 2 months after launch.

    • You know nothing about the games industry. Your not getting a full retail game in ps5 plus for a long long time, maybe not even next year.

    • @KHDelBoy
      You’re talking about “Destruction AllStars” that’s slated for February 2021.

      I’m guessing you’re an industry expert. I bet you wouldn’t think big anticipated AAA games would be half price 2 weeks after launch but BFV did or other huge AAA games wouldn’t be pulled from PS store. So tell me old wise one the ways? I was just stating what some websites had put out and yes it does happen but you would know that since you’re an industry expert.

    • EA are looking for active users and the drop off In sales post launch is huge. They are mopping up. ….and it wasn’t half price after 2 weeks.

  • Will ps plus go on sale like last January sale?

  • I can’t find anything on your awful store anymore. This will cost Sony and publishers money. It was bad before but at least we could all find stuff. The new version is horrible. I won’t be buying anything.

    • ^This. There’s no filtering, there’s no sort, there’s no wishlish. A lot of these games seem to have multiple editions, but if the SC6 page is anything to go off of, it doesn’t even say what the difference is or show any of the DLC. Anytime I’ve looked at this new store format, I just go “wtf happened” and close it.

  • Gifting coming to the store when?

  • I am glad Sony broke their on-line store and I rarely use it now. This showed me that I should definitely buy the disc version of PS5 when it’s available. Also, this saves me some money as I used to buy some games based on their videos and screenshots.

  • Bring back the PS Store wishlist. I don’t understand why you would remove a useful tool that customer’s use to buy your content? It kind of makes me not want to buy anything. Is that what Sony is going for?

  • I’m so excited for this sale bc there are a few games im planning to get:
    1. Cold War with the battle pass
    2. Monster Hunter World Iceborne deluxe.
    This sale is so much better than last years, lmao.

  • WTF more than 1k games went on deals, but many of them was supposed to be available only January according with this post. Did Sony made a mistake?

    Anyway I got God Wars fast with 75%. (muahahaha)

    Some deals are truly sad. -20% in old games that was -50% a couple of weeks ago. But there’s a lot of good finds.

    God Wars: 75%
    Tokyo Xanadu Ex+: -80%
    FF7 Remake Deluxe: 50%

    Sadly no Valkyria Chronicles 4 Deluxe Edition. Every time this game go promo I’m poor. lol

  • For the love of Santa, fix the ps5 console store. Need a permanent deals section asap.

  • WHY isnt immortals fenyx rising on sale in Europe???
    Its on sale worldwide on Xbox, Switch, Steam, Epic game store, Ubisoft own and on psn store US..seems strange to leave out us????

  • 1000 games on sale but no non cross PS3 and Vita games.

    Please allow back sales for those devices.

    It sad that Demon Gaze 2 is on sale for PS4 but not the Vita version.

    • that is very sad that no games on sale on the ps3, the store has been completely neglected.

    • I think it’s been a few years now since they stopped the deals for the PS3/PSP/Vita.
      Stupidest move ever. There are still MANY MANY people willing to spend money on older content but Sony couldn’t care less. Look at what they did to the store. Laughable.
      I can’t comprehend how a multi-billion dollar/euro/yen brand does that. No communication/explanation whatsoever. They’ve lost me as a long time fan and customer.

    • Why they did it is obvious. Sony messed up and moved SIE to the US.

      In the US it’s normal to not only screw customers (and employees) over as much as you can get away with, but also to ignore everything but the one thing you think will make the most profit. Or one of your weird pet projects (who on the planet buys that baseball thing?)

      It’s why all there really is now is 9 US studios making commercially safe copy paste games/sequels/ports (vs 1.2 Japanese and 2.2 European, who get to make tech demos and phone things mostly). Also a launch of a console consisting entirely of remakes, ports and sequels. With a horde of missing features and bugs. You wont see anything new or interesting from Sony really now because they’re too scared to do anything that wont buy a stockholder a yacht. They prefer mediocre bland titles with a pile of advertising (and unpaid sycophants) telling everyone how great they are. You wont see them say “hey, sorry the store is rubbish, we’ll fix it”, because the customer is only right, when they agree with the company.

    • The lack of Vita sales is truly a shame.

  • How come you guys can list games in alphabetical order here, but I have no ability to sort or filter on the actual store?

  • Immortals Fenyx rising is on sale everywhere yet it’s still full price on uk store?!

  • The new webstore layout really sucks, please go back to the old format!

  • could someone at sony, for the love of god, fix the damn psn store? the new website sucks. no sorting whatsoever, clunky presentation of the titles, and in this sale for example, half or more items repeat themselves at least twice.

  • How about sales for PlayStation Plus’s prices?

  • $20 or under sale isn’t working right. Half the games aren’t discounted at all. Castlevania collection $19.99. Normal price? Some games are $29.99 or over. Nice $20 or under sale Sony. Lol! Fix your Sh!+!

  • Jedi FO sale is only for the Deluxe Edition. Not worth it to me. I want the regular edition for under $15 or ideally $10.

  • The US Holiday sale isn’t working as intended for me. The Holiday portion of the sale is discounted as usual, but when I go over to “See All”, absolutely nothing is discounted. It’s baffling.

  • Daresay there’ll be those happy with the AAA/DLC flavour of this sale but fairly disappointing one if you’re not
    No reason given the ps4’s vast catalogue not to hold a large Indie themed sale to go with the AAA stuff.
    Just to give an example of games I would have wishlisted again via PS Prices:

    Cursed Castilla-last sale Sept.2018
    Super Hydorah-last sale Sept. 2018
    Shantae Risky’s Revenge-last sale Jan 2018
    Shantae Pirates Curse-last sale June 2017!
    Shantae Half Genie Hero-last sale July 2018
    Shantae HGH Ult. Ed -last sale July 2018

    Then there’s the indies yet to receive ANY psn sales:
    River City Girls-launched Sept 2019
    Xeno Crisis-launched Nov. 2019
    Castle Crashers Remastered-Oct.2019
    Battle Princess Madelyn-launched Nov 2019 EU/AU,Nov.2018 US Psn
    Shantae Seven Sirens-Jan 2020 launch.

    ALL of these games have had multiple discounts in throughout the last few months on Eshop/Steam/GOG/XB, everywhere else bar PSN.
    Just what is it that makes indies trying to access psn sales so impossible?
    What indies (or AAA), sales such as the Xmas one before this tends to be the same ones on a 2-3 month recycle,rather than giving opportunities to the wider catalogue ps4 enjoys.
    Much less like the blog promised improvements like emojis,upvotes etc EU region owners had,the PSN Web store lacks any sort of filters or categories & logging in via Chrome mobile to the blog or the store seems impossible
    Do better Sony. You promised more interactive experiences.

    • The problem with the store now is it basically buries everything really quickly.

      Which is probably fine if you’re a game with adverts everywhere. But everything else is visible for a day then vanishes into the mass of unsortable, unfilterable things. Without a wishlist it’s even harder.

      It would be probably better to sell physical copies direct on ebay than use the PSN store. You’d get more “advertising” and be easier to find.. 😁

  • Unfortunate, that PlayStation does not allow parents to approve game purchases above child’s age. I wanted to get Crash Bandicoot on my son’s account for Xmas so he can get the 6 free skins but am unable to do so. You NEED to make this an option for parents otherwise accounts are being set up incorrectly to avoid this issue which I was unaware of when first setting up our family account.

  • Merry Christmas & A Safe Happy New Year To All PlayStation Gamers Everywhere 🎅🎁🎄🎉🙏🥰

  • I have purchased a number of game titles this month some of which were digital copies. You need to check the supposed SALE Prices in the store as you can sometimes pay more for a digital copy then what you can purchase a hard copy for from EB Games and or JB Hi-Fi. C’mon Playstation, please ensure the % discount advertised is a true representation of the market. We want to support the Store but not at our own expense x.

  • be very careful with this sale. right now on the morning of the 27th of december a ton of games are no longer or temporarily not on sale. obviously check the price before buying it. i’m disappointed because there are a few i wanted to buy but not if they aren’t on sale now.

    • the digital store for the playstation is also down on the web (not on the system), says gateway timed out. perhaps the two are connected though there are games that are still on sale.

    • I noticed this the other morning as well. I went to impulse-buy some games I had my eye on, but they were no longer on sale! I wonder if it’s because of the woes with the storefront, or just Sony trying to catch a few extra bucks from people opening new consoles on Christmas.

  • Hi, I am unable to see the images and prices on the web interface. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • If you mean sceenshots of games, you’ll never see those, it doesn’t have them (for some reason).

      The price thing seems to not work on certain browsers at random times. Usually the easiest fix is to use a different one.

  • Is this happening right now? Having trouble in the midwest, maybe its a time difference thing

  • As a rule, I always expect the Plus and Now list to not buy a game and promo and then go out on one of the services (it has already happened to me), so these promos are available until 1/19 and there was ACE COMBAT ™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN Deluxe Edition for 25 €, today I went to review the promo and they removed the promotion :( :(, this is to deceive the customer since it had a date of 19/01, now this is the basic version for € 14.69. it gets difficult, less a game I buy.

  • Are they ever going to fix this nonsense? Half the games in the $20 and under sale aren’t discounted and they just dropped a WB sale. Guess what half of those aren’t discounted either. Does Sony enjoy losing money? Fix your Sh!+!

  • Is there going to be sales on the playstation plus subscription soon ?

  • “Lineup refreshes Friday, January 8.”


  • Is Resident Evil 3 no longer on sale? The banner says deals end on the 19th, but it’s listed at full price.

  • What will be the next sale after the Holiday Sale?

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