Returnal launches on PS5 March 19, 2021

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Returnal launches on PS5 March 19, 2021

Housemarque’s bold new shooter sees you stranded at the edge of the galaxy and trapped in an endless resurrection.

Hi Everyone, as Housemarque celebrates 25 years this year, we can look back at a lot of wonderful projects we’ve done with PlayStation. Over the last 14 years we have been able to leave our mark on the arcade genre with titles like Stardust, Dead Nation, and Alienation. One of our most memorable games was Resogun, a PS4 launch title that won us many awards.

Returnal launches on PS5 March 19, 2021

So we are happy to announce that you will be able to play our PS5 debut, Returnal, when it launches on March 19, 2021. It marks a great milestone for us as our most ambitious project to date. With Returnal, we’re creating a huge third person action title and exploring narrative storytelling.

In Returnal you get to dive deep into the mind of Selene, an Astra space scout trapped in a hellish loop of endless resurrection while trapped on a hostile planet. The roguelike formula mixed with exploration platformer elements allow for a unique way to explore the planet and continue the battle she is fighting. Of course, there will be plenty of Housemarque arcade flourishes present, so prepare to be bombarded by volleys of bullet-hell projectiles along the way.

Not only can you look forward to getting back into the battle almost instantly with super fast loading times, but we’re using the haptic feedback of the DualSense wireless controller to give players extra awareness of gameplay. You’ll be able to feel the natural ambience of this alien planet as the controller mimics its environmental effects.

Every weapon has an alternative firing mode, and each of these “Alt-Fire” modes can be found on any weapon. By using the Adaptive Trigger players can move seamlessly between aiming down sights and activating Alt-Fire: Squeeze it halfway down to aim down the iron sights; squeeze it all the way down to activate your rechargeable Alt-Fire attack. Switching between modes on a single trigger will become second nature in no time.

Players should also be prepared to be haunted by the extremely realistic 3D audio capabilities of PS5 with compatible headphones. In Returnal we have taken audio immersion to new levels, and the soundscape will add a whole new layer of comprehending the action around you. Even in a moment of silence you can take in the atmosphere and feel like you are actually alone on an alien planet, with the soundscape created from the elements.

So look forward to getting your hands on Returnal on March 19 and join Selene on a brand new Housemarque adventure at the edge of the galaxy only on PlayStation 5!

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  • 1 day before my bday:)

    • Looks spectacular. Another legit AAA PS5 exclusive. Demon’s Souls, Destruction All-Stars, Returnal. How many does SX have?

      Housemarque never makes bad games, day one. This is Remnant meets Prey.

    • Demon’s souls is on PS3, DAS and Returnal isn’t even out yet.

      So with a total of 0 vs 0, that’s not really much of anything to gloat about.. 😂

    • @MiseryPrincess Whatever helps you sleep at night, Misery.

      The tide may change in 3-4 years when M$ acquisitions start bearing fruit. Of course, by then we might be speculating about the next Horizon and GoW sequels – who knows? For now, it’s a lean year for XBox fans, at least compared to an embarrassment of riches for PS fans in 2021.

      As for this…it interests me a lot more than Deathloop, though it seems to be getting less attention for some reason. Glad to see more details.

    • @Misery

      To be exact…

      PS5 has several next gen exclusives right now.

      Demon’s Souls Remake
      Astro’s Playroom
      Spiderman Remastered

      Then Destruction All-Stars in February and Returnal in March. So that’s 4 next gen exclusives right now. Please, stop with the pathetic “remakes don’t count/pack-in games don’t count” BS. Demon’s Souls REMAKE and Astro are probably the two best games native to next gen on either console and two of the best games this year. FFVII has won multiple game of the year awards despite being a remake, so get lost with your tired excuse.

    • If you think all those games are spectacular then your standards are really, really low. Of course you probably think the Sould series isn’t one gigantic gimmick as well. Heh.

  • When is the PS five comes and getting more stocked stores

  • I’m trying to get a PS five

  • Man that looks good. Day one buy for me.

  • I’ve had it on my wishlist but that €80 price tag for a standard edition is quite high!

  • Day one if I can get a PS5 by then lol. You guys have never let me down. Trailer looks awesome.

  • Can you please tell me what the song is called and who is it by?

  • Would be awesome if I could play this at 1440p on my 1440p monitor. My Xbox Series X looks amazing in 1440p.

  • A new console and a housemarque game go hand and hand and so I’m really excited to see this…..

  • What a grandma?!

  • New gameplay trailer looked fun.

  • That Game Awards was the biggest pile of 💩

    I wasted three hours hoping for something good to come up. All I got was three hours of cringe, with fake clapping, awkwardly looking winners that’s obviously been all staged and some robotic host with a fake smile.

    Also The Woke Of Us Fart 2 won six awards🤬👎

    Rigged to the core. Screw next years awards.

    • Get a life.

    • It has always been rigged lol,you’re late to realize too late even.It’s just that this year was blatantly rigged cuz TLoU 2 HAD to win since it pushes a huge agenda forward in the gaming industry so of course media will promote it and do its best to push the negativity away from it.Shouldn’t have wasted your time with it lol.

    • @Wel sorry, but what was the agenda?

    • Wait, someone still thought game awards weren’t rigged? 😂

    • Like the 2nd reply, take the tinfoil hats off guys and get a life.

    • 7 actually…and we’ll deserved. Currently has the most Game of the Year awards this year.

    • @MiseryPrincess

      Yeah and the theory last year was that Geoff rigged the game awards for his friend HK and Death Stranding would win Game of the Year..

      Did that happen?


      TLOU2 was the highest rated AAA game nominated…is it that surprising? It’s also leading GotY awards overall this year, not just TGA. Move onto to flat earth or some other nonsense.

    • @iamtylerdurden1

      The awards are only rigged when some sort of indoctrination agenda is in play. There wasn’t anything in Death Stranding in its controversy to warrant a rigging of the awards. In fact I’d say 2019 was probably the most fair the game awards has ever been.

      Anyway its pointless to watch them for the Awards. The Players really do not decide who wins when its weighed 9 to 1 against the players. Who cares what Journalists think is GOTY, we can go to Metacritic and figure that out for ourselves.

    • It’s advertising, nothing more.

  • 80€ for this game? Never.
    They must be Smoking some weed to choose this price.
    They can be happy if they sell 20k World wide with this price.

    I will wait for a Sale. Shouldnt take 3 months.

    • If you’re not willing to pay for a Housemarque game for what exactly are you willing to pay?…they’re the definition of quality in a video game.

    • Housemarque games are usually good, but they’ve never made a “AAA” length title. Full price + 20 for a game that probably wont be a “full game length” is a bit silly.

      I wouldn’t pay 80 for Resogun, would you?

    • Welmosca. You need to get an education. He didn’t say he wasn’t willing to pay for a good game,I believe he said he wasn’t going to be ripped off/fleeced by buying into this one

    • I think it’s fine to be skeptical about the price. I’ve loved every Housemarque game but they’ve also never been more than $20 before. Now they want $70 for this. I’m not sure they’ve proven that their games should cost as much as a new God of War or Horizon. I hope this does turn out really well and end up worth it though.

    • It’s $10 more for me, sorry that your country gets screwed on exchange rates…

      Housemarque has never made a bad game and clearly as they’ve stated, this is a much larger and broader scope than they have ever done. It’s a next gen AAA, pay up or shut up. If anyone has earned my trust it’s Housemarque…now go waste your money on trash like Cyberpunk..

    • You think this is gonna be better than Cyberpunk in any way, shape, or form? Beyond pathetically broken thought processes are your bread and butter I would imagine.

  • Returnal looks stunning! I can’t wait to get my hands on what Housemarqe has done with the PS5! The audio work, and dualsense features will make a perfect compliment to Housemarque’s trademark intense gameplay. I’ll be heading out to preorder a physical edition at my local game shop today.

  • Day one buy!

  • Bossmarque never failed to deliver,the trailer looked awesome.PS5 and next gen are extremely dull but this right here is a reason to buy a PS5.On the PS5 reveal event when Returnal was announced the moment I saw Housemarque it was a guaranteed buy from me,just never expected PS5 to be so lame but if I get one I’m definitely buying Returnal with it.

    Go Housemarque…it’s your time to truly shine with a AAA game.

  • Nice, excited to get this!

    As this game would have been £35-£40 on PS4 at launch I shall just wait it out. £70 games is a big no no.

    If Demons Souls was £55/£60 at launch I would have brought it digital Day 1.. it was £70 so waited and picked it up for £55 2nd hand.

    Shame to not support the developer but then it’s a shame to lock so many people out by charging more then the game is worth. Sony will regret this choice when the bug hitters like Horizon and God of War launch.

    • Well it’s nice to know not everyone is a mindless drone that will accept price inflation that is absolutely not justified in any way.

  • Wow…. this game makes me want to get a ps5!

  • Can’t wait to play

  • I cancelled my subscription to ps last july. Will not be paying their new prices for games etc,I have too much respect for myself. And I also believe in two genders only and blm is racist. So I guess good riddance to working white trash like me. Aye oh. Never mind

  • Love Housemarque for their tight and responsive controls.

  • Hello, it’s me again, asking for gyro/motion aiming. Please consider making it an option along with the other DualSense features!

    Game’s looking great. Really looking forward to Housemarque’s newest :)

  • I have been looking forward to this game since its announcement. I want this game to be good. I’m pre-ordering.

  • I’m really digging this game! Really hope it supports Gyro Aiming, is the best way to aim besides mouse.

  • Looking forward to it, now remember if you launch at £70 it’s a no from me and I’ll just have to wait till it hits that £15 spot in 18 months time.

  • So happy to see a release date for this game. Definitely picking it up.

  • Not gonna lie, the gameplay looked very generic. Hopefully it’s a lot more varied with a good story.

  • idc about indies that much, this will not be worth 70 quid. definitely skip this.. housemarque make great indies but nothing they make is worth this asking price. can’t believe i yawned and cringed my way through the game awards for a crappy trailer for this lol.


    humble yourselves before you lose our custom, stop charging out the bum for CRAP that isn’t worth it, it’s insulting. FIX YOUR GOD DAMNED STOREFRONT. let us buy from a god damn website, i’m not using the peasantstation controller any longer, there’s no sorting no functionality, are you painfully stupid? do you NOT WANT PEOPLE TO SPEND MONEY ON YOUR TRASH? how hard does it have to be, to pay YOU money.

    and show us the IPs we’ve been waiting for, not indie trash someone dreamed up on the toilet.

  • Looks fun

  • Yesssssss!!!! 😬

  • I love Housemarque’s prior arcade style games and Returnal looks great. Provided I manage to acquire a PS5 by then I will certainly pick Returnal up at launch.

  • I was super excited for this game until this article! I’m so bummed it’s a “roguelite” game… always a hype killer for me.

  • I really want to play this Game, for sure.

  • Is this the Karen simulator? Video games are escapes and the increasing drive to make you play as middle aged women, very ugly women, etc is one of the more weird outcropping of the new normal feminism. I understand computer programmer simps think they are doing the world a great justice by appeasing the ugly feminists but they need to get back to their roots and stop letting ugly feminists drive video game decisions. But I guess all the sad divorce survivors without fathers in the home who grow up to be game designers are lost in a world of masculinity and femininity they dont understand and in their rage they try to descontruct it instead of learn how to embrace it. And in their chaotic efforts they decided beautiful women were oppressive of ugly women and need to be removed. Its funny if it weren’t so pathetically sad.

    • I really do not understand how you could come to any of those conclusions. This is a scifi story in much the same way Alien and Aliens is. Only way she is going to survive this is the same way any man would, the technology. No amount of biological differences makes any difference in the situation the protagonist finds herself in.

      The objective of this game isn’t to ogle the protagonist as you play, its not about style either. If you’re looking for style, I suggest you look to Devil May Cry, or X-Blades if that is what you’re looking for.

      While I’ll agree what you’re complaining about has merit in certain situations, as I’m a little tired of the social justice indoctrination agenda in my games. I’m not seeing that here. What I saw was a scifi story that has my interest, in a third person shooter, from the same studio that brought me 3 games I enjoyed a lot.

    • A female playable character is a problem for you huh? Yeah, YOU are what is wrong with society. You.

    • KazeEternal – good points. My point is that she seems intentionally ugly. Hollywood typically does not do this with their heroines. Something about game designer culture is more susceptible to the worst strains of feminism.

      SidNW: Learn to read instead of emote.

    • Must they all look like Lara Croft?

      Maybe the developers want their game to stand out for what it is, and not because of its hero’s physical aesthetics.

  • Late to comment, but really looking forward to this title. The art direction for the enemies has me the most intrigued. It will be interesting to see how Housemarque applies its arcade style roots into a 3rd person action game. Which I’m suspect the Live Die Repeat of it all is even weaved in, if not it’ll still make for an interesting story.

  • Pffft, hardly an impressive resume of games there. I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  • The exact day of my birthday!

  • when will the ps5 be back in 2012

  • when will the ps5 be back in 2021

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