Introducing Season, a game about capturing that fleeting moment

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Introducing Season, a game about capturing that fleeting moment

Experience the final moments of different cultures before they disappear.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let yourself be carried away by the journey of Season, a third-person atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game. The premise of Season is that you play a traveller recording the last moments of different cultures before they’re washed away. Through the eyes of a young woman from a faraway village, you explore the world for the first time. 

Introducing Season, a game about capturing that fleeting moment

The gameplay is centered around biking, exploring, recording photographs or audio, and encountering local people. The player character is there in the critical moment, just as everything is about to change. You are not there to stop the change but to bear witness to it, to make recordings and attempt to understand what is being lost before it’s gone. 

The mission is similar to making a time capsule, deciding what would capture the spirit of the time period and carry it onwards. It’s a strong action to perform in the face of an uncertain future. The feeling that the good times are over is even more pervasive now than it was when we started working on Season many years ago.

The world of Season is a unique mix of past and present, where the mundane blends with the surreal, creating something that feels otherworldly yet relatable, strange yet familiar.

Season’s art direction is inspired by illustrators, painters, and natural light cinematographers. It has been specially developed from the ground up to fit the feeling of the world we are building. It is inspired by the early Japanese woodblock print artists, as well as mid-20th century poster artists such as Norman Wilkinson. It is a minimalist approach to realism. This simplification mindset, getting rid of rather than adding details, set the guidelines we kept in mind while developing the overall look for the game.

In Season, the mood is warm and melancholic. It’s a world at the end of a golden age, where you take a bittersweet last look before it becomes a distant, faded memory.

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  • The art style is beautiful!!

  • This looks ridiculously gorgeous. Looking forward to it.

  • Looks very nice! When is the release date ?

  • This game is unbelievably gorgeous.

    • I can only agree with the other comments, the artwork is stunning.
      Looking forward to finding out more about the gameplay.

  • In love with the artistic style, but the story, character and world are even more compelling. Intrigued by the time capsule idea, the existential experience of living those last moments. And capturing the worlds beauty one last time. Serene yet thought provoking.

    • Yeah, that kind of balance between light and heavy, joyful and sad, is really something we are going after in the tone.

  • This game takes place in one season, then there won’t be a season-pass, right. :)

  • This sounds and looks very interesting.

  • I’ll be there playing it day 1. Can’t wait!

  • Very cool! As a gravel cyclist adventurer I’m really looking forward to this. Any ETA date?

  • This one gonna have me in my feelings? Won’t it? Gonna have me feeling effed up? Aight I’m in, please be gentle

    • I have this David Milch quote pasted on my monitor: “I know a way out of hell which is to re-encounter the possibility of letting your art…look all of us have had the experience, the flickering experience of what art’s possibilities are, which is for just an instant you feel whole, for just an instant you feel part of things, and there’s a wave that comes over you and you think I’m home and nobody is trying to hurt me. I have a place in the world.”

  • I am very much looking forward to this. Gorgeous game.

  • Welp that looks gorgeous.

  • I’m getting some very heavy Breath Of The Wild vibes from this, in both artstyle and music, which is fine because BOTW is one of my favorite games. Was that game an inspiration? Looking forward to playing this!

    • I think Ocarina of Time was the first game I played where I was hit by the emotion on a basic level, through the world and mood and music. It has a kind of yearning to it. I enjoy reading about how people play Breath of the Wild differently. There are certain ways of playing it that I think are an inspiration but maybe not so much the entire game, if that makes sense.

  • Is this game only on PS5 and PC, or is it coming to PS4 as well?

  • This really reminded me of the brilliant Ghlibli anime in terms of art and atmosphere, and Ico in terms of gameplay.

  • This was the standout moment from the Game Awards for me. I was floored!

    Who is composing the score?? The trailer music was so rich and beautiful.

  • I want to cry for the art style its so beautiful, i am buying this game day one in my humble opinion this types of games are what excites me more of this artistic medium, cheers from mexico.

    • Thanks so much! We are excited about the possibilities of the medium as a tool of expression as well. Cheers from Montreal!

  • Wow, interesting idea for a game.

  • i love the artistic style. it’s “cell shaded” cartoony look while maintaining advanced techniques in the lighting and shading is just beautiful and something i wish we’d see a lot more of in games. i don’t quite understand the gameplay though so I hope you can better explain that in future trailers. for now though this really caught my attention.

    • Yeah for sure! There will be more info in the future about the gameplay, and probably about the process/origin of the visual style as well.

  • I may very well purchase this piece of entertainment software.

  • Wow looks amazing 😍

  • Shut up…everything about i want to experience. This looks and feels amazing. I’m about to check of i can add it to my ps5 wishlist now!

  • It was a breath moment amongst all those shooting game videos at TGA. I was really stunned about the visuals and how the trailer was capable of evoking a spiritual(?) feeling that this game may give to us. Congrats for the effort, greetings from Brazil!

    • Thanks so much! Really glad to hear it. If the spiritual side of the game has roots in anything, it might be something like Leaves of Grass and the feeling you get from doing a list or collection of what exists around you, which is what the player is doing. That feeling also reminds me of Águas de Março. Greetings from Montreal!

  • As a lover of riding bikes and analog tech, listener of field recordings, fan of virtual archaelogy and exploration, deeply concerned about climate change, and fan of Spencer Clark’s music/mixes — not to mention this gorgeous art direction and its influences — it’s like Season was focus-tested directly from my brain. Can’t wait to play it when I get a PS5 (or on PC, if that’s sooner)!

    • Haha that’s great to hear! I am also a big fan of those things. Reading it written out like that, I guess it is so much of what we love and what we are afraid of losing in one place.

  • WGfky

  • This art style is amazing! Looking forward to release.

  • Love this art style cant wait to play this game

  • Unique and Beautiful ❤️ Looking forward to this game.

  • It’s look a dream game i ever seen, unbelievable and really awesome😍❤️👏🏻

  • Wow this looks amazing. Thank you for taking the time to respond to people aswell.

    The art style looks superb and am sure I will be there day 1.

  • I’m sure those that take time to recuperate will appreciate this game, especially with what is happening with the world today. I’m looking forward to playing this, to escape our current reality even if this is short lived.

    • Very well put! Reality is a lot to take in these days and I’d like to escape somewhere else so I can have something to compare it to.

  • Release date ??

    Cool game btw 🔥

  • Looks so nice, can’t wait to play!!!

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