Introducing It Takes Two, the wildest co-op ride of your life

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Introducing It Takes Two, the wildest co-op ride of your life

Get your first look at the genre-bending platform adventure from the creators of A Way Out.

Hey, Josef Fares here, and I’m the founder and creative director of Hazelight.

Everyone here at the studio is really excited to show what we’ve been working so hard on to finally reveal. Our new game, It Takes Two, is a co-op platform adventure that’s going to blow your mind, and it’s coming to PS4 and PS5 on March 26, 2021.

After the success of A Way Out, we definitely wanted to create another co-op game. I think co-op games are very underrated for telling strong stories. There’s so much to be explored, especially from a narrative perspective. When you’re watching a movie or going to the theatre, doing it together is always more fun.

We’ve seen this in A Way Out as well and it will be an even stronger experience in It Takes Two, so that’s something we’re super excited for.

Just as with A Way Out, we’ll have the Friend’s Pass. That means that you will only have to buy the game once, and your friends can join for free. If you buy a game that’s created for co-op, it’s only fair that your friends can play it with you, without having to buy it for themselves. There’s an entire page about it over at the official EA website, so check it out if you want to know more.

It Takes Two is literally a romantic comedy, which isn’t that usual in video games. It’s about a small family, a little girl, Rose, the father Cody, and the mother May. Cody and May are about to separate. Rose is devastated about it of course, so she creates these two dolls representing her parents that magically come to life in this fantastical world. You and a friend will play the game as the doll versions of Cody and May, and you’ll go through a lot of weird and messed up things from there on.

I think people will be surprised by how touching and also hilarious the story is and how it will evolve. We also have this very crazy book character in the story, Dr. Hakim, who’s kind of a love guru, and will try and put Cody’s and May’s relationship back together by throwing them into a lot of unexpected situations.

What we’re really pushing for, is for the story to go hand in hand with the gameplay. Narratively driven games in general need less repetitive gameplay, and more mechanics that actually fits within the story.

In It Takes Two, there are moments where we actually connect Cody’s and May’s own emotions to the gameplay.

It’s hard to explain if you haven’t played it, but this is really important to us. It’s important because you see a lot of games where it’s almost like the designers and writers are doing two different experiences.

Another thing about the gameplay is its huge variety, blending a lot of different game genres. You will be shocked by it! And the variety isn’t just there for the sake of it. Variety in itself is important to keep it fresh, yes, but again, it’s actually there to reflect what’s going on in the story. Our goal is to have players wanting to finish the game and play 100% of it and not just 30% – which is often the case.

It Takes Two is going to be a wild roller coaster ride through a lot of emotions. I love messing with players’ minds! Making them second-guess. But at the end of the day, this is a story about love. I promise that you will definitely feel something when you’re done with it.

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  • This looks gorgeous. Very exciting!

  • These blogs are great, enjoy read them.

  • Best game I saw at The Game Awards this year!

  • I enjoy co-op games a lot! I always try to find a great game so me and my boys can complete the story together. This looks like a great option!

  • Looks a lot like Brothers : A tale of two sons, and the art style somewhat reminds me of Puppeteer.

  • i just started “a way out” last week because i was really interested in this “required co-op” concept. so far so good but to be honest,.. “it takes two” looks waay more my thing. i’m quite excited for this to release.

  • Yes day one purchase!!
    My wife and I loved Portal 2 co-op and wanted more games.
    We also did Pixel Junk Monsters 1&2
    But this will be awesome!

  • This looks fantastic! I will definitely pick this up to play with my wife or buddy. Can we play couch co-op or does it require 2 separate PS4 consoles? It doesn’t actually say that anywhere, unless I missed it.

  • Josef, my friend, I’m telling you that I’m pre ordering this and playing day 1. Great trailer at The Game Awards. My wife and I will love it I’m sure

  • Saw the trailer today and wow,this looks extremely great I don’t even need to play it can easily tell it’s amazing.One of those games that makes you feel joy to be a gamer.Trailer gives such good vibes…y’all are climbing the ladder of most creative devs pretty fast,I’m definitely getting this.

  • I cannot wait for this Josef! My wife and I played A Way Out all the way through and it was a blast and so hilarious. We are both so ready for this game! We’re really looking forward to it and appreciate what you and your team create, making a unique co-op experience. Thankyou.

  • I am Soo freaking excited to play this game with my wife! we are always playing fortnite, Modern Warfare together because there aren’t many intriguing co-op games being made that often. the last truly FUN co-op game we played was Trine 2. that being said, this game looks absolutely fantastic! the story sounds heartwarming, the gameplay seem genre bending and the graphics are beautiful. I will be playing on PS4 pro while my wife will be on PS4. we are eventually going to upgrade to PS5 but we are waiting until we can both buy a console, right now it’s ridiculous just to get a single PS5 yet alone 2 of them lol happy gaming!

  • This looks brilliant, big fan of your work. I played a way out with my son and we both absolutely loved it. We played it in 1 sitting we were loved it so much. Your new release will be ready on my ssd to play at midnight. So looking forward to this, great news to start the new year. Happy New year to everyone. Stay safe and keep your mental health well by gaming 😉🎉

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