Temtem Early Access begins Tuesday on PS5, tips to become a top Tamer

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Temtem Early Access begins Tuesday on PS5, tips to become a top Tamer

The multiplayer creature-collecting adventure arrives on PS5.

Welcome to the world of Temtem, tamer! Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature collecting game where you’ll discover masses of friends, foes, and of course, Temtem to find and train! You’ll uncover a remarkable story playing solo or alongside friends, trading, taming, and battling through the Airborne Archipelago!

Temtem Early Access begins Tuesday on PS5, tips to become a top Tamer

Choosing Your Starter!

Your adventure in Temtem starts with an important choice: which Temtem to choose as your first companion! Choose from three unique Temtem:

Crystle: A cute but tough defensive tem, with devastating hard-hitting attacks like Crystal Spikes!

Smazee: This tem’s adorable fluffy exterior hides speedy attack power in the form of vicious moves such as Uppercut, that will K.O unprepared opponents.

Houchic: Ideal as the first mental-type tem for tamers, their mentalism and intuition serve to provide powerful psychic attacks like Beta Burst that will leave opponents in a bind!

Exploring the World of Temtem: Top Tips for the Adventure-Seeking Tamer

Here are some tips to follow as you navigate the islands within Temtem:

  • Stock up on Smoke Bombs! These handy items allow you to whisk your party back to the nearest Temporium, giving you a nice easy escape to heal, rest, and relax, before setting out on your next adventure.
  • Take your time when exploring. Strings of battles will soon wear down your party, so go slow, and keep your tems in healthy condition, ready for anything!
  • Areas and islands tend to have dedicated types of Temtem and secrets to discover, so ensure you travel widely to discover as many different tems as you can! There are 12 types of tems; can you tame one of each?
  • Keep your Tempedia handy; it’s what you’ll use to catalog all the tems you’ve seen and caught, along with their stats, techniques, and more.

Plan Your Strategy

Battles in Temtem are two vs. two affairs, offering a ton of strategic opportunities for tamers to enjoy. Synergize your Temtem choices for buffs or execute devastating combo attacks on your opponent’s tems.

Temtem’s battles are based on a unique stamina system, encouraging strategic play. Carefully manage your tem’s stamina, and knowing when to hold back is vital to winning those battles!

There are dozens of tems to tame with different strengths, weaknesses, and unique stats. You can also breed Temtem to transfer techniques and traits, forming unique combinations you can’t find out in the wild. Bred Temtem also have a higher chance of having better stats, so feel free to min-max your way to the best team in the islands!

While you’re out exploring, make sure to keep an eye out for extra rare Luma Temtem who offer powerful stats and a stunning new look!

Top Tips for Successful Battles

Here are some quick-fire tips to ensure you succeed in the world of Temtem!

  • Purchase as much Balm – the item you’ll use to heal your tems! – as you can from Temporiums, so you can always keep your tem in fighting shape, even when away from Temporium healing facilities!
  • Learn Temtem’s unique array of types, strengths and weaknesses for each tem, so you know which tem to choose when going up against others, and which attacks and abilities will mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Use move synergies! With 2v2 battles some Temtem’s work better together and offer powerful synergy moves. Keep an eye out for these matchups to ensure you have the optimal party lineup.


Temtem is a massively-multiplayer online experience, so it’s essential for each player to stand out. Each island offers unique stores for tamers to customize their character, and when you’re ready to set out on your adventures, you can adventure alongside characters, each with their own unique look!

With different islands to explore, tems to tame, quests to complete, and an ever-expanding world with new features and tems to discover, Temtem is ready and waiting for you and your fellow tamers. Make friends, rivals, and take on the world to become the best tamer in the Airborne Archipelago!

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