PlayStation Store’s End of Year Deals promotion starts today

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PlayStation Store’s End of Year Deals promotion starts today

Save big on Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Dead by Daylight: Special Edition and many more

With the last month of 2020 in sight, we’ve kicked off our latest promotion on PlayStation Store: End of Year Deals! Beginning today you’ll be able to peruse a huge number of PlayStation titles as new adventures await at a discounted price for a limited time*. 

You could lose yourself in the captivating open world of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition. Adventure across the beguiling landscapes of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Or fight for survival – or victory – with the horrific delights of multiplayer Dead by Daylight: Special Edition. 

These are only three of the titles available in this promotion. End of Year deals are live now for EU, and rolling out shortly in Americas. Below is a curated list of the games on sale. For the full range, plus your regional discounts please visit 

  • Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey
  • Assassin’s Creed® Origins
  • Assassin’s Creed® Unity
  • Control
  • Dead by Daylight: Special Edition
  • Death Stranding
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition
  • DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Deluxe Edition
  • Far Cry®3 Classic Edition
  • God of War – Digital Deluxe Edition (please note: this title will leave the promotion early on Monday 14th December)
  • House Flipper
  • Injustice™ 2 – Legendary Edition
  • JUMP FORCE – Deluxe Edition
  • Ratchet & Clank™
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

*End of Year Deals promotion available until Wednesday, December 22 at 23:59 PDT, 02:59 EDT, 23:59 GMT /23.59 CET 

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  • I miss wishlist!

    • What’s crazy, is that Wishlist is BACK on the PS5 itself – but you have to build it fresh, and it doesn’t show up on the web version of the store.

      I don’t understand what they’re doing with the storefronts, or why the features seem so hard for them to sort out.

    • I agree. It made it much easier to check if a game I was interested in was in the sale.

    • I think our store complaints have to be placed on the EU blog cause I think scee is in charge of the design for the store since they are responsible for putting the ps4 store on the ps3 that could barely run it. also sony what released on the ps store this week. unable to get that feature on the web store.

    • This IS the EU blog. They squished most the regions together and removed most the features from the blog.

      Kind of like the store… 😂

    • this is also the North American blog and they are now forcing north american accounts to use the uk store

    • I miss it too!

      I’m using psprices to substitute the psn wishlist. It’s an excellent website.

  • blazing chrome finally in a sale and half price too so i’m having that. thanks.

  • Some of us still own PS3s. Show some love. Oh, and Vitas too!

    • Well, even if there’d be a discount for PS3 titles in Poland there’s no Purchase button on PS3 PS Store!

    • @Finka_Karfein it’s there its just invisible for some reason.once you click on a game hover over the picture.then press down on d pad onxe and hit should add the game.

  • What’s the Deal with making the store so difficult? Sony removed PS3 and Vita titles from the online store and made it more challenging to find PS4/5 titles. You can’t even sort titles online anymore. The PS5 store via the console is as difficult and backwards as the entire PS5 ui. From the watering down of the entire blog to raising the price of AAA games in a global depression brought on by the pandemic, Sony seems bent on being extremely anti-consumer at the worst time. Considering how successful Playstation has been over the years it makes you wonder about their motivations.

  • Lol, the provided link just directs you to an error message. A perfect illustration of how awful this new storefront is.

    • takes you to the deals page, check your modem and router.

    • @Jisatsu_Kiddo – when you reply to a post about a broken link more than 8 hours later to say it works, it’s more likely that it was fixed during those 8 hours than that the first person had a browser problem.

      For a while before the blog post was made, all the prices and buying options were missing from the US version of the web store – probably a related glitch as they updated things to enable the sale.

      They’ve certainly got room for improvement.

  • Had my eye on Lost Legacy for ages now but can’t help thinking it’ll be on Plus soon.

    • already was ages ago I thought.

    • I have the same dilemma. It’s very tempting at that price but as we have had all the other Uncharted games on plus so far, this one seems bound to end up on there at some point.

    • Wow what a messed up way to think,if you don’t want to pay for Lost Legacy for what exactly are y’all willing to pay?…moreover y’all want a game but don’t wanna pay for it ha,guess that’s the gaming community nowadays.

    • What’s wrong with thinking that way. No one wants to buy something and next month it is given away for “free”. A lot of items that appear in sales and have been on now turn up on plus sooner or later

    • If a game is on Plus it has been paid for…

      It’s not a free service…

  • Yes the web store really sucks now and just not enjoyable to use.

  • The wishlist has to come back! Maybe Sony wants us to scroll through the whole library in the store in search for the game we actually want so that we maybe end up buying the game we actually dont want..Oo.

  • Would be nice to see some PS3 and Vita games sales again…..

    • Ps3 and vita are classed as dead systems they don’t even make any more. They will never do any more sales for them

  • Hoping to see some more deals, like the christmas deals. Just because there isn’t much for me in this sale. I know it’s a far shot, but a very small discount on some PS5 (Like Demons Souls *hint*) titles wouldn’t be too bad.

    I know you guys at Sony Playstation get some negative feedback on the store on the browser.
    Tho I would like to say that you really dropped the ball when you launched the new version of your store site.

    Somehow your coders messed up the index site so it is wider than 100% can be seen by it wanting to sidescroll. Not a big problem but I wonder how it could go through your testing?
    The site is now slower than it really should be, so you need to do some optimization on that as well.
    Often the buy/preorder buttons are not showing up, can be because of the poor optimization or some other issues.
    It’s beyond me why you removed the gallery part. Like why not have some videos and screenshots, instead of having customers to leave your site to check up on the games.

    There are some good things as well. Once you optimize it then the design is not terrible. The product pages does have some small nice features, you just need to re-add the gallery parts.
    All in all I believe a lot of the issues can be fixed by doing some optimization and not least listen to feedback.
    This new version can’t have been thoroughly user tested, I seriously doubt that. So do some more user tests and see what your users actually think.

    • I like what ya saying. Its as if they rushed the whole thing. Even with the PS5 it seems as if they rushed it out with all the crashes and storage issues etc like get everything up to hell what it looks or acts like just get it out there we’ll fix it as we go type of attitude….

  • I don’t even see any prices. For any game. So no purchases from me. The new store is a mess.

    • The same thing happened to me, but it came good later on and after a few refreshes. The new site is… how should I put it?


  • to anyone out there, who hates the new store sony have. check out its new, and has a few bugs, but it has a really dedicated group of individuals working on it crunching bugs daily. and it’s great just try it out for 5 minutes.

    when you click a game it will even tell you estimated time to platinum, platinum difficulty, and has sorting and notifications for wishlist and sales and links, to the actual store to buy should you want to.

  • First the blog became trash and then the store followed suite, doing a great job you guys :) Next step is to make the PS5 more trash.

  • I’ve got all these games on disc anyway but for anyone who hasn’t then it’s a great deal

  • I detest this new store, the other one was fully functional and now I feel like it’s arduous chore to find anything I want.

  • This is Nice! Hope more titles are on discounts 😁👍

  • If you can’t navigate the extremely easy to use PS5 storefront, I beg you to donate your PS5 to one of the 1,000s of people still looking to get one.

  • When will stoes receive ps5 world wide

  • Not spending a penny until you sort out that atrocious mess of a store.

  • I hope the online PS Store is soon updated to allow you to sort. This jumbled mess isn’t worth my time/effort, so I just don’t buy anything. :(

  • Hi, no sign of the sale on the ps5 console store either. Can we please have a dedicated deals tab on there. It’s already on the app, easy peasy😉

  • Seriously these are the last offers of this year? RDR 2 Ultimate Edition and not the Special when we know that the online will soon be sold separately, Death Stranding and DBD?

    Compared to the other offers months ago, this is trash and I hope the start of the year offers are better than this one and include a variety of good games.

  • Can the Sale Include PSVita and PS3 Games opening the store directly?

  • As if removing any content unrelated to PS4 and PS5 + removing the most basic features from the store wasn’t enough, you also MANAGED to prevent us from viewing any Add-on/Avatar/Theme for the game we’re viewing at that time. You are being incompetent Sony. This is unacceptable.

  • Haven’t played rdr2 is it as good as everyone says it is? last one I played was red dead revolver on ps2 lol

    • The singleplayer part is good IMO. It got a decent world with some fairly good missions.

      However the online part isn’t that great, again that is just my opinion.

      Anyway it all comes down to your own opinions.

    • Online is cowboy gta online prepare to be killed a lot for zero reason

  • Please, show some love and give us PS Vita owners a Christmas sales! I have lots of games on my wishlist and some of them are full prices since launch! Trials of Cold Steel I & II, Ys VIII and some others.

  • Bring back the Wishlist (website). Thanks. :)

  • Don’t make no sense buying the games if I can’t get a PS555

  • Ni No kuni Remaster and The Last Remenant Remaster are the only thing to me in that promo.

    Looking forward to end of year promo.

  • If Sony thinks I’m gonna browse X# of random listings to find the one two possible purchases within a sea of DLC mediocrity, they’re out of their minds. FILTERS and SORTING before I waste my time like that. No sale is worth the hassle.

  • Just noticed that they also screwed up themes and avatars. No way to add them to your cart and buy them because the buttons not there anymore! I swear you guys are nuts… Some people at Sony SERIOUSLY need firing.

  • Where is the promotion on the ps5 store? I don’t see it. Usually there’s something that you click on and see all titles on sales

  • sony and ea please lower the price of the ps3 dead space and crysis franchise games because the price is absurd …. and another thing my ps vita is with this error NP-2245-3 what does it mean and how to solve it, i can’t download nothing else on the console…..

  • Would be nice if the store actually worked more than one day a week. No issues on mobile app store or PS5 store, but the web store is a hot mess.

  • Not a bad little sale actually. Worth it if nothing else after a near 18 month wait for Blazing Chrome to finally get its first sale! Now,if only I could see the same thing for Battle Princess Madelyn,Cursed Castilla,Super Hydorah,Xeno Crisis, River City Girls,Castle Crashers Remastered & the Shantae back catalogue (no sales on River City Girls,Battle Princess Madelyn,Xeno Crisis or CCR since their launches,& Cursed Castilla,Super Hydorah,Shantae Pirates Curse,& High Genie Hero/Ultimate Edition in 2-3 years!).
    Although not as good as having an Arcade Archives version of Wonderboy,Wonderboy Returns Remix is relatively cheap as is Pang Adventures. Having a hard think on the likes of Bomberman R or Unruly Heroes which look pretty good for the price. Quite tempted by Two Point Hospital for the Theme-Hospital style nostalgia.
    As others have noted though,navigation of the sales/PSN via the new web browser store has become near useless with the lack of categories,trailers,pictures & especially filters. Given the lack of promised feature updates to the U.S. blog,(eg:emoji’s,upvoting comments etc.),or weekly releases etc., it’s a concern if badly needed store updates,(much less wishlists,gifting etc.),will happen anytime soon. Still,like Timespinner finally getting its first sale recently,will take Blazing Chrome as a glass half full moment.

  • I honestly don’t understand what’s the point behind this sales that literally last forever. Almost a month long sale with same deals, without any additions or weekly changes, kinda feels boring and uninspired…

    And to be honest except few new games everything else is 2+ years old….

  • yeah, if you have the patience to navigate the sea of mediocre DLC to actually find something worth buying ( _thanks_ for removing sort or filter options) you open the game page to see a blurry page with no option to buy

    _thanks_ Sony team!

    (these people are really not interested in selling products)

  • Ps store is very expensive. You find the games in stores from 52€ from day one(plus CD). I am thinking that it’s not legal. Or you have to give points if you buy from ps store. I have spent more than 500€ and a lot more from store.

  • In the ps5 store there’s no way to see the deals, this is a very bad design, I want to check the sales and maybe buy some games, but there’s no deals tab in the ps5 store (I know I can use the phone app or the web, but come on, I’m on my ps5 right now, I don’t want to go to other place to check the sales)

  • Google pay 95$ consistently my last pay check was $8200 working 10 hours out of every week on the web. My more young kin buddy has been averaging 15k all through ongoing months and he works around 24 hours consistently. I can’t confide in how straightforward it was once I endeavored it out.This is my primary concern……𝓦𝔀𝔀.𝓖𝓸𝓒𝓪𝓼𝓱9.𝓬𝓸𝓶

  • PlayStation BRING BACK THE WISH LIST, listen to your customers we’re always right! Since this has been removed I have shopped less on PlayStation store and spent my money at Best Buy online much easier when we can save our favorites and shop later.

  • wait so will there be a Christmas or new year sale?

  • Why on Earth is Control Ultimate Edition not in sale but the outdated regular edition is?

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