Watch the PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 Japan Asia, streaming December 3

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Watch the PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 Japan Asia, streaming December 3

Watch along on the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel.

Greetings, PS Blog readers! On December 3, we will host the PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 Japan Asia to recognize hit PlayStation titles released in the past year. We will be broadcasting the event on the official PlayStation Japan YouTube channel starting at 19:00 / 7pm JST (2am Pacific, 10am GMT). English subtitles will be available.

The PlayStation Awards have been held every year since the birth of the platform in 1994, celebrating its 25th anniversary last year. This year, we’re giving the event a new name — the PlayStation Partner Awards — and adding a few new awards to look forward to.

At the PlayStation Partner Awards, we will be paying homage to creators who have appeared on PlayStation platforms over the past year. Jon Kabira and Hatsune Matsushima will host the event, presenting awards to the multitudes of hit titles released throughout 2020.

Tune in on December 3 — maybe you’ll find something new to play!

Award Categories

Grand Award

Awarded to the top three titles developed in the Japan / Asian regions with highest worldwide sales between October 2019 and September 2020*.

Partner Award

Awarded to titles developed in the Japan / Asia region with top-ranked worldwide sales between October 2019 and September 2020*, with particularly noteworthy activity results**.

Special Award

Awarded to the following 2 titles:

  1. Titles developed by creators from outside the Japan / Asia region that have amassed the highest sales in the Japan / Asia region from October 2019 to September 2020*.
  2. Titles developed in the Japan / Asia region in conjunction with SIE Worldwide Studios that have amassed the highest worldwide sales* from October 2019 to September 2020.

* Hard copy and digital copy sales through PlayStation Store are counted in the calculation (including additional content and digital currency sales).
** SIE indices, which include player numbers, also factor into the determination of nominees.

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  • They should be solving the problem of 120 fps in ps4 titles on ps5, it is a joke that on PS5 they have to be played at 30-60fps while on xbox series x it has support with 120fps, there is a lot of disadvantage in titles that have crossplay

    • What are you talking about? All the games that can do 120 FPS are performing better on PS5.

    • @ETERNAL9304

      no, you are misinformed. giving you examples like rocket league, black desert and more, they don’t have 120fps support on PS5, while on xbox series x they do

    • Talking about miss-informed.
      1- Events are in charge of marketing and PR department. Games dev is handled by their platform and/or dev department. So, no, notthing to do with this event.
      2- Updates and/or ports are developed by developing studios, none of the games that are missing a patch are SIE propoerty and though they can push for an update and even pay for it, if the studios have no time, nothing can be done.
      3- Catalog of games missing patch is very small, has a low priority based on user base vs % customers that will use the patches.
      4- Would you have preferred Sony investing their time on making old games running better vs making new games? Lol

    • @KVD_by_Kraven

      You don’t know what you’re saying, since you’re not even thinking There are many “old” games (as you say) that are still played today with active communities, Battlefield saga, Overwatch, COD, Rocket League, Star Wars BF 2, and a huge etc.

      In addition, we must add the games that have crossplay in which obviously Xbox series X players have a greater advantage due to the 120fps, and in MMORPGs like Black Desert, the difference is quite noticeable. Black Desert being an MMORPG with crossplay and with thousands of connected players it is important to have 120fps, the PS5 version is limited to 60fps and when there is a siege, there are around 800+ players, which means that the fps on PS5 drop a lot, while in Xbox Series X the fps are much more stable and do not drop to 40-50fps as in PS5. Before giving an opinion without knowing, first inform yourself. HAHAHA

    • It is apparently harder for the devs to jut release an 120 fps patch unlike with xbox, but a stable 60fps is fine, most ps5 games are running better on ps5 at the moment. i don’t think it’s really a big deal if the old ps4 games are only at 60.

  • Award the scalppers aswell for being very effective at sabotaging this ridiculous launch

  • Yay! Celebrate all your fantastic partners for all their hard work! You guys have really taken this industry sky high! I hope one day to be a partner myself! The PS5 plays like a dream for me and I see all the gaming potential being realized you can still push those boundaries I am sure of it! Sony is a strong dominant Japanese company but it has reached so much further than Japan! Embrace all culture and all creativity from every stretch of the earth!

  • ps4 psvr and ps4 pro playstaiton
    dose the best concoles playstaiton
    well done

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