Warframe bullet-jumps to PS5 this Thursday

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Warframe bullet-jumps to PS5 this Thursday

Digital Extremes reflects on its seven-year Warframe journey on PlayStation.

As we put the finishing touches on Warframe to launch on PlayStation 5 this Thursday, I couldn’t help but think about the journey that led us here. The Warframe experience has always been about our relationship with you, the Tenno. 

Your love for the bullet-jump, which came from a player-favorite bug called coptering. Your never-ending desire to play as Umbra, a simple skin you inspired us to transform into one of the game’s best cinematic stories. Your artistic passion for customization that brought player-created artwork into Warframe as TennoGen. Your devotion has kept us working late into the night to make Warframe amazing for you.

That’s why entering the PlayStation 5 era feels so momentous. For us, it means bringing nearly eight years of evolutionary content into the future for PS5. It means new players experiencing Warframe for free with a brand new graphics engine, up to 60fps and 4K from the very start. It means PS4 players transitioning seamlessly to an all new generation. And it means all the friends you’ve made sticking together, with PS4 and PS5 gamers playing together with cross-generational play — a first for Warframe.

Plains of Eidolon, one of Warframe’s three open worlds, in its next-gen glory!

In 2013, we were the punk rockers of gaming

At the start we were just a small scrappy team with a Space Ninja game that had attracted a modest but enthusiastic following. We had just launched on PC, but the next generation of consoles at the time — PS4 — was imminent.

I can’t speak for others, but for me, showing Warframe for the first time at the E3 was raw excitement. Sony let us have space at their booth. They played our trailer across a massive  two-story screen. Our little punk rock show was on the biggest possible stage for games. I remember walking into the show, seeing our trailer and getting chills. Even Kojima-san himself watched it!

Warframe bullet-jumps to PS5 this Thursday

We’ve come quite a long way from our original E3 PS4 launch trailer.

In the first two weeks of launch that November we had more than 300,000 new players. We were more than a million by the time January wrapped. Now, almost seven years exactly to the day, we’re at more than 60 million and launching on next gen, again. It’s still just as hard now as it was then, but we are more excited than ever to put in the work for you. 

Wake up Tenno, wake up

Warframe has always begun with you, a lone Tenno, waking from a generation-long slumber. The world and its past, a mystery to discover. At first our story was relegated to the simple things — item descriptions or the environment. But we always had much larger ambitions.

In 2015 you all got to wake up again with our first cinematic quest, The Second Dream. Our whole studio was nervously glued to the screen as we watched your reactions to this twisty story with glee. At the time it felt like we were taking a huge risk, but now it’s one of the most defining moments of my career. And our community’s protection of the secrets within the quest, a long-standing stamp of pride. 

All of these updates — The Second Dream, The War Within, and The Sacrifice — quickly became fan favorites. And finally, on PS5 we’ll bring you the next chapter of the story, The New War. A story nearly a decade in the making.

Warframe bullet-jumps to PS5 this Thursday

Just the teaser trailer, we must keep the secrets within.

When Warframe opened up

In the summer of 2017, we surprised players again with the reveal of our first open world, the Plains of Eidolon. Seeing your cheers and excitement live as the doors of Cetus opened brought back the same chills from our E3 PS4 reveal four years prior. Only now, we were at our own fan convention, TennoCon! And for some reason, thousands of you had flown to us to see us on our own stage. I bet none of you expected fishing. 

Fast forward to our launch on PS5 and Warframe now has three open worlds that have never looked better or loaded faster. Our enhanced renderer really shines here, bringing dynamic lighting that makes each world more immersive than ever before. And now that we’re building content from the start to take advantage of this technology we can’t wait for you to experience our next open world, The Duviri Paradox, on PlayStation 5.

Warframe bullet-jumps to PS5 this Thursday

No real fish were harmed in the making of this trailer.

Our 44th Warframe

When we launch on PS5 you’ll have 44 Warframes to master, each available for free with their own distinct abilities and play styles. But I’m especially proud of Xaku, our 44th and most recent Warframe released this fall, because they are also the second built from the ground up by our community! 

When we first started with four Warframes, we never knew how we’d get to 20, let alone 44! There’s even Octavia — a Warframe whose abilities are built around an in-game music sequencer that you can make or share tunes with the community. But with your inspiration, we did it! 

Warframe bullet-jumps to PS5 this Thursday

Xaku slaying in superb undead style on Deimos. 

PS5 and beyond

As I turn toward the future, so many things cross my mind.

I can’t wait to hear what players think once they play Warframe for the first time on the PS5. Taking out hordes of enemies with a butter-smooth framerate and jumping into each mission in a snap. Experiencing our story and worlds with our new enhanced renderer that will stun them and adaptive triggers that make combat even more immersive. I can’t wait to play with you all!

Warframe bullet-jumps to PS5 this Thursday

Available Thursday, November 26, on PlayStation 5.

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  • Congrats on the launch!!. One question, will i be able to migrate my account from another platform? the same way PC player were able to migrate to switch. Thank you!

  • Can’t wait

  • As a veteran player i’m (or rather i was) looking forward to play it on PS5 around launch date, the only – but pretty ugly – fly in the ointment is the fact that it’s not likely to happen this year due to the shortage… Anyways, nice job, DE, Warframe is the game I’ve been playing daily for years!

  • Can I be honest with everyone….I downloaded Warframe on my PS5 on launch day and booted up my saved character and was AMAZED at how beautiful it looked. Ran buttery smooth too! Now I come to find it wasn’t the PS5 version….Yooooo I am hyped for this!!!!!! haha Congrats on making this fantastic game and can’t wait to check out the real PS5 version!! ha

  • Are we getting motion aiming option like the Switch version too?
    (It not being a thing in the already capable Dualshock 4 isn’t a valid reason if not)

    • I would like to second this question/suggestion! PLEASE give us an optional toggle for gyroscopic aiming like the Switch version.
      I’m happy that DE is incorporating some of the dual sense features like haptic triggers, that could really help with immersion. But since the Dual Sense features gyroscope, there’s no reason to not have it as an option. Please bring this to the PS5 release!

  • Warframe was my go to game at the launch of the PS4. I always felt that if someone just bought a PS4 and only played Warframe, it would be worth it. I haven’t been on in a while but I look forward to diving back in and experiencing Warframe on my PS5 this week. Congratulations to you all and thank you for putting so much love into this wonderful game. You truly have created the game that keeps on giving!

  • Great job, pity there are no PS5’s to play it on.

  • I. Love. DE

  • Excite for this, very excite. New better look.

  • It’s Thursday 25th no sign of PS5 version on UK store ! ???

  • I have been gaming all my life and I’ve seen every kind of game made and I know what is fun in every game and warframe almost has it all, its the best rpg of all time, well second to Dust 514 but they were in the wrong place at the wrong time so they never got recognized for their amazing game and you can’t even play it anymore, but I have faith in Warframe I love all your new updates with new maps and new warframes but all this game needs is 1 thing, this is the best RPG PVE game why not make it the best RPG PVP game as well? There are a lot of players that don’t have any games to play because these kinds of games don’t exist anymore, im playing a mobile game over every other game i have on Playstation because its the only game that falls into this category. This will spice up conclave and bring more players to warframe

  • Hi i am 59yr old played playstation from day one I had 4 heart attacks and quadbypass I have all the parts but not the playstation 5 Console.Can you help me purchase one? It help relieve my anxiety.

  • As a player since day one on PS4 don’t buy the hype they have ruined this game.

    Its lacking tons of content for veteran players.

    They release new weapons that are OP so you’ll grind to get it exactly where you want it and then Nerf it.

    Everyone at DE should be fired except for the art & graphics department.

    My two credits…

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