Immerse yourself in Deathloop on PS5 with the DualSense controller

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Immerse yourself in Deathloop on PS5 with the DualSense controller

From weapon jams to traversing terrain, learn how haptics and adaptive triggers create an authentic experience.

Your trigger button locks up mid-firefight. Damn, another gun jam. It really might be time to find a new weapon. You feel the scrape of your boots against stone as you clamber up a wall. The control rumbles in your hands with each movement. You hear a quiet beeping emanating from the controller’s speaker; there’s a mine nearby, so you better watch your step. These are just a few examples of how Deathloop is taking advantage of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller to enhance the immersive experience. Deathloop arrives on consoles exclusively for PS5 on May 21, 2021. Learn more about some of the PS5 features below.

Immerse yourself in Deathloop on PS5 with the DualSense controller

Dynamic weapons

Trapped in a timeloop, desperate to find a way out… The island of Blackreef is chaotic, to say the least, especially when you’re Colt. With every single inhabitant out for your blood, you’re going to need a killer arsenal if you’re going to survive long enough to take out your targets and free yourself from this prison. An arsenal that feels as good as it looks, because this is an Arkane game after all, and style is everything. With Deathloop’s dynamic weapons, every weapon will feel unique in your hands. From the way it fires or swings, to the way it reloads or connects with its target, you’ll feel the difference through the DualSense controller. 

Take the PT-6 Spiker, for example. This silenced nailgun is a brutal piece of art, and with the dynamic weapon system, you will feel each nail fall into the magazine with granularity every time you reload your weapon. Feel the resistance of the adaptive trigger as you hold to align your shot, and the immediate recoil and discharge when you fire.

Realistic weapons systems

Every time you die on Blackreef or the loop restarts, it’s a chance to get better. You learn. You grow. You get more badass weapons and abilities. But when you first start out, you might be working with a lower-tier weapon. Something maybe a little rusty and prone to jamming. When a low-tier weapon is jammed, your trigger button will be blocked halfway, giving you instantaneous feedback even before the animation notifies you. It’s a momentary setback that could force you to retreat for a beat while you fix it. As you’re watching your character on-screen punch the gun to get it in working order, you’ll feel a correlating strike in your controller, activating the mechanism to unjam it.

Haptic mobility

It’s not just your weapon’s actions that will have a unique feel through the controller (unless you consider Colt to be a weapon himself, which might be a safe consideration). Every type of movement your character makes will provide a different sensation, whether you’re running, sliding, climbing, sneaking, or teleporting your way through Blackreef. 

You’ll even notice the stark contrast of distinct types of surfaces as you battle through various environments – from the harsh, bumpy feedback you’ll feel as you’re sliding down a rough rooftop, to the muted thumping input as you land in the snow. 

DualSense controller speaker

Deathloop doesn’t just let you feel the action through your controller. Thanks to the DualSense controller speaker, you’ll hear the action coming from your hands. Each bullet that whizzes past your head (or hits it). Julianna’s taunts echoing from your own personal radio as she tracks your every move across the island of Blackreef. The dry click of your weapon trigger as you’ve just fired your last bullet and run out of ammo. Each sound perfectly complements the events on-screen and the sensations coming from your controller. 

Pre-Order now on PlayStation 5 for exclusive items

Deathloop is now available to pre-order for PlayStation 5. Get all the details on what’s included in each version of the game, as well as the pre-order bonuses, below.

The standard edition of Deathloop contains the base game and comes with the following pre-order bonuses:

  • Unique Weapon: Royal Protector Machete (PS5 Exclusive)
  • Character Skin: “Storm Rider” Colt
  • One Trinket (equippable buff)

The Deathloop Deluxe Edition contains the base game as well as:

  • Unique Weapon: Transtar Trencher (PS5 Exclusive)
  • Unique Weapon: Eat The Rich Tribunal
  • Unique Weapon: .44 Karat Fourpounder
  • Character Skin: “Party Crasher” Colt
  • Character Skin: “Sharp Shooter” Julianna
  • Original Game Soundtrack Selections
  • Two Trinkets (equippable buffs)

The following bonuses are included when you pre-order the Deluxe Edition:

  • Unique Weapon: Royal Protector Machete (PS5 Exclusive)
  • Character Skin: “Storm Rider” Colt
  • One Trinket (equippable buff) 

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  • It’s always great to see the Dualsenses’ new functions being implemented, hopefully every dev can take the time to mess around with those.
    And about gyro/motion aiming, is it in too? Would be baffling to implement all that and miss on the function that can improve gameplay the most (for those who like and choose to enable it, of course).

    • DualSense is truly mesmerizing. Astro is uncanny and Demon’s Souls of course, but even in a non Sony published game like Godfall it absolutely elevates the experience.

    • You said it, my DUDE!! I use the DS4 on pc with motion aiming enabled and I wish devs would include it in the PS ports of their games more often. There’s a bit of a learning curve but once it clicks you’ll never want to go back!

  • Maybe sell your products offline, and in store only. These launch title game developers are going to lose so much money due to no one buying it because there is barely anyone with a PS5.

  • No motion control support and track pad support is disappointment. this could have helped the game alot.
    Also why thsoe pre-order only items? Bethesda never makes their pre-order bonuses available to purchase after like Capcom or Square. This should change and not lock people to pre-order only.

  • @Anne Lewis
    Thanks for the post! I’m really looking forward to this game. Out of curiosity, does the Deluxe Edition mean that you get a total of three trinket’s, or is it two total?

    • Well there’s nothing much out for the PS5 to look forward to. Then again the PS5 is sold out by Bots everywhere now.

  • Day one purchase for me. I hope this is not a good bye and we continue to see great Arkane content on PS5. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Oh look, its Lee Everett from ” The Walking Dead ” and Clementine has gotten older.

  • Oh look, its Lee Everett from ” The Walking Dead ” and Clementine has gotten older.

    Clementine is that you? 🤔


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  • For further knowledge .. The PS5 console brings Arkane’s unique artistic vision to life like never before, allowing players to explore the visually stunning 1960s-inspired world of DEATHLOOP in beautiful (Native) 4k at 60fps, with HDR, Ray-traced shadows and ambient occlusion.

  • Thank you, Microsoft!

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