Kate Bishop aims for December 8 in Marvel’s Avengers

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Kate Bishop aims for December 8 in Marvel’s Avengers

During Kate’s search for Nick Fury and her former mentor, she discovers AIM’s twisted new experiment and vows to stop it.

Happy November, True Believers! We’re now more than two months out from launch, and it’s been an exciting and challenging journey. We’ve encountered various setbacks and obstacles on the way, but we remain committed to our mission to deliver the Avengers experience we promised to you. A big part of that, as you know, is new content — and we are so excited to kick that off with Kate Bishop, who also carries the Hawkeye mantle, as our first new Super Hero coming to Marvel’s Avengers!

Kate Bishop is a world-class archer, adept swordswoman, and master of sarcasm and snark. As Clint Barton’s protégé who, like him, possesses no superhuman powers, she boasts an impressive skillset that has her able to stand toe-to-toe with the Avengers in protecting the world — a duty that the conscientious Kate takes very seriously. Kate Bishop’s first comics appearance was in Young Avengers (2005) #1 before starring in her own series Hawkeye (2016) #1 – the latter’s cover is an inspiration for one of Kate’s in-game outfits! We wanted to stay true to what made us fall in love with her in the comics, but also tell our own story.

You’ll meet Kate as she’s searching for her former mentor, Clint Barton, in her own story operation, Marvel’s Avengers: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM. Along the way, she uncovers a huge conspiracy — time travel level huge — involving the missing Nick Fury and a terrifyingly powerful, new threat: the Super Adaptoid. She takes up the mantle of Hawkeye and joins the Avengers to get to the bottom of the mystery and save a world that doesn’t even know it’s in peril.

When we were designing Kate’s kit, it was important to us that we balance the similarities between her and Clint with her unique stylistic differences. She learned much of what she knows from him, so we wanted that to be reflected in her abilities, but it was just as important for her to have her own Heroics, Intrinsics, and Takedowns that set her apart as a fighter with which to be reckoned.

Playing as Kate means performing a battlefield dance where you’re never in one place for long. She’s equipped with repurposed AIM tech that uses quantum energy to power her rapid movements around her enemies. Her intrinsic attacks teleport her around enemies and deal increased sword damage. Her Blink skills lets her double jump, air dash, and traverse ledges via short-range teleportation. Kate can also parry enemies with Quantum Shift, which teleports her away from the attack to return and strike from behind. After all, using AIM’s own technology against them is a total Kate thing to do.

As a master archer, Kate has a wide variety of bow Skills, each with upgrades that can be unlocked. Her Razor Arrows can be fired in a rapid 3-shot ranged combo, or can be fired with perfect timing for bonus damage. You can fire multiple arrows at a time with Scatter Shot Arrows, which is handy for crowd control or for dealing damage to enemies up close. Explosive Arrows are great for staggering enemies and breaking through their defenses. Finally, her Smoke Screen Arrows do high stun damage to anything inside the cloud of smoke.

Kate’s Heroics are all her own, and we wanted to be sure that they authentically reflected her personality. Decoy is Kate’s Support Heroic: it spawns a hologram replica of her that shoots arrows of quantum energy at targets to distract them. If you want to take the deception to another level, use After Image, an upgrade that lets you swap places with the decoy, and Self-Destruct remote detonates the decoy to trigger a large burst of quantum damage. Double the trouble! Her Assault Heroic, Warp Arrow, allows her to teleport over long distances while triggering a large quantum explosion that lifts enemies into the air on her arrival. Worm Hole is an upgrade option for Warp Arrow that creates portals which allies can use to quickly teleport across the battlefield to join Kate. Quantum Overdrive is her Ultimate Heroic, which provides unlimited intrinsic energy, empowering her bow so she can fire quantum energy arrows with explosive results. We can’t wait to see how everyone customizes Kate’s kit!

And of course, Kate is deadly proficient with a sword as well; woe to anyone who underestimates her when she puts away her bow. Use her sword for a host of quick and agile sword attacks to deal with enemies that foolishly venture within her striking distance. With such a powerful arsenal of abilities and attacks at her disposal, we definitely wouldn’t want to ever be on her bad side or we’d be quivering in fear.

After Kate’s story comes Clint’s story, both of which are intertwined with each other and each pieces of a larger puzzle. You’ll be able to play Clint Barton in early 2021!

Kate comes to Marvel’s Avengers on December 8. We’re looking forward to seeing your digital photography, gameplay videos, reactions, builds, and feedback on her! As always, thank you for your encouragement and your suggestions — we couldn’t do it without you.

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  • When can I play as black panther

  • Dope! Can’t wait!

  • When is Black Panther being added? Can you guys give updates on characters that are black or with African origins? I have no one to relate to when I play this game, so I find I don’t play it..tho I want to but I have no characters to choose from. Sucks because I’ve been with you guys through beta and it’s been 2 months no results no feedback. Falcon Black Panther Storm Miles Morales I know he’s new but so is Kamala and Morales has showed he can avenge no problem he’s the new 🕷 Spiderman. Can we also get a magic user!? ..Dr Strange human torch scarlet witch Jean grey rogue beast would be cool as well..come on you guys work with us the black community when you do you get rich and renown.

    • also just so you know, it takes lead time to develop these characters and some are basically finished before launch so they have to just push it out regardless of the poor reception. which i think is why this dull character is happening.

      ironically you’re complaining about diversity but this is a woman and these days that counts. so there will be many happy with that.

      as long as it’s not a white dude seems to be the mantra. And compounding that irony white dudes far and away are who the industry expects to pay for everything.

      How about a realistic balance and mix, instead of what is happening lately.

      the diversity factor isn’t what’s wrong with this game, it’s the boring game and live services bs.

      Just keeping it real.

      maybe pickup some fighting games, good variety their and often on sale.

  • Why have 3 archers come to the game right after each other even if they have different abilities when in combat they are all still archers and the game is screaming for some true diversity. Black cat would be inducted could bring on Spiderman she’s sneaky and always into something she needs Peter’s help with. Falcon would be a great addition to bring in after Kate Bishop, he can fly and shot projectiles his moves aren’t like any of the other heroes he’s black which would bring in more players to the @avengers game. Scarlett Witch would be another great add before a marathon of archers. I swear it’s like your studios don’t pay attention to what gamers who love this franchise really want. And because we are on the outside looking in we can give life saving tips and opinions to your awesome game..it literally needs diversity and bringing 3 white archers to the game at the same time or right after another is gonna leave you in another hole. Not everyone respects marksmanship to that level or degree in the MCU. I love those 3 characters but not as much as I would love to see the characters I mentioned above. Please do America a favor and listen to your gamers 🎮

    • You’re not happy with Miles Morales?

      Why are you even caring about this, Avengers is a doa soulless attempt at a live services game.

      with characters specific battlepasses and two enemy types.

      they are obviously releasing the characters they think can turn the ship.

      they need to go back to what they are actually good at tomb raider style games.

      Putting all the things you are complaining for at your pace obviously isn’t there interest. so it’s easy, go and support the games and entertainment that are giving you the diversity you are looking for.

      avengers is a shallow mediocre game with a mediocre campaign, new patches and drops styled after destiny isn’t going to fix that. Play destiny if that is what you want instead of games that are skins of a weak tea destiny.

      My answer is to not buy this trash, plenty of better games around.

  • Aren’t we suppose to get a free PS5 upgrade? Where is that at?

  • I love how somebody sat in a room and said let’s add the unpopular inhumans to our game then add one to the team nobody cares about (Ms marvel) plus MODOK….then for our first DLC to our contentless game let’s remove hawkeye from the core team and add female hawkeye kate bishop…then actual as the second hawkeye… LMFAO no wonder they lost 50 million on this..

    • Square Enix needs to cut and run, they were in the black but for the losses on this turd dragging the company down.

  • Just let the game die.

    • No

      They released something that has potential that many people bought. Now they must work to achieve that potential by listening to feedback and making good engineering and game design decisions.

    • @ cusman – Haha I see you’re the hopeful kind of person.

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  • Surprised y’all are still trying but guess all DLC was already made just cut out from the game right?…this game wasn’t looking much good since y’all showed gameplay but after playing and seeing it’s a Destiny copycat well it screamed flop and to be honest y’all deserve,game gets boring pretty fast.The route you should’ve taken with this game was the same as the Spider-Man game…I know everybody wants a piece of Destiny’s cake but that’s only for ubi…EA and Square can’t have a piece it seems haha.This game will fit well in the limbo…Anthem needed company lol.

  • Can we just give avengers to insomniac so they can make a good story driven game like spider-man? In fact, can we give them all the marvel stuff so they can give us an amazing video game universe rivalling the mcu?

  • Stupid comments all day on this from dumb people that simple don’t care and just bash for no reason! I really don’t get the reason this dumb people keep posting if they don’t care about the game… it would be better if they just don’t post and shut the hell up! Who the hell cares what dumb people say… keep the work going Crystal Dynamics there’s plenty of people that like the game and those are the vast majority!

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