Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 381: Let’s Do Launch

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Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 381: Let’s Do Launch

We talk all things PS5.

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PS5 is here! The team celebrates launch week by sharing early impressions and which games have them most excited.

Stuff We Talked About

  • PS5 Launch!!!
  • Astro’s Playroom
  • DualSense wireless controller impressions
  • Demon’s Souls
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Godfall
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

The Cast

Sid Shuman – Senior Director of Content Communications, SIE

Tim Turi –  Senior Content Communications Specialist, SIE

Brett Elston – Manager, Content Communications, SIE

Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music.

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Always nice listening to you guys 💙 Great work keep going and stay safe

  • Is everyone going to be able to get a Playstation 5!?? I have been trying for weeks an every website freezes on me or someone else take me order. I’m trying to purchase everything, being a consumer, but I need a little more help from you all at Sony because this is a legendary time to be a gamer. 🙏🏾✊🏾💯

  • LOYALTY worth NOTHING!!!! Having bought every PS console from PS1, I even currently have 3 PS4 and also have Sony CC!!!!! All that and it is worth NOTHING! During current times when most companies try to take care of their most loyal customers, Sony seems to don’t care! I have been trying to pre-order the PS5 for several weeks and struggled going to all possible stores and hate being left out. I am sure I am not the only one and I wished Sony would have given a first choice to pre-order or send first option when stock is available. NO HAPPY, thinking to cancel my CC!! Wonder how many feel the same like me

    • Yeah, I wanted an invite too. Most people that offered through PlayStation Direct got theirs on launch day. My Best Buy didn’t allow store pickup and now I’m forced to wait for Wednesday according to tracking.

    • Agreed even sent them a tweet but Sony doesn’t care, they rather have celebs and youtubers running around with a machine they haven’t paid for while the real Gamer is left to bots and scalppers

  • At the moment Sony you really need to support your fan base by stopping scalpers.

    Every retailer out there should be stopping this abuse of market forces, there would have been plenty of stock to go around if certain scumbags of humanity had not bought up all the pre-orders at presale and are selling them back on eBay and Amazon at hiked prices cheapest I’ve seen is £650 for digital version only. These profiteers need a lesson and you can do this Sony by flooding the market now at launch day with more versions. you can stop these scalpers dead by making there hiked stock unsellable because there is stock available in stores for people to buy before Christmas.

    Otherwise I can see this ps5 maybe selling loads at start to scalpers but follow up will slow as people give up and turn to better stocked competitor models. I know I’m considering an Xbox for the first time In Years simply because I’m not going to be ripped off by opportunistic scum bags.

    Nuff said

    Peace out……….

    • This has been a disaster for me. I spent 3 hours on Best Buy’s website too secure a pre-order. But because of my store not accepting in-store pickup and BB not sending soon enough and UPS, I have to wait until Wednesday, almost a week after launch.

  • Everything about this launch has been disappointing and frustrating. Pre-orders were a mess, and the apology by Sony in September gave me hope that launch would go smoother. This has most definitely not been the case. Major news channels are running stories about scalpers on eBay selling consoles for upwards of $32,000, and while that is not the norm, there are resellers showing pictures of living rooms full of consoles and selling them at 3 to 4 times retail markup. All of this because there were NO safeguards in place at retailers for ordering in the mandatory on-line only environment, such as CAPTCHAs or limits such as 1 per household. A regular consumer cannot compete with scalper bots, with websites crashing under the strain and stock going from “Coming Soon” to “Out of Stock” within seconds of going live. I do blame Sony as well as the retailers for this fiasco.

    Every launch of a new system is an exciting time for gamers, but it has left a terrible taste in my mouth. I, of course, will end up buying one eventually, but probably not until well into next year when more are widely available at the MSRP, leaving this lifetime gamer out of the conversation for many upcoming months. Seeing the self-congratulatory hype from everyone at Playstation (and Microsoft, as this problem is not exclusive to Playstation) is a slap in the face of a great majority of gamers who share my feelings. I’ve listened and enjoyed your podcast for years. I’ve never been compelled to write before now, but I feel an overwhelming need to see if any at Playstation realizes what’s going on and just how acutely they have failed their user base. Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you all next year!

    • I think you explained very well the situation! You have my support! I am from Brazil, the official launch will be tomorrow (nov 18th) and the same problem is happening here! I´ve tried to buy in USA in pre-order, and after the lauch, but no sucess! In Brazil nobody can find any PS5 avalible! It´s a shame! Very sad and frustrating for the loyal gamers and Playstation´s platform fans!

  • I was excited about ps5 coming, but 3 days in systems are still impossible to get.. bot sellers own the market with little hope this is going to change before the new year… having bought 3 of every system Sony has ever released (my own and my 2 sons) I can’t believe I’m looking to xbox now for relief… way to go Sony.. you just killed 30+ years of loyalty

  • Dope podcast!

  • Is a ps5 controller compatible with ps4 pro?Cause im not gonna buy ps5 in the next 3 years and i like the controller.

  • I’m not to excited about the launch. I had a feeling way before now that it was going to be a struggle to buy a PS5. I’m not to happy about the storage space niether. It’s not enough. However it’s not a big deal. There’s plenty of other things to be doing that are more productive. It’s just another toy. I’ll give video games a vacation.

  • Playstation I love e all you guys did with these updates tall are the best I’m a youtuber named saviour I tried to change it but I was hoping if you guys can sponsor it thank you and have a wonderful day<3

  • so im officially done with greedy half assed playstation!!! constant lag constant hackers constant low level games!! ps5 fark that im going xbox ps can fu$/ right off!!!

  • 💔 Wanted to do Launch, but since I couldn’t get one….oh well never mind.

    Another unhappy customer.

  • Man I really want A PS5 for free but I don’t have that much money I only have PS4 but my dream system next gen update is PS5 u really want it ;(

  • I’m sorry but this launch was an absolute JOKE! I have tried on 11 different occasions to get this system through preorders all the way to launch and I have been unable to get a system. I signed up for Sony’s dumb direct order process and never received an email as well as several retailers only to get it taken from bots… Stop trying to make it seem like everything is good, Sony leadership lied every step of the way about the process, tried apologizing, but ultimately did NOTHING to fix it. You don’t care about your customers at all and this product launch proved it.

    I would love to find some way to communicate this to Sony leadership via a customer support process but—in typical Sony fashion—there’s no way to do it (I know, I’ve tried) so I get to write it on here.

    I hope it was worth it!

  • Θα μπορούσε το κοντρόλ στο ps5 να έχει μικρόφωνο με καλώδιο όπως το ps4

  • Słaba dostępność konsoli w Polsce

  • Can’t wait to play Astros Playroom on PS5!

  • Has anyone heard if the PlayStation Store will sell any consoles for Black Friday?

    • They HAVE to be doing something. If it’s gonna be worth the money is the question, lol. But there’ bound to be something on the PS store

  • Sony, give us an idea of restock date???
    Come on! Don´t be so cruel to your supporters and fans!
    Give us a Date!
    Thank you!

  • Our house and family of 5 PS users are super disappointed in this launch. So frustrated we can’t even get one of these. AS SOON AS WALMART, SONY, and BEST BUY start the sale within a MINUTE they are sold out. We try every time. Walmart: Click it, add to the cart, hit purchase……..wheel spin…and Out Of Stock. So sorry this item is no longer available. Just sick of it. In the meantime, people are selling them for up to $2,000. What a joke. Best buy SHOULD have gave first pick to their preferred customers and Elite members. Same story with adding to the cart there and purchasing. Playstation should blackball for life the people selling MORE THAN ONE. I caught someone on Ebay that had ALREADY sold 12 units last week on the same evening of the launch.🤬

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  • I was super happy with how the launch happened. I was able to get one through Sony and my Son and his friend had the opportunity as well. However, my son slept through his buying window and his friend didn’t see the email as it went to the spam filter. My family was also able to help friends get PS5’s though a couple local retailers. I know it’s hard for some people but all in all, I think it’s up to par with other launches especially with the world being in a pandemic.

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