Dominate in Black Ops Cold War with launch day tips

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Dominate in Black Ops Cold War with launch day tips

The next intense entry in the Call of Duty series is out today on PS4 and PS5.

Ready to make history? Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War marks the epic return to one of the most thrilling and unforgettable video game series of all time, out today for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

The game features three modes: a pulse-pounding Multiplayer mode, an exciting new story in the cooperative Zombies mode, and a mind-bending single-player Campaign, all thematically connected.

With available crossplay and cross-progression features, as well as a new progression system tied between Multiplayer and Zombies, players can compete with their friends while earning the prestigious title of Prestige Master each Season, no matter which platform they play on.

Let’s get you set for the Black Ops experience.

Campaign: The single-player experience of Black Ops Cold War is the direct sequel to the original Black Ops Campaign and features a mind-bending narrative that includes the return of Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson. Along with playing as Mason, you’ll create your own operative and join a CIA-led task force in finding a global threat called “Perseus,” a Soviet agent that is set to shift the balance of the Cold War after decades of dormancy. Missions within the Campaign include a variety of differing playstyles, such as close quarter, stealth, and long-range combat scenarios.

Some tips will help you uncover a Cold War conspiracy decades in the making during the campaign.

1. Nowhere Left to Run. This first mission acts as a great way to learn in-game mechanics, such as aiming, firing, equipment usage, taking cover, and movement. Use this opportunity to tune your difficulty and learn your individual strengths and weaknesses with Alex Mason before you create an operative for the rest of the Campaign.

2. Psych Up for Character Creation. From damage buffs to being able to carry additional equipment and more, the Psych Profile is the most important part of creating your own operative. Be sure to spend a few minutes here and explore every option to fit how you want to experience your current playthrough.

3. Recommended New Player Psych Profile. If you find yourself losing health often, or want a bit of a buffer from an untimely death, make one of your Psych Profiles Survivor, which increases your health by 25%, and the other Dependable, which reduces damage taken while stationary by 30%.

4. Don’t Turn Down a Chance to Takedown. Holding the command to melee triggers a Takedown, which is where you grab an enemy and use them as a shield before finishing them off or throwing them toward an enemy group with an explosive surprise. Use this whenever possible, as it can be extremely effective against large groups of enemies and when cover is limited.

5. Leave No Corner Unchecked. Along with protecting yourself from enemy soldiers, use this adage in exploring the Campaign, especially when it comes to dialogue options. Don’t hesitate to replay the Campaign and explore different ways to gather enemy information, even if it means breaking a few of their bones along the way…

Multiplayer: The signature Multiplayer experience of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War offers a variety of fun and competitive modes with customizable loadouts and a revamped progression system. Fight alongside and against members of the Call of Duty community in a variety of traditional Multiplayer offerings – including Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free-For-All, and more – and a variety of 6v6 objective modes, including the all-new VIP Escort and the return on Control. Experience the thrill of 12v12 combat with vehicles in Combined Arms, or squad up with three other players for the biggest Multiplayer experience in the game where 10 squads of four Operators battle for supremacy on the largest maps on offer.

Through Create-a-Class, you’ll have an ultra-customizable loadout to bring to battle, complete with a versatile Field Upgrade and a rule-breaking Wildcard to fit your playstyle. Rack up eliminations and play the objective play to earn Scorestreaks, powerful rewards that range from badass weaponry to controllable aerial vehicles that deliver devastating power to the fight.

Successful Deniable Ops require all the best intel.

1. Create-a-Class Insights from Default Loadouts. The five pre-built loadouts offer great examples of how to build a solid custom loadout. If you’re unsure about where to start with a new custom loadout, feel free to borrow directly from the Default ones before further fine-tuning one to your personal playstyle.

2. Combined Arms: A Vehicle for Victory. Given the size of 12v12 Combined Arms maps, consider taking smaller vehicles, such as a Dirt Bike or Wakerunner, to advance to the next objective quicker. Alternatively, if there is an overwhelming number of enemies, take a larger vehicle, such as a Tank or Gunboat, to bust open their position and help your squad advance forward.

3. Fireteam Dirty Bomb: Exploration Leads to Domination. Take time to check buildings and other notable areas for caches, which will contain Uranium, Armor, and even Self-Revive Kits and Scorestreaks. Although it may be tempting to jump into the fight right away, a bit of exploration can load your squad up with tools that can easily turn the tide of multi-team fights, not to mention grant enough Uranium to get a Dirty Bomb primed and detonated.

4. Low Scorestreaks are Better than No Scorestreaks. If you have trouble earning high-cost Scorestreaks, there is no shame in equipping those that require less score to earn. Some of them, such as the Spy Plane, provide benefits for the whole team and give you additional XP for each teammate assisted, and even a well-placed RC-XD can wipe out an enemy squad huddled around an objective.

5. Seasonal Prestige: Your Key to Bragging Rights. Earned all the loadout items? Good. Keep levelling up to unlock the Season’s designated Weapon Blueprint and legacy profile items through Seasonal Prestige. Getting into this progression path also unlocks new Season Challenges, which offer additional Calling Card rewards for completing some of the toughest objectives in the game.

Zombies: This co-op experience features you and up to three other Operators fending off legions of undead horrors as agents of Requiem, a CIA-backed international response team led by Grigori Weaver tasked at investigating and suppressing supernatural anomalies around the world.

While coming face-to-face with the rival Omega Group, a Soviet-led organization looking to research and potentially harness these anomalies for themselves, Requiem agents will use upgradeable Perks and an arsenal of Cold War-era Zombies weaponry against waves of the undead, as well as uncover decades-old secrets that could upend the global order.

This is also where you can play the third installment of the Black Ops series’ co-op top-down arcade shooter! Jump into a match from the Zombies menu with your team and survive as long as possible through challenging new arenas, open world spaces, bonus areas, and randomly generated dungeons.

Finally, for all PlayStation 4 and 5 players, get access to Zombies Onslaught bonus mode first when you buy Black Ops Cold War. This 2 player cooperative activity extends the Zombies experience to Multiplayer maps from locations around the globe. The goal – survive. Survive long enough and reap exclusive rewards.

If you really want to master the Zombies experience, heed advice from the Requiem team.

1. Remember: Progression Carries Over. Levelling up in Multiplayer offers loadout items in Zombies, and all weapon experience and attachments are kept between modes. The more you play either mode, the more game-changing armaments and abilities you’ll unlock to help reach those high rounds.

2. The Mystery Box: Risk vs. Reward. While spending points on a random weapon may seem risky, the Mystery Box has a chance at giving you powerful new weapons, including the iconic Ray Gun and higher-rarity weapons than the ones you’re currently wielding. If you have the points to spare in later rounds, find that light in the sky and let it lead you toward the Mystery Box for a potentially massive step up in firepower. Keep in mind that for the first time, the odds of the Mystery Box providing higher-rarity weapons increases as the rounds get higher.

3. Follow the Steps, Achieve Salvation. “Die Maschine” includes a handy step-by-step guide on-screen to help you and your squad turn on the power – which activates all machines around the map – and unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine, a powerful device that upgrades weapons to make them fit to fight increasingly tougher undead waves. In other words, completing these initial objectives are crucial to your success and are key to setting up a high-round run.

4. You Don’t Have to Go Down with the Fight. Completing an Exfil rewards you and the whole squad for surviving one last horde and escaping the map. After calling an Exfil, rush to safety and fight back the undead horde one last time, and you’ll be given bonus XP and the chance to earn Raw Aetherium Crystals to help you upgrade your Skills.

5. Squads Rule Requiem’s Ranks. Zombies is built on cooperative play; grab some friends or communicate often with your random squadmates using the new locational Ping system to ensure everyone can handle the higher rounds and help to crack open those intricate Easter eggs.

Dominate in Black Ops Cold War with launch day tips

Welcome to the Brink

Post-Launch Content and Warzone: Black Ops Cold War is scheduled to have live seasons post-launch featuring a load of new post-release content coming free for all players on all platforms simultaneously. These live seasons will also further the evolution of Warzone, which now features Operators from Black Ops Cold War.

Whether you love blasting the undead with friends, dominating in Multiplayer, or embarking on a globe-trotting Campaign, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has something for you. Dive into the action now on PS4 or PS5.

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  • Why is the Multiplayer so “cartoony looking, i was playing on a PS4 Pro, and I felt like this was a huge step backwards to me.

  • Call of Duty Cold War seemed like it would be great, but it keeps glitching during the 2nd mission.

    • Glitched as in how?
      I ran into the problem I could not start it because the campaign was partially downloaded.

      On the in game Cold War Campaign Store I had to download Campaign 2 and Campaign 3 free packs to get the rest of the game so Mission 2 would start.

      It seems the full Campaign isn’t on disc because with Multiplayer it’s close to ~190GB total on release day. A PS5 4k blu-ray is only 100GB total FYI.

    • the glitch turns the controller off fix:turn off the bluetooth and use the USB cable to the controller

  • I played cold war to get Skin Adler a message about the code came to me. But in the game Cod mobile skin Adler did not get at the price of redeng Cod also my username came.

  • I’m just curious as to why I have had this game for 12 hours now and I’m still waiting to play the campaign. I’m looking at my tv and it says campaign 1, 18 hrs., 2 at 26 hrs and 3 at 20 hrs. What ever happened to putting the disc in and playing the game. I’m very disappointed that the newer games rely on the multiplayer and have left the story behind. I’ve read on blogs that the campaign is incredible, I just wish I could find out

    • The full Campaign isn’t on disc as the total game all mods is about ~190GB right now.
      A 4k blu-ray disc is ONLY 100GB total.

      Why didn’t the full Campaign not come in disc and Zombies + Multiplayer download only?

      Probably because more people play Multiplayer than Zombie or the Campaign but yes it does suck 😞.

    • had the same issue

  • I can’t even get past the third mission because it keeps glitching! Someone help please

    • the game has a glitch that turns the controller off turn the bluetooth off and use the controller with the USB cord

  • Still unable to play on ps5 since last night… All modes crashes before de beginning of the game. Sony said the know and try to solve that problem… are some people having the same issues??

    • you’re lucky!!! I can’t even download the game because of a glitch on my PS5 where its just stuck in a “queue to download”. It seems the only solution is to factory reset the system and I really don’t want to do that

    • sawyer coy

      probleem is dat ps4 games die een ps5 upgrade hebben meestal niet unlockt zijn in de store .

      heb probleem met x aantal tittels maar nu enkel watchdogs nog .

      ps4 version unlockt
      ps5 version in store not unlocked

      ps4_ps5 dlc unlockt
      store gets crazy

      sony need to unlock al games who have ps4-ps5 upgrade when you own both versions= problem solved.

      yesterday borderlands 3 ps5 version them unlockt so i was abel to download ps5 version to mi libary

    • I am having the same issue. I get to the screen with the red phone. I press X and 2-3 seconds go by before the games closes and says game or app error! It’s very disappointing Because my cousin is able to play on his PS5 without no problem. Now I’m stuck with downloading Warzone on my PS five just to get some action. All I was told by PlayStation was to keep trying and they were working on the issue yes, it seems to me that the issue may be my PS five. It would make sense for PlayStation have back up stock for these type of issues before fulfilling other customers orders.

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  • hello friends

  • I wish I could play it. It keeps freezing and locking up my controller. I have to unplug my console because it won’t let me shut it down. Any suggestions?

    • the glitch turns the controller off. need to turn the bluetooth off in the controller and use the USB cable connected to the controller

  • Did anyone have any help here please, i buy Cold war, i download everything, and when everything work ok the only problem is multiplayer I can’t play it , I own ps4 , i play zombies ok campaign ok, only multiplayer online is BAD, call of duty need to fix this problem immediately, I spent money like all on buying this games and they crash. I try to contact them but is so complicated I can’t find the right link or website.

  • Any updates on when the glitch will be corrected? Fractured Jaw level crashes my PS4

    • glitch turns the controller off. turn off the bluetooth in the controller and use the USB cable connected to the controller

  • Hello! I would just like to say I’m having issues with this title on my PS5. I’m getting the “qued for download” error that a lot of users seem to be getting. I would like to submit for a refund but your support page also seems to be broken. I have tried reaching out on twitter and instagram and have been ignored by all accounts. Is there anyway that I can get in contact with someone that works at Sony and figure out what we can do to precede forward with the situation. I have tried being nice but my patience is being worn thin because I paid 70$ for a game I can’t even download.

  • I am extremely disappointed with how Sony is handling the PS5 download issue. I would like a refund please. How do I go about doing this. The game is not available for download on the store. Can someone at Sony address this issue.

    • wij zijn maar mensen ,
      irriteert mij ook wanneer ge contact hebt met sony en dat ge weet dat ge gelijk hebt .

      vaak weten wij meer en beter dan zij . ze mogen soms ook weinig zeggen en dan doen ze of wij fout zijn en doen ze precies of hun neus bloed .

      ze zijn er wel mee bezig want paar van de fouten die ik had zijn opgelost .

      enkel nog standaart watchdogs legion ps5 versie die ze moeten unlocken voor mij.

      en waarschijnlijk gaat cyberpunk ook in de problemen gaan want die pagina doet ook raar bij mij ;

      heb cyberpunk gekocht maar kan deze nog altijd kopen .

    • Activision website has the quick fix for this glitch

  • Black ops Cold War is being a problem for everyone at some point….some can play everything except 1 aspect…either you can play Zombies and multi-player, but can’t play Campaign, or vis versa! For me it’s Campaign, it starts on the chopper, as soon as we start to fight, my controller starts flashing and won’t do anything, then shut the system off and it works again until that scene…I know that all your games are going down hill….but at least make them playable, we work too hard to spend money on high priced junk….Thanks!!!!

    • Mine does same thing. Wow this is dumb. This is why I usually wait like 6 months after faces come out. So I don’t have to do a download of an update every time I turn my game on while they do bug fixes because this is where they really run the beta on us who just paid for it 😑

    • there’s a glitch with the bluetooth controller use the wired connection and turn off the bluetooth

  • Hello everyone, Sonic need to do something or Call of duty, yes we spent amount of money on the video games, i see so many bad reviews, I hope call of duty are reading this, because they need to do something They soon as possible, I still Can’t play multiplayer online, they said I need to have ps4 pro, I have ps4 so I can’t play it.

  • I can’t even play campaign mode because the controller disconnects and won’t let you play any further than the first couple missions… 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

    Stop releasing games that y’all don’t even have ready just because it’s Christmas time and you trying to make a buck…. Let me guess the PlayStation 5 isn’t ready either y’all just releasing that because it’s Christmas time as well

  • When will Sony fix the split screen and controller lock patch?

  • Hi, I was looking for info… I’m currently playing CrossGen version Cod Cold War on PS4 and unlocking operators, weapon accessories etc… When I’ll receive my PS5 and download on there the PS5 version, will I still have everything I unlocked, or I’ll have to start all again?

  • Can someone please help me resolve my issue.
    I cant even play Mission 3 on Cold War without my controller freezing and disconnecting.

  • ps4 users the game has a glitch that turns off the controller
    turn off the bluetooth in the controller and use the USB cable connected to the controller this is the temporary fix till the update fixes the glitch

  • I think sony just wanted everyone money for ps5 and they don’t care about the people who pays for all the games and consoles we all buy from them but I think , they need to be sued, for not debugging these games n consoles to!

    I have a ps4 slim and it took me 9 hours to download the new call of duty black ops cold war and my controls as well but why do we have to download the mission off of play store if we buy it from the store !

    They are making more money off of us

  • I’m playing the campaign and it’s amazing. =)
    120hz gives another level of fluidity!

  • Hello

    Are there any Sony moderators here?
    Where can I report problems, make any suggestions or ask questions?

    Why is the console coming out and there is no official forum for the next generation?

    Is sony in this generation going to do what ps3 and ps4 did not do?
    I mean scammers with all kinds of devices like “Cronus, Xim ‘Etc.”
    (and there were a lot of them)

    It was written on the official CronusZen forum that cronus-cheat
    works on PS5 if played on ps4 gamepad

    I know that you have a lot of work now #premiere, but please take care of it, or at the beginning write to us that you will fight this type of fraud
    On PC that kind of things are banned but on ps3 / 4 no one has ever been banned for this.

    Best regards.

  • I’m glad I read this. I was just going to buy it. Someone said the graphics were cartoonish. I think I will stay away from this game.I hope u guys get your game working, that sucks when you pay a lot of money for it and it doesn’t work. Peace everyone

  • How can I get my game to work all I get is unable to connect to servers and all game modes are locked can’t even check for updates says something went wrong on the ps5

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  • honestly at first I was not really interested in the ps5 because I didn’t know there was a drastic improvement but know that I have read about Cold War and all the ps5 features I will proceed and buy the ps5 (everything is sadly out of stock) its fine I will just wait until the new stock comes because I am really interested

    • Also multiple downloads are queued and have to wait till one is completed.
      Not able to play peacefully on PS5 ……

  • blaze lizard is not fat

  • Call of Duty Cold War campaign mode in PS5 throws error and won’t start?

  • I keep getting error code CE-108255-1 ever since I got my ps5 and can’t play Cold War at all because it keeps crashing

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