Announcing the SNIPES with PlayStation collection

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Announcing the SNIPES with PlayStation collection

Apparel collaboration launches November 28 in select markets.

Hi everyone, to celebrate the launch of PlayStation 5, we’re partnering with popular streetwear brand SNIPES on a 17-piece collection specially designed for you – our global community of fans. Echoing the legacy and iconography of PlayStation, this fan-inspired collection features a wide variety of apparel pieces, including jackets, hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, beanies and more. 

Announcing the SNIPES with PlayStation collection

Best of all, this unisex collection is made for everyone and designed with utility pockets that give you plenty of space to carry your phone or favorite accessories. The dark rainbow reflective in the fabric and print of select items echoes the look and feel of the PlayStation universe.

SNIPES with PlayStation

SNIPES with PlayStation

SNIPES with PlayStation

With over 400 stores globally and as one of the biggest streetwear and sneaker retailers in Europe, SNIPES has represented authenticity and passion for street culture as a brand since its inception in 1998. As such, SNIPES are the perfect partner for us to bring this collection to life in celebration of PlayStation 5.

The SNIPES with PlayStation collection will be available on November 28 at all SNIPES stores* and online on and,* respectively.

 What do you think of these designs? Let us know in the comments.

*SNIPES with PlayStation collection available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Portugal and USA.

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  • You got me. I was thinking you meant the PS Plus collection. Oooo. Speaking of. Need to snag me some Bugsnax

  • I thought it was a game 😂. I will definitely get some shirts and random swag

  • People buying console branded clothes are imbeciles. Spend your money on something a little more worthwhile. Like food for a homeless person, or food for dogs and cats in shelters. Not this tat.

  • “To celebrate the launch of the console no one can buy unless they’re willing to shell out over $1000 on ebay because we totally screwed up our launch.”

    There. Fixed it for you.

  • Wow I need to get all the Playstation gear for sure like asap

  • Well I hope to buy the console soon and upgrade from the ps4 but I heard ps5 is sold out in my area

  • When can I get the jacket?

  • I had no idea that PlayStation and Wesley were related.

  • The vest and the white shirt looks awesome, I may get them.

  • I can’t install these on my PS5…

  • How very “urban”

    • Well unless you are urban, hip, young, and with it Sony doesn’t recognize you as a customer. Never mind the numerous persons like myself that have real buying power with uncounted PlayStation systems in my history including two disc PS5s, 3 Sony4k TVs currently, Sony amp/receiver and thousands of software items, games, movies, and Sony UHDs.

    • Hey Dave from white privilege suburbia, the H.O.A. called, they said your grass is too long. Also they sent you this 🖕🏼

  • Why did you choose “snipes” instead of a brand available and familiar to vast majority your user base? The whole campaign seems poorly considered and out of touch.

    Do you want to serve your customers or virtue signal to a political cause that has nothing to do with your products?

    If nothing else its patronizing and dismissive at the same time.

    Just serve your customers.

  • “What do you think of these designs?”

    I think I can’t see them very well so I do not know what to think. I think since they are not even on the snipes store online for preorder I will forget about them. A shame really because bad marketing and poor timing may sink some good products the community wants. Unless you readvertise when they launch they will be forgotten in the holiday shopping madness.

  • Is this how Wesley Snipes is paying off his tax bill?

  • No Caucasians in the advert. Hmmmm.

  • Come on why do we in the UK always get forgotten about in this kinda thing lets change this please PlayStation

  • Hey question for you ladies and gent. Is there anything you can do to stop these scalper bots from buy all the PS5 then selling them on EBAY for crazy amount?

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