Demon’s Souls awaits you, Slayer of Demons

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Demon’s Souls awaits you, Slayer of Demons

Your unforgettable journey through the Nexus begins now.

On behalf of the entire team, I’d like to say that it has been a privilege over the past three years to work on Demon’s Souls. It’s been humbling to bring new life to a PlayStation classic so that fans of the original and a whole new generation of gamers can experience this timeless legend.

To us, we’ve always been thinking about remaking Demon’s Souls for many years, but we never felt we could do it justice. But now with the power of next-gen, we felt that we were ready to take on that challenge, one which we met face on. It’s been an honor to create a launch title on PlayStation 5.

Our only regret is that our friend and colleague Takeshi Kajii, who was the original producer on Demon’s Souls at JAPAN Studio, is no longer with us to share in this moment. We hope we have done him and his legacy proud.

It’s been a phenomenal journey since the announce back in June, and it’s been amazing to see the reaction from fans across the world. But now that the game is finally out, it’s up to you to strap on your armor, gather your courage and discover the incredible world of Demon’s Souls on PS5 for yourself.

For those brave new souls who wish to take on the challenge that is Demon’s Souls for the first time, we have put together an adventurer’s guide to get you started on your incredible quest. Please be aware that it may contain minor spoilers.

By the way, if you still need more convincing, check out our launch trailer. It’s a small glimpse of some of the many wonders to discover in the realms of Boletaria. It also features one of my favorite pieces of music in the game, so definitely give it a listen.

Demon’s Souls awaits you, Slayer of Demons

In short:

The time has come. The game is out. Play it. Peace!

[drops mic – rides into the fog-ridden sunset on the back of a red dragon…

Falls off red dragon, YOU DIED]

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  • Literally bought a PS5 for this game! Not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight, kind of like a kid on Christmas Eve.. but instead of sugar plums dancing, it’s slaughtered Dreglings in my head.. congrats on well deserved future success!!!

  • My first ever platinum achieved on my account and this remake will be my first Platinum I will achieve on the PS5.

  • Nice. But first we need PS5 units in the store to be able to play this :-/
    So maybe in few months? :-/

  • This game looks incredible

  • A big thank you to Sony and Bluepoint for recreating this Masterpiece. We would be extremely grateful if the gods at bluepoint studios could release a patch to maybe fix some of the sillyness of the AI.

  • I would love to enjoy this exclusive but it seems sony made the ps5 too exclusive so I cannot even get one to enjoy the game.

  • I’m really glad this game got new life, I played it way back when before dark souls came out and to this day it’s one of my favorite games, I platted it and still have the disk on ps3 (as well as the digital version from ps+) , it’s really a great game I dare say it’s better than dark souls by a lot one of my favorite things to do was invade people and wreck their day and between the lack of invisibility in dark souls, the lag backstabs, the impossible to heal as invader, getting rid of auto-resurrect after beating a boss and not getting the ability to invade until much later in the game it just wasn’t nearly as good, the individual levels instead of having an open world thing is much better too imo.

    I hope everyone enjoys it, I might end up getting it eventually but I don’t plan to get a ps5 anytime soon I can’t justify the expense just to grief on noobs lol

    • You totally can heal as an invader in Dark souls, (just not with the flask), can also invade as soon as you leave firelink right at the start, and there’s “invisibility” just toned down a bit (it was toned down further with patches so you could lock onto less visible people) but also mimicry.

      The lagstabs happen in all souls games due to players connections. Demon’s only seemed better due to being region locked, which meant players tended to be closer, not because of better netcode (all Souls games (and Bloodborne) are entirely p2p connections for actual gameplay). Also auto resurrect was a bit of a pain due to the tendency system, usually meaning a trip back to suicide to not risk messing up things (also, I suppose Dark Souls had no health loss as a non human, DS2’s system was still the best regarding all of that).

      One thing that DS1 lacked (and is the only Soul’s game to lack it) was relevelling. Also the scraping spear. Also being able to walk backwards after being parried and eat lots of grass while putting white sticky stuff all over your weapons… 😐😂

  • Yeah I shouldn’t have said impossible you can use the miracle or farmed humanity but the miracle is slow and humanity is too rare for that. You cannot invade a handful of times right at the start, I think you can find 5 cracked orbs in the shrine but you don’t get access to unlimited invasions until much later with the forest being the only workaround.

    There is no invisibility in dark souls, there’s see through and harder to lock on that works on PvE but you are never fully invisible to other players in dark souls in demon souls you are at a certain distance and that distance can be decreased with spells and soul form though several particle effects give away your presence like second chance and silver shield however you can equip yourself in a way to not give that away.

    When a lagstab happened in Demon’s Souls you didn’t take damage in dark souls you did, dark souls it was also much easier to lagstab because if you turn around the person still has like a second to backstab you before lag even factors in (it happens with monsters offline too) that’s just not true in demon souls if you turn around it becomes a normal hit instead of a backstab and the auto-revive meant that you had more people to invade, it might have been a pain in one respect but it was also a massive boon to invaders.

    • Humanities aren’t rare really. You can get stacks of 99 in an hour or so near Nito, or even quicker in the abyss (I mean, you can also use the unpatched infinite item tricks on items you get in the 2/3rd area you come to if you really wished). I never really bothered with healing as an invader, but 99 humanities were generally needed for stacking and didn’t take long to get. You get the blue orb too, which is usually a bit more fun (as they’re usually PvPish people, usually with friends).

      Remember that at launch Dark Souls played a bit differently and had Demon’s soulsish invisibility with no lock on, but was toned down for a reason. But mimicry worked made you practically invisible at any range, if you did it right. 😁

      I’m not sure about the whole second of labstab, because that was never my experience (a second is a pretty long time, enough to say “cheese and cake” at a normal speed). But still. i’d take DS1’s occasional lagstab over Demon’s “get out of everything for free” system. 😁 Loads of people used lockon switches though (roll past, lockon and stab), which sometimes looked glitchy/laggy. The main problem with Demon’s souls was always that most people don’t play online at all, due to how the tendency system gets messed up online, whereas the original DS1 never had offline (and had more players in general).

  • A magnificent juggernaut of a game. Splendid remake with graphics so over the top (oh my, the magic effects are amazing) it’s a whole new experience.

    What I need are phantoms! I am currently whittling my way through Tower of Latria and I need a phantom or two to take out the boss and help rescue a few NPCs. Friend me! I have a microphone.

  • I personally think we should bring up some other old games like gauntlet dark legacy and gauntlet seven sorrows I would spend hours everyday playing only those two games as a kid and I’m sure I would now

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