New characters and events arrive in Genshin Impact’s first version update, out today

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New characters and events arrive in Genshin Impact’s first version update, out today

Investigate the mystery of falling meteorites in Genshin Impact Version 1.1.

Hello everyone, Jason here with the latest scoop regarding Genshin Impact’s first version update! But before we jump in, I would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for the incredible support we’ve received from the Genshin Impact community. We were absolutely blown away by the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the game during its release. Our team has been busy collecting community feedback, making adjustments, and preparing an amazing first wave of new content for the game. Today, we’re here to give you the official lowdown of the Genshin Impact Version 1.1 update, which is available for download today!

New characters and events arrive in Genshin Impact’s first version update, out today

New characters enter the fray

In Version 1.1, we will be introducing a total of four new characters for Travelers to collect, each featuring a unique personality and new skills to add to the mix. Without further ado, let’s take a look at who will be joining us in the latest update.

First on our list is the incredibly popular bartender at the Cat’s Tail tavern, Diona! Don’t let her playful character and fluffy ears fool you, her Cryo-infused cocktails will leave her enemies with some serious brain freeze. Diona can engage enemies from afar by charging her attack and shooting Cryo-imbued arrows, or she can pounce into close quarters using her shield to protect herself from opponents’ attacks. Finally, she can clear the floor with her Elemental Burst, dealing Cryo damage to enemies in an area while regenerating HP for characters in the area as well. We’re sure she’ll be a purrfect addition to any party.

Get ready to take the stage with Xinyan, a girl dedicated to blazing riffs that rock both the audience’s and her enemies’ worlds. Her claymore’s heavy strikes and her Pyro skills will leave opponents smoldering in her wake. Xinyan’s Elemental Skill allows her to swing her flaming instrument at nearby enemies, dealing Pyro damage and forming a shield made out of her audience’s passion. She can then follow up with an encore by unleashing her Elemental Burst, launching nearby enemies, dealing Physical damage to them, and causing explosions that deal Pyro damage. Her show is guaranteed to leave the audience on fire!

Next, get ready to stir up trouble with number eleven of The Harbingers himself, Childe. This character is never one to back down from a fight and is guaranteed to make some waves with his unique arsenal of Hydro skills. His combat style is flexible and fluid as liquid, as he summons weapons made of pure water, allowing him to battle from afar with his bow or up close with his watery blades. 

To sweep more stubborn enemies away, Childe can unleash his Elemental Burst, dealing massive Hydro damage with either a magic arrow or slashing swords. This is definitely one comrade that you’ll be thankful to have on your side.

Last but not least, we have the consultant to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, Zhongli! Calm and composed as a solid stone, this character seems to be full of wisdom, and secrets… His command of earth and rock allow him to brandish stone polearms while summoning massive Geo constructs that plunge into the earth, dealing Geo damage. 

However, Zhongli reveals his true potential in his Elemental Burst, which brings a falling star down to earth, dealing massive Geo damage to opponents and petrifying them. Faced with Zhongli’s masterful command of the Geo element, opponents will truly find themselves between a rock and a hard place!

Be sure to check out the characters in-game via the new Character Archive for complete details on each of their skills and related effects.

New battles and stories await

As the plot in Liyue Harbor continues to unravel and the story reaches its crescendo, Travelers will find themselves squaring off against new opponents and facing epic battles along the way. A good adventurer never sets out without proper preparations, so best be ready for what may come…

Archive your progress – New Exploration and Reputation features

Exploration is the heart of Genshin Impact, and in Version 1.1 we will be introducing some new features to help players review their exploration progress.

First off, we have the Archive. Here, Travelers will be able to check different areas they have discovered throughout their journey, view which weapons and materials they have (or haven’t) collected, and even review tutorials of various game mechanics. The Archive will be perfect for any completionist Travelers who wish to explore and collect everything possible in Teyvat.

Next, we have the City Reputation system, which will allow Travelers to accept Reputation quests in Mondstadt and Liyue. Completing these quests will increase Travelers’ reputation in the corresponding city and reward them with blueprints for useful gadgets.

New events

In addition to new characters and features, Version 1.1 will also come jam-packed with new events for Travelers to challenge and put their adventure skills to the test.

Unreconciled Stars will be the featured event for Version 1.1 and will begin on November 16. Travelers will team up with Fischl and Mona in an all-new storyline to investigate mysterious meteorites that have been falling through the skies of Teyvat. It is up to Travelers to search out the meteorites and discover what is behind these stars falling from the sky.

Some prefer to walk, others prefer to glide. In Version 1.1’s new Gliding Challenge, Travelers will be able to put their gliding skills to the test and earn generous rewards along the way. Take to the skies, Travelers!

After a long day of adventuring, nothing’s more convenient than ordering some delivery food. In the While It’s Warm event, Travelers will lend a helping hand to deliver piping hot dishes to customers across Teyvat. But be careful, these tasty dishes mustn’t be spoiled along the way. Race against time and meet the specified conditions to carefully deliver dishes to hungry customers. Your speedy delivery service certainly won’t go unrewarded!

New Weapon Event Wish

In addition to new characters, a slew of new weapons will be arriving with Version 1.1 for Travelers to equip on their favorite fighters. First, let’s take a quick peek at a new catalyst coming in Version 1.1:

Memory of Dust (Catalyst)

ATK: 10.8%
Base ATK: 46
Weapon affix: Golden Majesty

Memory of Dust features the Golden Majesty affix, which increases Shield Strength and also has a stackable attack buff that is triggered by scoring hits on opponents. What’s more, the attack buff is further increased while the active character is protected by a shield.

Skyward Harp (Bow)

CRIT Rate: 4.8%
Base ATK: 48
Weapon affix: Echoing Ballad

Next up is a powerful bow that many of you might already be familiar with: Skyward Harp. This weapon grants its wielder a hefty bonus to CRIT damage, as well as a chance of dealing Physical damage in a small area.

Both of these amazing weapons will be featured in Version 1.1!

PlayStation 5 compatibility

With the release of PS5 just on the horizon, our team has been working to ensure that Genshin Impact will be fully backwards compatible with the new console. A compatibility update will be available at the release of Version 1.1, featuring 60 FPS gameplay and all the other great features currently supported in the PS4 version.

Another step on our grand journey

This just about wraps up our Version 1.1 update. Our team is committed to making Genshin Impact a fun and unique adventure for all of our players, and we are closely following all the feedback we’ve received across various platforms. We are working hard to address issues and suggestions submitted by our community members and are already creating exciting future content for the game along with various improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes. We are dedicated to bringing players the best gaming experience possible and are extremely grateful for everyone’s continued patience and support as we continue to create the world of Teyvat!

Finally, every good Traveler knows the best spots to collect resources. Get the most out of your adventures with the latest resources on new characters, event details, and much more on our official Facebook, Twitter, and forums. Until next time, may the wind guide you, Travelers!

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  • I’m so glad this is happening can’t wait for the new experience and the #PS5

  • Please do something about resin, increasing the cap doesn’t fix any of the problems with the system. Either activities need their resin cost reduced or resin needs to regenerate more frequently. I want to play more but you won’t let me.

    That being said I am very excited for 1.1!

  • Hi! An excellent game and I look forward to the story going.

    Although it would help a lot to have cross progress on various devices and to receive gift codes as happens in Cellular and PC.
    Take into account optimization on PS4.

  • I’m looking forward to the update and having a lot of fun with the game, but we need to be able to link our accounts.

    I don’t need cross-save, but all Playstation players miss out on certain events and promotional codes.

    If account linking isn’t going to happen, then we need bonuses added to PS+ each month to make up for this loss.

  • Are you planning a native PS5 version with more improvements?

  • Please add the option to delete my character and start from the beginning.

  • Please add cross-save with ios, I want to play this on my ps5 and iphone & ipad.

  • The game isn’t optimised for controller use, especially within menus. How about fixing that and also allowing us to use the promo codes that PC and mobile users have access to, and maybe compensating users for the ones they’ve been unable to redeem so far? We got screwed when it came to rerolling for 5* characters too. The PS4 version really just seems like an afterthought.

    • Could not agree more about the controller! I hate use the sticks to get through menus, but since they used the D-pad for menu shortcuts, I’m not holding my breath.
      You CAN redeem codes now though! It’s in the settings menu. I did redeemed two last night.
      “genshingift” and “genshin1111”

  • I love this game and have been spending a ton of hours in Teyvat. I’m still not finished with the story or the legendary missions, but you know what I’d like Jason? More food recipes! I’m constantly scouring the land for ingredients and trying to achieve mastery of every dish. I’m on 38 at the moment and it’s one of the things that make me come back every day. I’m very looking forward to continue enjoying the story.

    Let me give you some praise: I downloaded Genshin Impact because I wanted to get kill some time and get some entertainment before Spider-Man Miles Morales dropped. And your game has consumed my time. I love it! I bought Yakuza 0 on a sale: collecting dust. Shadow Of War and Hollow Knight were added to my library via Plus: more dust. It’s Genshin Impact what makes me turn on my PS4 every day.

    MiHoYo did a wonderful job here. I can’t wait to play with this update!

    • Well, I got to play the updated version right away and I was immediately surprised by the Reputation missions and the fact that I got two new recipes to cook from it. It appears that the team had addressed my wishes before I had even voiced them!

      Also,I’m loving the quality of life additions, like how Artifacts now have an icon showing the image of the character that has it equipped, and the fact that the sliders now travel faster and have the option of inputting the number (I immediately noticed this change because I had to keep R2 pressed for like 5 minutes in order to exchange almost 15K coins at the Liyue bank)

      There’s still work to do though, with things like the interface for giving away items is really confusing. I still find myself cancelling the whole operation over and over and over, even after having done this a lot of times.

  • I know it’s in the plans but please ask them to optimize the loadings at the MAXIMUM of the SSD power not just the bare minimum.

  • Add account linking so ps4 players are not missing out on free goodies/events.

  • We also need UI brightness slider to prevent burning our OLED tvs.

  • And Jason it would be nice if you could pass and answer a few of our comments, not all but some so we can see that you are at least reading them. ;)

  • Awesome update. Thanks for making such a great game.

  • i’m so said because is not available in my psn region

  • Love the game so far.

    One thing that would make my experience more enjoyable would be the ability to remap my key bindings. Please consider this for the next update. Thank you!


  • Cant wait to try it #ps5

  • I wanna get that gane

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