Online multiplayer comes to Sackboy: A Big Adventure later this year

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Online multiplayer comes to Sackboy: A Big Adventure later this year

Local co-op functionality will be live on launch day.

Hi there – with the release of Sackboy: A Big Adventure a little over a week away, I wanted to share some news regarding Online Multiplayer* functionality. 

We’ve made the difficult decision to delay the full online multiplayer functionality within Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The team have been working hard to ensure that online is the very best experience it can be for players and we just need a little more time to get it right so you can enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and family. 

Online multiplayer functionality will instead be coming via a patch by end of 2020. (Account for PSN and internet connection required.) This patch will also include: 

  • Cross-generation multiplayer where PS4 and PS5 users can play together 
  • Game save transfers from PS4 to PS5** 

On launch day you’ll still be able to enjoy Sackboy with your household in offline couch co-op party play. 2-4 player parties can play through the whole game including unmissable co-op only levels. 

We understand this will be disappointing for those of you hoping to take advantage of the online multiplayer functionality at launch and appreciate the patience. 

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to celebrating the launch of Sackboy: A Big Adventure with you all next week! 

*Online multiplayer requires internet and a PlayStation Plus subscription (sold separately; subscription fee recurs until canceled).
**Available for players with Sackboy: A Big Adventure on the PS4 console who choose to upgrade to the digital PS5 version of the game at no additional cost. To upgrade eligible PS4 disc copies, players need a PS5 console with a disc drive.

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  • While it’s unfortunate to not see it at launch, this game seems definitely more like a couch co-op type of game, that’s how I’ll be playing it and I imagine many others too. I’d say delaying the online MP specifically is better than delaying the game outright. Looking forward to playing whenever I can manage to find a PS5!

  • How’s a game going “gold” and not have all its functionality.

    This went “Cyberpunk” not Gold.

  • A shame, I’m interested in buying it for that function and to know if they will pop it, I don’t buy it and that’s it

  • This is so ridiculous. I’m sorry but come on… A week before release, really… So this game clearly wasn’t done. That’s suppose to be a key feature and it’s not even like a week. By the end of the year is a month and a half… Why did I even preorder this game at this point. Literally had all intentions to play with ppl online.

    • It’s not because it wasn’t done. There has to be a reason. Like come on it’s just a month and a half. You can play other games such as PS4 backwards and bugsnax ps plus, astros playroom and if you get the beta for worms rumble and other games. It’s also better than the whole game being delayed. Like would you rather wait 1 month or have the online functionality broken? It’s an obvious choice. Especially since you’re mostly gonna play with online.

    • Multiple game have had this happen before.

    • Stop acting like the game isn’t finished and you shouldn’t buy a couch co-op game when you know there is no multiplayer

  • Unfortunate but understandable, being a launch game for a new generation. First playthrough I go solo anyway… Guess I’ll have to wait to get those co op bubbles.

  • Seeing as it’s cross play, will the PS5 version be compatible with the DS4, or do I have to shell out for a second DualSense?

    • Thanks a lot for this question. I don’t want to buy a second Dualsense to play Sackboy in local Coop. But playing on my old ps4 don’t satisfy if the ps5 is available.

    • If you’re playing the PS4 version of the game, you can use Dualshock 4’s. If you’re plying the PS5 version of the game, you need DualSense.

    • So: playing Sackboy ps4 version on external disc connected to the ps5 in compatibility mode is possible using one Dualsense and additional DualShock controllers? Looks complicated…

    • It’s not compatible with them since it’s a game made for ps5 that’s on ps4 not a PS4 backwards compatible. It’s unfortunate I know.

  • Not a day one buy for me so I am cool. Plus it is still coming this year.

  • I’ll beat this game before this patch drops which is unfortunate.

  • I’ve played every single little big planet, and I’d like to say to have the multiplayer and no creative mode at all is complete bonkers to me. Little big planet 3 is completely broken I’m not sure if you’re aware of such a issue but the servers lag quite easily, the game crashes, and I have to constantly close my application 5 times in order for me to play with my friend for atleast 20 minutes till the game crashes.

    This is not a rant this is just a thoughtful statement. Multiplayer has been and should be a core component as well as the story.

    There are many people who want to build,create, and have fun with there friends including myself.

    Really please think about the decision you guys are making. I have been a die hard lbp fan since lbp1 alpha all the way till now but lbp3 is broken so I think it would be fair to add a creative mode, community system, pods, and a dive in feature. The game is to bring others together, and to build friendships.

    The game looks like fun but without the social interaction of the players and no ability to create the game seems like a car engine that’s shot. It won’t work properly.

    I’m just a concerned gamer who has been supporting the complete lbp series.

    The game you’re building doesn’t deserve to be just a platform but it deserves to be like a little big planet that is innovative with ever core function.


    Ps I have no hatred or anything I just want to be able to play lbp without going back to last gen (lbp2)

    • This is a Sackboy game, just like Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves, which was also premade and linear.

      It is not a LittleBigPlanet game. If you want to create, I suggest you get Dreams.

    • Additionally, you can just play LittleBigPlanet 3, which is a PS4 game, it’s been out for years.

    • It’s not gonna happen. This is a spin-off and it’s probably testing the waters and an lbp4 is probably gonna come in a couple of years. The online is gone for about a month and a half so it isn’t broken like lbp3. They made up for it by making a good platforming game.

    • Forget about it…LBP died when Mm decided to move on,hell Sony forced them to do LBP 2 already.Why do you think LBP 3 is trash?…because Mm didn’t had anything to do with it.This ain’t LBP it’s a Sackboy game like Run Sackboy Run.Creative mode has no place in it.

  • A little upset, but that’s okay since this will make me play with my fam more and perhaps I’ll just use shareplay to persuade my friends to get this game. Especially since some are not upgrading the PS5 until a year or so.

  • Well that’s officially delayed me purchasing two PS5s!

    Me and my partner were looking forward to playing this together online! ☹️

  • give us 1080p 120hz mode pls
    like the other ps5 shooter games.

    Ipad supports 120fps mode why not a next gen console ?

  • Pre-order cancelled

    £59.99 is bad enough, but when it’s not even for a complete game..

    And all this just days before release.

  • Guys, show some empathy! We’re still in the midst of a pandemic and developing games from home adds challenges. We should be happy the PS5 release got no delays and we have a good line up of first party games on day 1 as well. I’d say that a small miracle given the circumstances.

    Looking forward to playing the campaign of this charming looking game! online co-op will be ready when it’s ready.

  • I’m okay with the decision, I rather wait than constantly getting those annoying Error Screens. Fun fact I played the first LBP with my wife and this one will be Wife, Daughter and myself. Can’t wait! Happy launch 🚀 week everyone!

    • Great series for adults and kids, and although I prefer Media Molecule at the helm (LBP3 by Sumo Digital was my least favorite) I hope this series will be around for a long time.

  • Since you can earn the platinum offline, I’m good. :)

  • I’m pretty bummed there won’t be a creator mode. Yes, I CAN play dreams but it is not the same in any way (I’ve had it since the first round of testing, bought it early for the $30 donation for full access later).

    Also, while online being added late doesn’t bother me I will have this game beat within the first 3 days of playing it, aside from the 4 player puzzles, which means I won’t be getting this game until online is released.

    Was really looking forward to this game being my PS5 launch title buy…

  • I have a quick question.
    Will the ps5 version of Sackboy a Big Adventure allow the use of third party PS4 controllers when playing in co-op mode?
    I know that by default PS5 games wont support PS4 controllers but as this is a child friendly cross platform title I think it would be great if it did as the PS4 version will.
    I have a HORI mini gamepad which is much more suited to smaller hands and it would be great if it could be used by my niece.
    I am hoping to play this with her if I get to spend some time with her around or before Christmas.

  • Bring back all the skins from the previous games. Also want Parappa The Rapper skin and Marvel’s Spider-Man Peter/Miles for new skins. (I don’t think there was a Parappa skin but Sackboy turned into him in PS All-Stars.)

  • Y’all really don’t understand how the game industry works hu?…in this case Sony.This is a notorious case of Sony rushing the dev to release the game,if you wanna blame someone blame them not Sumo,this is clearly a situation where Sony said “we need Sackboy on the release of PS5 so have it ready with or without online”.

  • I am loving this game! One really major bummer though. Since there is no online multiplayer right now, my partner and I (in separate countries) have to play it as “online couch co-op” through the PS4’s Share Play feature. With Share Play my player 2 can only play as a “Visitor” in the game without a PSN profile. Share Play also forces a limit of 1 hour only. After the hour is done we have to connect again, then she joins my game as “Visitor” again and loses all her progress! All costumes and points and everything is gone. Is there any way that you can update the game so that “Visitor” players without a PSN account can at the very least access all the same costumes that the main player 1 has unlocked?

    I’ve tried to find Sumo Digital support but apparently there is none :( I’m hoping you (Ned Waterhouse) might see this and relay to the proper people in the development team who might be able to make this happen.

  • U going to add later on Online multiplayer .Are u going to add 2p or 4p only lvl sackboy adventure

  • If anything, this is actually not a bad idea. Ned and the Sumo Digital team is giving us, the players, enough time to experience the game for ourselves and get used to this new 3D atmosphere they’ve put Sackboy in, apart from his usual side-scrolling platformers. Once we understand the physics and mechanics of the game, we’ll be more than ready for when online multiplayer rolls out, thus making it more likely to work together with online players throughout levels. Super excited for when online multiplayer functionality is available :)

    ~ Faizter, long-time LittleBigPlanet fan (2009 onwards)

  • The box is currently blatantly falsely advertising online multiplayer. Also, MP a month after launch? Most people will be finished with the game by then, so why even bother.

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