Praey for the Gods comes to PS5 and PS4 early 2021

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Praey for the Gods comes to PS5 and PS4 early 2021

How No Matter Studios embraces PS5's features to optimize immersion.

Hi, I’m Brian Parnell Director at No Matter Studios. Today I’m excited to announce that Praey for the Gods will be available for PS4 and PS5 Q1 2021!

Praey for the Gods comes to PS5 and PS4 early 2021

No Matter Studios is a tiny studio of three developers and Praey for the Gods is a crowdfunded game that has been in development since 2016. Since that time Tim, Chien and I have been working around the clock to get the game ready for a v1.0 launch with new boss content on PS4.

As a small team of three Chien was already focused on PS4 and had implemented a number of optimizations over a series of months that got us running at a solid 30fps on PS4. It looks great on PS4 and runs well, but on PS5 the game is truly amazing. 60fps right out of the gates, at max graphical settings, full shadows, high res textures it is awesome. Load times are dramatically reduced — it runs like a dream on PS5.

Of course, our next thought was DualSense. We had played a couple demos from Sony showing how immersive it could be. Our minds were blown; DualSense is such a big deal. Feeling your bow draw back and the resistance match on the controller’s adaptive triggers is so visceral. Feeling your feet crunch through deep snow, the tug of your sail cloth popping open as you leap into the air, or feeling the wind blow — all of these impacts are felt in your hands as you control your character. It’s so satisfying and incredibly immersive. For a game like ours, it brings so many details of our world to life and makes interactions that much more compelling.  We’re still digging into the DualSense controller and will continue to tune it as we polish the game for our launch.

We want everyone to be able to play the PS5 version when they can so Praey for the Gods will have a free upgrade from the PS4 to PS5. This means you can buy it on PS4 and when you pick up a PS5 console the game will automatically upgrade when you play it on the PS5 version.

We’re in the last stages of development and focusing on making the PS5 version the best it can be. We can’t wait to have you all get to play the v1.0 version of Praey for the Gods when it ships early Q1 2021 on PS4 and PS5.

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  • A team of only three? Wow, looks great. I can’t wait to play on PS5!

    • The grappling hook and parachute though. Nice.

    • Yep! No Matter Studios is comprised of three people. Tim, Chien and me (Brian) are the main developers and handle just about everything inside and out on the game. However, we do get some help with animations from friends from time to time. We have a mo-cap suit now so we handle most player animations these days.
      My old college buddies Ian/Dan do music/sound. (Ian’s wife Joy and daughter Emma sing in the soundtrack and trailers) We also went back to our old college to record our choir for hymns that play in the game.

      Grapple hook on DualSense feels so so good;)

    • A boss-climbing adventure game. The trailer reminds me of Shadow of Colossus.

      That is a good thing. Impressive that it has such a small development team. Lot of talent in that small team to be achieving this.

    • Wow, how this isn’t some sort of copyright infringement is surprising. Some of the monsters look like straight copies of SotC along with gameplay.

      Could’ve at least made this PlayStation console exclusive considering u straight copied Sony’s IP. Hopefully it’s exclusive to PS5 on next gen.

      Probably too many games on PS5 early 2021 to care, but we’ll see how reviews are. I’m not enthused about a forever unfinished game either. SotC shipped as a full, pristine, product. I’m tired of single player service games. It’s an excuse for an unfinished product. I’m not going to play the game for seven years..

      Shame. I realize now, this is fully multiplat bc Xbox doesn’t differentiate SX and XB1 releases. Shame. Steal from Sony and spread it to the masses. I’ll stick to SotC.

  • I’ve been following this game for some time now and can’t wait to play it. The DualSense features sound fun.

  • I’m so hyped for this game. This message from the devs made me fall in love with the game even more :)

    • Thank you! Yea this is definitely a labor of love for us. Sony has been incredible to work with, and we can thank them enough for letting us be a part of the PS5 launch. It’s really an amazing console.

  • I’ve been waiting for this game for what seems forever. I was starting to thing that it was vapourware, but I’m very happy to see that not only does the game live, but we get to play it soon. I cannot wait to play it. Thanks for the update.

  • First time I’ve heard of the game, if I’m being honest, but this is on my radar now, 3 developers made a game that looks as if it could put some recently released game look like N64 titles.

    • Wow! So happy you found us! We’ve been working on this since 2015 part time then we Kickstarted in 2016 so we could work full time and went in Early Access in 2019 to flesh out more content/polish (ie; missed stretch goals) while we worked on console versions for a v1.0 launch.
      If you are into dev blog type stuff, you can subscribe to our newsletter on our website or follow us on social media as we post updates there too;)
      Thanks again

    • Well they stole much of the art and design from Shadow of the Colossus so they had a leg up.

      Congrats on copying Sony’s IP and making it fully multiplat form. Good job……….

  • My first kickstarter ever, happy to see it’s finally coming out and I’ll get that free upgrade to PS5! congrats on the game it looks great and I can’t wait to play!

    P.s. Happy Halloween! 🎃

    • So pumped that we were your first Kickstarter. Thank you so so so much for backing us. Literally, every pledge matters to us. BTW we should have a new KS update soon
      (I just posted one for this announcement but expect another one soon too!)
      Thanks again!

  • Looks like Shadow of the Colossus (an all time favorite of mine) with more traversal options. Color me interested.

    • Yup! We when we put out our first pitch trailer back in 2015 we got an email from one of the original developers on the SotC. They liked the video and asked us to bring it to PS4…seriously jaw dropped when we got that email.

  • Been a long time since I backed this on KS and it’s so great to see the final pieces of the puzzle falling into place. My son is even now at an age that he will really appreciate this more. Nice work on taking your time and getting it done right 👍🏻

    • Thank you SO much for backing us on Kickstarter. Your support made this happen! We can’t thank you enough. We have more stuff to share with our backers soon;)

  • Claim your vr adapter people search psvr adapter and the playstation support page will show you then input the serial number of the vr and your address and they send you it

    I posted a message with the link but for some reason it doesn’t show

  • Excited to see a new Colossi Genre game. This looks amazing, may even surpass sony’s effort with its remake from Bluepoint. The Hookshot and Glider are nice touches. I’d preorder right now if I could.

    • Sony and BluePoint did an absolutely stunning job with their remake of SotC. As a team of three, we definitely look at that remake as a quality bar to strive for.

  • This game looks great, I’m definitely planning on picking this up.

  • Game looks great. I’m gonna put this on my xmas list for sure.

  • Cool news! I’ve been keeping my eyes on this since 2016. I am someone who these days prefers to wait for the “full” version before getting a game, but I can understand wanting to get a game out in as much as a playable state as possible. But considering it’s a team of mostly 3 this game just looks incredible, especially for PS5!

  • Praey for the Gods of the PS5?! YES!!!
    I never expected that remarkable milestone. You got me into KS and your project was my first to back.
    In my opinion, the fruits of it will be the juiciest and the tastiest after a very long wait :-)
    Hope to see a physical copy in the future…

  • YES YES YES!!! I been patiently waiting for a long time for the PS4 version. Watching as this small team develop this awesome SoTC inspired game. To finally see that a v1.0 release is near and that it’ll be available on PS5 too is awesome news. I have my PS5 preordered and this has made my day.

  • Nice, I missed this somehow. Now I know …will be on the look out for this.

  • Looks fun . I’ll check it out on PS5

  • That’s cool and all, but where’s “Lost Soul Aside”?

    • You should be asking that games developer maybe? Last ive heard, (which has been over a year) Bing Yang, has incorporated a few more developers to help out with his IP. Game looked promising, but with no updates, one begins to question whether its still a thing, or not…

  • This game looks very promising I’m looking forward to it. The only thing is that the gravel, rocks, and dirt don’t look next gen. It’s to straight edge, blocky not natural looking.

  • Wow what trailer looks a lot like shadow of the Colossus

  • Kaip laukiu akimirkos, kai galiu zaisti per PS5!

  • This looks like a real passion project, I can see how much attention and care has clearly gone into this game. I’ll be sure to try it out when it drops :)

  • Looks like shadow of the Colossus. Even with some of the same beasts.. looks cool tho

  • This looks very similar to shadow of the collossus which is 1 of my favorite games so this is a must have for me.

  • This looks very similar to shadow of the colossus which is 1 of my favrite games so this is a must have for me.

  • You can tell its highly inspired by Sotc.

    For a three man team though, it’s very impressive.

  • I would love to see and play Shadow Of The Colossus Director’s Cut what Fumito Ueda San originally invisioned for the game.

    Originally Shadow Of The Colossus was ment to have 48 Colossi in the game, but was cut down to 16 for technological restraints.

    The world was also ment to have different kind of animals within the game.

    Hopefully we may get to see this Cut of the game in PS5 later years or maybe PS6?

  • I wonder how The Last Guardian runs and looks like on PS5?

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