Stand against the end of the world in Tribes of Midgard

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Stand against the end of the world in Tribes of Midgard

Gather your tribe and face mythical foes in this survival action-RPG launching on PS5 next year.

Gather your tribe and stand against Ragnarök in Tribes of Midgard! Coming to PS5 in 2021, this co-op survival action-RPG pits you against the end of the world. Prove yourself as a lone Viking or form a tribe of up to 10 players. The odds are against you, but Valhalla can wait!

Stand against the end of the world in Tribes of Midgard

Explore the beautiful wilds, encounter mythical beasts, and face mighty Jötunn (Giants) to gain the strength you need to protect the Seed of Yggdrasil. Hunt animals, harvest resources, and fight all manner of enemies to gather what you need to craft weapons, armor, potions, and your village’s defenses. 

Plan ahead, because when night falls, Helthings emerge and attack the Seed. And with each passing day, they’ll grow stronger as Ragnarök — the end of the world — approaches. 

Discover new environments as you explore, each with their own resources, enemies, and challenges. Cross winding rivers and deep seas by constructing bridges and ramps as you search for new lands and more powerful resources. Each map is procedurally generated, so you’ll always find new and exciting things to uncover.

The fast-paced, action-packed combat is key to Tribes of Midgard. You’ll battle trolls, dark elves, wolves, and more as you explore the beautiful and dangerous wilds. You’ll even encounter sudden events across the world, such as storming a camp to rescue a prisoner from a cursed elf witch or battling mythological beasts for unexpected rewards. 

And as your enemies fall before you, they drop souls which you feed to the Seed of Yggdrasil to keep it alive.

With each action you take, your Viking gains experience, turning you from naked villager into a true force of nature. Choose from one of four classes, each with its own special perks, and equip armour and weapons that fit your playstyle — from hunting bows, to hammers that deal devastating blows, or spell-slinging swords.

But of all the challenges you face, none will compare to the Giants. Drawn from their slumber by the approaching doom, these colossal bosses seek to destroy the Seed. To defeat them, you’ll have to play smart and put all your preparation and skills to the test.

Each Giant presents a unique challenge. Whether it’s a fiery sword slamming down with otherworldly fury, a snowball hurtling towards you with the might of a blizzard, or an encounter with a shape-shifting thunderstorm, you must be ready to fight. With the right gear, teamwork, and a little luck, you just might defeat them and receive powerful rare loot.

And if the Seed falls and the world goes to ruin, just start over and try again!

No matter how you play, your tribe has a home for you. So stand together explorers, builders, Giant slayers, and defenders of the Seed — Ragnarök awaits!

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