Bugsnax free at launch on PS5 for PS Plus members

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Bugsnax free at launch on PS5 for PS Plus members

Plus, some news about the Trophies!

Surprise! We here at Young Horses are very stoked to announce that Bugsnax, our colorful game with half-bug half-snack creatures (and that catchy earworm of a theme song), will be available at launch on PlayStation 5 to PlayStation Plus subscribers at no extra cost until January 4, 2021!*

Bugsnax free at launch on PS5 for PS Plus members

Starting today, you’ll also be able to preorder Bugsnax on disc for PS4 and PS5. Both versions are available for preorder at Fangamer right now and coming to other retailers worldwide very soon.

We’ve been building this charming, weird game for the past six years, with the majority of that time spent working in complete silence. So it’s pretty surreal that not only will our game finally be out in the world in just a few weeks, but also that thousands of players will be able to enjoy it on day one of owning their new PS5. It’s been a pretty wild ride. 

With the big news out of the way, we wanted to share a bit more about the design of Bugsnax to help prepare you for your time on Snaktooth Island. But maybe this is the first you’ve heard of these mythical bugs that are also snacks? 

Bugsnax is a first-person, narrative-driven adventure that has you setting off to the mysterious Snaktooth Island in search of the truth behind the tasty creatures known as Bugsnax. As a journalist hungry for that next big scoop, you accept the invitation to the island from the intrepid explorer Elizabert Megafig, who has now gone missing! But you’re not alone. Fuzzy and eccentric pioneers known as Grumpuses have also followed Elizabert in search of Bugsnax, and have created the cozy settlement of Snaxburg. Capture and discover Bugsnax, make new friends, find Elizabert, and maybe you’ll get that big breakthrough story you’ve been after.

So, what does it mean to be a Bugsnax hunter? In order to capture all of the delicious Bugsnax of Snaktooth Island, you’ll have to learn all the tricks of the trade. Scan Bugsnax with you Snaxscope for clues about how to capture them, and record these observations in your Bugapedia. Drop your Snak Trap in the path of unsuspecting Strabbies to scoop them up. Can’t reach a flying Bugsnak like the Cheepoof? Use your Lunchpad to fling your Snak Trap into the air! But what if you’re dealing with a Flamin’ Cheepoof? That spicy boy will set your Snak Trap ablaze! But if you can find a way to bring the Flamin’ Cheepoof together with a frosty Bopsicle, that Cheepoof will be yours for the snacking! 

All of the Bugsnax you discover interact with the player’s traps and with each other to create satisfying strategies and delicious surprises. The Grumpuses of Snaktooth Island all have their own unique cravings for Bugsnax. It’s your job to catch and feed them those Bugsnax, but how you hunt those snax is up to you!

We also wanted to provide some insight for the Trophy hunters out there: Bugsnax will have standalone Trophy lists for both PS5 and PS4, which means… you get double the fun, and double the Trophies! We’re also looking into supporting save transfers from your PS4 to your PS5, which would be added in a future update.

Our tight-knit team has put a lot of love and elbow grease into getting Bugsnax to the finish line. We want to sincerely thank our pals at PlayStation for helping us bring Bugsnax to PS5 and working with us to share it with so many players come November 12.

*PS5 console only. Benefit not applicable for Bugsnax on PS4. Bugsnax on PS5 is available to play in U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea on 11/12, and available to play everywhere else on 11/19.

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  • I’m both delighted (about getting to have the opportunity to see what on earth this game is about) and distraught (about never being able to get that song out of my head) at this news. Great move from Sony and the Devs here!
    Also, I really can’t help but read this entire article with the Steve-Irwen-esque-Australian-ish-voice-over voice!

  • Amazing news thank you, providing my PS5 turns up :)

  • This is awesome! I was gonna buy this game for my wife and since it was only like $30. But now its free for plus members! My PS5 can’t come quick enough. Thanks playstation you guys are killing it! Next gen is gonna be the best time to be a gamer!

  • Catchy song, and interesting premise. But are the PS3 graphics on purpose? I’m assuming it’s just an indie dev making it and not a big studio.

  • Since I’m a plus member but couldn’t secure a ps5 I can still add this to my collection right? So when I do get a ps5 I can download it and play?

  • @Naquadah
    Young Horses is the same developer that released Octodad.

    • Eep, they made Octodad… well Swear, that’s one of my favorite games of the ps4 gen… I played it way too many times.

  • Perfect! I was hoping this would happen, there were whispers, but I didn’t really believe it. Boom!

  • Sounds like we would have to buy this again on PS5 after 1/4/21 if we buy it on PS4 first?

  • The PS5 library is going to be pretty good from day 1!

  • Great to see that Plus is offering free PS5 content on day 1.

    To be honest, I was going to wait for reviews on this one. As you said, it’s a weird game, and I wasn’t sure about it – but given this news, I’ll definitely be downloading it shortly after my unboxing. Looking forward to giving it a try.

  • Noice. Wouldn’t have bought this or All stars but am willing to go outside of my comfort zone and give them a try on the new PS5. I really hope to get more value out of PS+ other than online. Keep the PS5 games coming!

  • This is a genius move on Sony’s part. Ever since the trailer came out, it has gained meme level hype. I was never planning on playing this game. That being said, now that it’s free I might as well check out this game 🤣 Well played Sir, well played.

  • Yes! Awesome news!

  • Food is good

  • I love this news and can’t wait to jump into Bugsnax!!! (Ps5)

  • Going to playing a indie game something i never thought about, but its something new, and really weird…

  • Did they at least mention the PS5 improvements of Bugsnax over PS4? Does it include Ray Tracing?

  • put the store page up no cap

  • I’m interested & hype for this game. For some reason I believe it’s secretly a horror game – & will have some dark, scary twist to it in the story.

  • I cant wait to get my PS5

  • Claim your vr adapter people search psvr adapter and the playstation support page will show you then input the serial number of the vr and your address and they send you it

    I posted a message with the link but for some reason it doesn’t show

  • I don’t have a PS4, but I’m getting a PS5. If I get a ps plus subscription now, am I going to be able to use it on my ps5?

  • Big Question. I can’t access Ps5 hardware on 19 Nov. Can I add Bugsnax to My Ps plus Library from the Ps store?
    Same Question about Ps plus Collection.

  • Does anybody know when is the second wave to pre-order the ps5 coming out??

  • All the people around the world,they believe that Bugsnax will be not available for PS4.It is exist?

    Please Sony,can you answer?

  • The song is a bop!! I didn’t get the chance to secure a PS5 myself, but to those had did, enjoy this game!! It looks cute and fun (usually I’d play a survival horror game, but this doesn’t look half bad, lol)!!

  • On store.playstation.com it says that if you don’t own a PS5 yet you can add bugsnax to your game library and download it when you get one. But there’s no option to add the game to your library. How do I do this? I can’t afford a PS5 at launch, let alone don’t think there will be one available in my area so I’ll have to wait till this month is over. But I want to play Bugsnax when I do get a PS5. What gives?

  • At this Sony web page – https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/ps-plus/this-month-on-ps-plus/ – it says “Don’t own a PS5 yet? Add Bugsnax to your game library and it’ll be saved for as long as you’re a PS Plus member.” and this blog post says the offer is on until 4th Jan.

    The chances are I won’t be able to get hold of a PS5 before that date, searching for “bugsnax” or “bug snax” on the PS store via a browser does not find the game so how exactly am I supposed to add it to my game library? And yes I am a PS Plus subscriber?

  • GOTY. Everyone is talking about BUGSNAX!

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