October free update and new paid DLC arrive in Predator: Hunting Grounds

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October free update and new paid DLC arrive in Predator: Hunting Grounds

A new class of Predator, a new weapon, and over twenty new updates come to the asymmetrical multiplayer

Sæl! (Norse Hello and happiness.) After our last massive update, not only bringing Predator: Hunting Grounds a new map but a whole new form of gameplay with Clash… we asked ourselves, why stop there? For this October’s paid DLC and free updates – we are throwing it back to Norse lore. That’s right. You’re getting a new class of Predator, a new weapon, and over twenty new updates to the game as a whole based on your player feedback, to make your time in the jungle as thrilling and competitive as possible.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

The newest Predator class, the Viking, is the Paid DLC for October. The Viking Predator can be traced back to when the Viking raiders consumed lands far from their own borders, and by doing so managed to draw attention they never imagined. The death and destruction throughout the world would bring a gift from the sky to challenge the most powerful and honorable warriors in battle. As the legends of this Yautja spread, Norsemen saw an opportunity to gain an honorable death by way of this wanderer, so they continued to pursue glory. Over centuries, the strongest, bravest warriors would journey out raiding to lure this great force into ritual combat with hopes of feasting in the halls of Valhalla.

The perks of our newest Nordic extraterrestrial hunter is found in his strength. The Viking is insanely strong, even more so than the Berserker but be forewarned; he is slower. As the Viking, you will be a ferocious adversary that won’t rely on additional gear, but more on your abilities as a player… and the use of your new trusty Battle Axe. As part of the Paid DLC you get early access to the Battle Axe*. 

Predator: Hunting Grounds

You can’t be a true Viking without a proper Battle Axe, and boy did our creative team deliver. Wielded by the Viking Predator of the north, this powerful two-handed battle axe was forged for devastating close range attacks against ferocious Norsemen. The secondary attack provides a heavy overhead swing with increased damage to any prey it finds. Few would ever look upon this blade without it cleaving their skull. This axe is Predator’s interpretation of classic Nordic weaponry mixed with Yautja ancestry.

Not only is the weapon devastatingly brutal, but its two major power moves provide versatility the gamer needs during a fight. To hit fast but deal a moderate amount of damage, use the two-hit combo, but if you have time to set up your strike go for the over-the-head smash, leaving nothing but desolation in your wake. Players will not only find the axe animation to be fluid and second nature, but the weapon has some real weight to it, giving off that genuine melee feel.  Fun fact – our fierce team has been hard at work for about twelve weeks to bring you this new class of Predator and its weapon companion.  

We have also been hard at work, making updates to gameplay. We want to highlight a few changes and additions that are coming in the Free Update for October. First, players will see a new quickplay menu when selecting to play Hunt or Clash. Look closely; if you are in the pursuit of XP, you can now choose a lower population queue that will offer you a +20% bump in XP earned during that match. 

This update will also encourage players to create more class diversity within their Fireteam at the start of a match. Each class: Assault, Support, Scout, Recon, will have a total of 16 new bonus perk possibilities to select from, in addition to your current loadout. That’s right; this perk is on us. Ideally, stacking your Fireteam with each class will provide four new perks for all to enjoy, in addition to your current loadout abilities. A sample of bonus perks range from:

  • Assault – Deadly – 15% increase to assault rifles
  • Support – Field Medic – 30% increased revive speed, and revived soldiers always revive with 80% HP.
  • Scout – Liberator – Heal 50HP and gain a 20% damage boost after disabling a camp alarm for seven seconds
  • Recon – Sniper – 15% damage increase to spotted targets

In addition to these items, we balanced the game’s weapons. For example – grenades are 400 times more potent in Clash, while the shotgun and the grenade launcher have also seen a significant damage increase. We are thrilled players are having fun with Clash. One new addition can be found when you’re selected to play the Predator. Clash will automatically prompt your loadout selection to encourage the player to try out different perks to help influence and enhance your team’s chance at winning. For a full list of updates and new perks be sure to check out the patch notes on October 27 in the forums. 

Predator: Hunting Grounds

We cannot wait to see the Viking Predator roaming the jungle. And take a look at the updated roadmap. We have some exciting stuff planned for the holiday update, and more into the new year!

Internet connection and PlayStation®Plus membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer.

*Battle Axe unlockable to all via gameplay by December 2020.

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