Perfecting the feel of Godfall on PS5

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Perfecting the feel of Godfall on PS5

How Counterplay Games utilized the ultra-high speed SSD and DualSense controller to make combat feel just right.

Everyone at Counterplay Games is pumped to be launching on PlayStation 5. The process has been a thrilling ride as we’ve had the new tech presented and demonstrated to us pretty much every step of the way. We made the decision early on that we would leverage PS5’s capabilities as much as possible to help showcase the magic behind the hardware. We wanted to be pioneers. The result is a unique melee combat system that will engage players in new and exciting ways. 

With the next-gen console comes next-gen features. Here are a couple we want to touch on today that are prominently showcased in Godfall: Haptics and SSD.

At a high level, the DualSense controller really lends itself to a more engaging gaming experience. I personally can’t wait to see how other developers are leveraging the haptics to enhance their game’s core experience. I have had a lot of fun imaging all the use cases in platformers and shooters. But that’s a discussion for another time!

Not only have we been tuning the haptic feedback on a per weapon class basis – we’ve dug into the individual attacks and tuned them to get the feel just right. We really wanted to challenge ourselves to push the limits of this system, aiming to have the players feel each and every swing. We all know the rhythm of combat in action melee games can make or break the experience. Prior to working with the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback, you could see the rhythm of Godfall’s melee combat. But thanks to SIE, you’re now able to feel it as well.

Since players can have up to two weapons in their loadout at any time, there is a thrill in switching from one weapon class to another and feeling the difference in the palm of your hands. The Dual Blades might feel quick and nimble, whereas the Warhammer will feel powerful and weighty. This feature alone makes playing Godfall on PS5 feel like a whole new experience. 

There is nothing worse than falling in battle and having to wait to get back into the action. Players are all too familiar with disruptive load screens as their character’s state resets after defeat.

Players will be able to quickly resume honing their combat prowess thanks to the power of the PS5’s SSD. Lightning fast means never missing a beat. If you fall in combat, get right back up with near instant loading times. We built Godfall to challenge players, and you likely won’t conquer every encounter on your first attempt. We want to ensure that death never feels like a punishment to players but instead becomes an opportunity to learn and grow as a Valorian Knight.

It is also important to us that players are able to quickly load into the various elemental realms as they ascend the Skybreaker Monolith. PlayStation 5 ensures the player is never stuck waiting around their Sanctum (homebase). Once a destination is selected from the Holomap, players will be quickly sent to their mission.

Our entire environment department did a stellar job bringing the beautiful world of Godfall to life. As developers, it is a massive win for us to be able to push the limits of our environments without having to concede to absurd loading times. With the PS5 hardware, we were really able to have our cake and eat it too. Godfall’s environments are all one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Once you are at your Holomap, you are merely seconds away from experiencing each and every one of them!

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  • …and what about those of us who hate vibration and always disable it? The store listing literally says it’s required. This is BS and will cost sales. I’m not buying until I know it can be disabled.

    • You won’t buy a game you are interested in because it MIGHT not have the ability to turn off vibrations? wow. ok.

    • There are probably five people like you, all in all.

    • There is a massive difference in rumble and haptics, and until you’ve felt it for yourself, stop whining about an experience you’ve never had.

    • First, there’s no pre-order bonuses listed, so I don’t see a reason to do so. The game will be on Xbox in a year and will probably start out barebones anyway.

    • Agreed, all that gimmicky stuff that tries to immerse you from outside of the game should be entirely optional and able to be put off. I expect to see these options both via the console and the games, like rumble has been handled. If it’s mandatory, it would ruin PS5 for me. I will give it a try and seems like fun for a first play through, but not permanently.

    • I’m with you on hating controller vibration. I find it utterly pointless unless it’s used like in Ghost of Tsushima to find artifacts. Having it rumble in your hands if you get smacked by someone or swing a huge weapon has never helped to immerse me in a game.

    • You hate vibration enough to miss a game you might like?? I’m not going to lie, that’s one of the strangest reasons I have heard to not buy a game… Also, does it really say haptic feedback is required??

    • It literally says “vibration required.” Demon Souls is listed that way too. It’s ridiculous.

    • ok sweetie. you and the whole two people go on now.

    • Although I don’t share DGenerate’s scathing dislike for this, he makes a good point. A lot of competitive gamers turn rumble right off.

    • I’m mostly worried about the resistance in the triggers, as I don’t like triggers to begin with. Definite no-no for competitive.

    • Both trigger resistance and haptic feedback are optional and can be turned off! Thank God. Saw confirmation when someone posted a part of the manual. They even suggest it when you have injuries etc.

  • I really hope games – especially third-party multi-platform games – don’t skimp on the new features of the PS5 controller. Hearing the “other” guy’s big innovation is the shape of their d-pad and the share button copied from the Dualshock 4, the controller features really have a chance to distinguish PS5 games from everything else.

    I wish there was a better way to show what this is going to be like in a video…but I guess that’s the point, isn’t it? It’s more than what you see on the screen. Looking forward to it.

    • Lame vibration features that a lot of gamers have always hated are NOT innovation and better not be required. The way this game’s store listing states it sounds like they plan to ram it down our throats on PS5 rather than letting us turn it off.

    • The Xbox has had haptics for years. It’s only new to Playstation.

    • @mentallyirregula You should first try to understand what haptics actually are before knocking it. What they are not, is a basic single oscillating weight that’s causing your whole controller to vibrate. Haptics can be quite convincing in emulating physical movement with much more nuanced feedback. Press the haptic home button on any iPhone 7 or later and you’ll see what I mean.

    • 1. less then a percent turn it off all together

      2. No xbox has not.

      3.Is this the new mommy please pay attention to my post? like the i’m buying a 3k pc ones?

    • @drgmoney2432
      moron.. do you even know a diff between Rumble motors(Xbox and PS4 controllers) and Voice Coil Actuator (PS5 controllers)?

  • This is my most hyped launch game of Ps5. I really like the combat, the loot and pretty much everything you have shown about the game. I am so ready for this to be the first Ps5 game I play.

  • I preordered this game, but god these lightning effects are way too intense, I’m afraid !! We can’t even see the enemy anymore ! This is going to be a problem if we can’t anticipate any counter-attack from this enemy, especially in the hardest difficulties…

  • Totally GOTY material right here!! it’s gonna lead the future of PS5 gaming for years to come fellas, hop on this bandwagon and enjoy the glorious ride!!!

  • Getting it day 1 with Cold war and Dark Soul’s

  • Not a launch game for me but I might pick it up on sale. I’m going with Sackboy and Miles. Is Ratchet & Clank a launch title BTW? Really want that too.

  • Can someone from Sony or Developer/Publisher just give us a straight answer? Will this game support cross play with PC? If it doesn’t then the player base will be non existent after a year.

  • I don’t buy games with DRM or internet only to play them, sorry but you guys still must comment on why you need internet to launch the game.

    • Completely agree! I’m not buying any game that locks single-player content behind a DRM server. When that server is taken down, you’re left with no access to the single-player campaign.

    • Well, probably because it’s a looter and they are going to keep the endgame alive so they have to add new loot/events/content over time ( maybe in a 2 weeks-basis that seems to be the new standard for this). So internet connection is obviously a must.
      Think of Genshin Impact playing alone, you still need internet for progress, loot, events…

  • So far all the combat I’ve seen has been iffy at best, I’m more worried about that then haptics that we will nearly all turn off.

  • 68 Metacritic

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  • Was getting this as my launch game on ps5 until I was not able to pre order a ps5. Hoping this game will be fun down the road.

  • Has anyone thought of a new Jason Bourne game for the ps5 that would be pretty interesting.

  • Why one of the Gifs seems to be at 30fps and the other at 60fps? Should be worried about that?

  • Why is the price of this game in Canada even higher than other new releases?

  • Reloading after a death looks so fast!

    Still cautiously optimistic about this game, going to have to wait to read some reviews and watch some gameplay before I buy.

  • All I wanna know is when are they shipping my PS5

  • I planned to buy Destruction Allstars, but because it’s rejected and I’ll get it for free I think I’ll buy Godfall

  • My Birthday is PS5 drop day, and, Sony, you have the best and only gift I want this year.

  • The game is great idk why it’s being hated on. There is a lot to this game and if u judge it off the first bit your not even seeing the best of what it offers. And the controller haptic feedback and triggers is like nothing you have felt before. May only complaint is they really need to fix all the performance issues it is having. Cause this latest patch did nothing to fix it for myself and what looks like plenty of others. And it only happens on godfall. Other then that it’s well worth playing if you love these type of games.

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