7 essential gameplay tips for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, out today

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7 essential gameplay tips for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, out today

A beginner’s guide to the multiplayer’s Survival Missions

Welcome warriors. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, Sucker Punch’s new cooperative multiplayer mode for its superlative samurai epic launches today as part of the game’s Version 1.1 update. Standing separate from the single player story, this online-only* experience sees you play one of four legendary warriors. Build your legend and unlock new class-specific abilities, gear, and armour designs as you fight alongside friends in unique missions inspired by Japanese mythology.

7 essential gameplay tips for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, out today

The mode is headlined at launch by two distinct gameplay types: two-player Story Missions and four-player Survival Missions. We’ll let you uncover the gameplay intricacies of the former for yourself. The secrets of the latter are equally thrilling to discover while on the battlefields of Tsushima; this primer is built to guide you on the basics and allow you to focus on developing your legend.

Each Survival Mission is a fight to defend multiple locations on a map for multiple rounds, repelling increasing numbers of ever-strengthening enemy hordes who charge in from set areas on the outskirts of each map. If they hold a contested point long enough, it’s lost until you complete the next boss wave. Lose all points and your mission is over. 

To ready you for your first forays into battle, here are seven tips: 

1. Make best use of your chosen class

Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Once you pick your starting class, you’ll need to increase your class rank to unlock each of the other three. Teams can combine any mix of classes and all can use stealth, melee, and ranged attacks and equip gear. But you should lean into the class attributes: a diverse team can tackle any challenge. The Samurai is your frontline fighter and can draw the attention of a horde, while the bow-wielding Hunter works best with a height advantage, avoiding shield blocks to land headshots from above. The Ronin’s Ultimate ability resurrects all downed party members (every class can revive a fallen ally given time, but doing so exposes you to an attack). The Assassin’s ability to turn invisible gives you an efficient way to inflict heavy damage on the more troublesome foes.  

2. Coordinate class specials for crowd control

Ghost of Tsushima Legends

The enemy horde is many, you are but four. Yet each of the four classes has a unique Ultimate ability. Gradually fill your Resolve meter by attacking foes. Once it’s full, trigger your Ultimate by pressing L1 + R1.

Ronin’s resurrection ability aside, these Ultimates are built to topple multiple enemies in a few heartbeats. The Hunter will launch multiple arrows in one pull of the bow, damaging any foe in a wide arc in front of them. Plan the strike when hordes are spreading out of their spawn areas or activate from above when enemies are packed tightly inside a defense point.

Samurai will bounce between multiple nearby enemies, their choice of targets guided by a flick of the left stick, while the Assassin can teleport across the field of battle and land critical strikes. Combined they can quickly thin out horde numbers.

It’s worth noting you can’t be killed for the duration of your Ultimate’s animation.  

3. Scan the skies 

Even when you learn where a map’s spawn points are, their order is randomised. Fireworks will erupt above where the next horde is coming. So divide up the sky between you during lulls in battle. When you see fireworks, use the game’s Ping system – press R3 while aiming to activate a marker on the map for your team to see  – to guide your team to where they’re needed.  

4. Stay mobile and learn the quickest routes

Numerous structures, walls, even cliffs stand between you and each defence point. But parkour skills and a grappling hook are your tools to flow over roofs, swing across courtyards and spider your way up near-vertical slopes. Learn the quickest way between each defence point. Not only does every second count as rounds increase in intensity but you’ll also feel every inch the fleet-footed warrior as you dart across maps. 

And don’t have any fear of falling. In Legends, there is no fall damage, so don’t be afraid to leap off cliffs (you will need a moment to get back on your feet though).

5. Fight for every defence point

Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Every defence point lost will reduce your team’s shared health bar, drastically reducing your chances of survival. So never consider an area lost until the match’s UI tells you so. You still have a chance to recover them: every fifth round is a Boss Wave, winning which will restore control of all defense areas.

Later rounds will send in hordes thick and fast, so you’ll need to split up to repel them. Don’t try to solo unless things are desperate – two pairs are best.  

6. Choose and use your Gifts wisely

Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Most rounds offer bonus objectives. They’re worth doing, as they’ll add extra coffers to your Magatama total, which increases as you down enemies and survive each round. What can you spend this currency on? Every map contains a shrine with purchasable – weaponised – Gifts, such as being able to ignite nearby enemies or summon a spirit animal to fight alongside you. Once a shrine is activated, each Gift can only be purchased by a single player, and has a cooldown period before being buyable again. In later rounds when horde numbers increase and powerful Oni appear, Gifts can mean the difference between holding a point or losing it. So don’t squander them.

7. Unlock new techniques 

Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Whatever gameplay type you play in Legends, all will add to your XP which in turn will increase your class’s Rank, and unlock new techniques and cosmetic items. Once you finish a match, make sure to dip back into your character’s profile on the main menu screen to equip better gear and unlock (and deck yourself out in) some new outfits.

You can find out more about Ghost of Tsushima: Legends here. Now get onto the battlefield and practice your teamwork!

*A copy of Ghost of Tsushima and PS Plus membership is required to play Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

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  • Downloading the update now, Can’t wait to get into the action!!!

  • Usually not interested in these updates but I’ll give this a go and reinstall the game soon (already missing that sweet combat and co op looks like a great fit). None of this is timed, though, right? I want to get back into it on my own pace.

  • I been waiting forever for this to come out im hyped and stuff like that can’t wait to get it

  • Ready to do some work with my ghost doggos today!

  • Been really looking forward to this! Will be a great hold-me-over until I can ever get my hands on a PS5!

  • Is this multiplayer any good?! Working now can’t wait to play it

  • Looking forward to this!
    Please consider adding an Invasion mode or a mode were two players are tasked to assassinate the target and the other two are tasked to protect or rescue.
    I’ll pay you money! You like money right?😉

  • I din’t like MP games. One of the main reasons I brought Ghost of Tsushima was that it was SP and I could play it in my own time.
    Disappointed Sucker Punch decided to add an MP mode.

    • Mate the MP element of the game isn’t mandatory.

    • I’m not sure how the existence of a new mode will affect your enjoyment or pain of your play through. Its like complaining about NG+ when you know want to play the game once – it doesn’t change anything.

    • OP is being irrational, but maybe he thinks that the creators are spinning off development time and resources that could have been spent on the single player campaign, the content he cares about.

      I would note that most of these types of multiplayer modes are made by totally different teams within a company. It’s not like the 10 designers who made this multiplayer mode could have been doing more work on the physics engine or combat mechanics of the single player instead. If there was no multiplayer mode those 10 designers just wouldn’t even exist. At least I know that is the case with Naughty Dogs multiplayer team.

    • Pad – May not be mandatory, but I like to keep 100%’s on my trophy list. I brought Marvel’s Avengers knowing I wouldn’t likely to do that as I don’t like relying on other morons online for trophies.

      Not every game needs an MP and ghost of Tsushima is one of those games.

      The other two comments are patheticly trying to jus wind me up, so not dignifying them with their own responses.

    • What? Lol. I mean, I get not liking multiplayer, but how does it “disappoint” you that they’re adding it? If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Doesn’t mean you have to actively protest the addition of a MP mode. It’s not taking anything away from or changing the SP experience lol.

    • another irrational troll just ignore them.

    • It still sets a bad precedent for the games industry. Now some people will be asking for MP modes to be patched into every single-player only game after release. I thought gaming was past the “everything must have multiplayer” phase it went though 10 years ago. It seems not.

  • Keep encountering a weird bug in co-op that locks your controls when picking up arrows at shrines. Only way out is to quit or the other player travels through the gates.

  • I’m not sure how the existence of a new mode will affect your enjoyment of your play through. Its like complaining about NG+ when you know want to play the game once – it doesn’t change anything.

  • useful advice for me use explosive barrels and put them in the zen and then detonate them from a distance and only then will it really save you a lot of life in horde mode

  • Tip 7 …. Jamin’ with friends ….
    During a break in the waves, strike up a tune with your teammates .
    Not everyone is in tune, but all are in tempo.

  • I don’t know why I’m surprised, given that GoT is for sure one of the best games of 2020, but I’m surprised at how much I actually enjoy this. Great job, SP!

  • Great update! I just need to understand the currency, and the Mod system

  • Beware: once you pick a class, you’re locked into it until you level that class up. There was no explanation of this before I selected – in a world of handholding games, a little notice of this would have been nice. Also, the training has unskippable cut scenes and you must go through all 4 classes at once. I had something to do mid way and figured it would saved my progress – it did not. Just a heads up for anyone about to start – confirm with your friends beforehand what class your gonna play.

  • Wonder if SP is looking at these comments cuz they need to fix the playtime,it’s definitely glitched…played 2 days for 3h and in the 2 times it added 5h to ma playtime how come?….it added 10h total while it should’ve added 6h.

  • My only gripe, and I’m not the only one it seems, is the oni enemies are sometimes too unstaggerable…the crow spitter especially, seeing as how he can spit the beam of crows and still melee and block…in higher dificulty, 4 of these guys is a death sentence

  • I wanna get that game for the PS5

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