Building the vast, mysterious world of The Pathless, out November 12 on PS5 & PS4

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Building the vast, mysterious world of The Pathless, out November 12 on PS5 & PS4

Giant Squid's new adventure arrives in time to play it on PS5.

With The Pathless closer than ever to launch, I wanted to take some time to share some more about the game and announce some big news!

I’m excited to announce that you will be able to play The Pathless on your new PlayStation 5 the minute you get your hands on it. That’s right, The Pathless will be available on November 12 as a PlayStation 5 launch title! You’ll be able to enjoy the game’s gorgeous open world and fast, fluid movement in 60 fps on PS5 while also feeling the force of every arrow shot with the DualSense controller’s haptic trigger effects. 

Of course, you’ll also be able to enjoy the game on your trusty PS4, launching the very same day as it does on PS5. 

The wait is almost over. We can’t wait to finally show you the world of The Pathless next month, so here’s a little glimpse of what’s in store.

Here at Giant Squid, we’ve been busy the last few months putting the finishing touches on the world of The Pathless. Every corner of the huge open world is handcrafted to provide a truly rewarding exploratory experience. 

Players will want to leave no stone unturned, as every nook and cranny holds a secret, be it long-forgotten lore or an arcane puzzle to solve.

With no map, we knew it would be important for every building, every landmark, every grove and vista to stand out and serve as a memorable spot to help you find your own path through this land shrouded in darkness.

You may even meet some of those that walked these paths before you, and hear their last words echo from beyond.

The world of The Pathless is brimming with mystery and atmosphere, and we’re looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you when we release November 12!

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  • Awesome it’s a launch title!
    Obvious question, cross-buy or ps5 free upgrade?

    • This whole issue with all games from now on needs to be cleared up. I still, STILL don’t understand the Spider-Man situation. Just put a PS5+ Symbol on stuff that has a free upgrade. Also assuming every title will be playable via backward compatibility.

    • I do not believe anything has been shared about a free upgrade

  • Cross-saves between PS4 and PS5 SKUs? You seem to not support that almost at all (DIRT5, Yakuza 7, probably Cybperunk2077 since devs are very cagey about that information, too), which is such a hurtful move…

    • Wow this is a definite pick up

    • Also every game that doesn’t support cross saves for ps4 and ps5 happen to be associated with microsoft…

    • I agree, we need to get to the bottom of this. Is this some sort of technical limitation, a Sony policy or a move coming from an exterior entity

    • Cross-save servers have to be setup and the support added by the devs to their game. It’s been done for years, but most chose to not do it which save them time/money.

      MS has made it so even a different generation of the game is still listed as the exact same game id/app id so saves and achievements instantly work with 0 extra work from the dev or anyone. An excellent approach and hopefully Sony can clean some of their stuff up.

  • How much is it?

  • Any physical release?

  • Taking the Bartle Test gives me a 100% Explorer, 53% Socializer, 47% Achiever, 0% Killer(PVP). I am very excited about Pathless. I hope it is as good as it looks. Thanks Giant Squid!

  • I am very excited for this game and have been keeping my eye on updates for a few years. My one important question before purchasing is regarding the camera. I am an inverted camera player and cannot play any other way. Will this game allow me to invert both the x and y axis on the camera? I don’t want a RDR2 situation where I find out full camera inversion was never implemented.

  • I absolutely love Matt Nava’s art style and Austin Wintory’s music. Another match made in heaven. This one also looks amazing gameplay wise too. Easy day 1 purchase. Just don’t make it $70 lol

  • No word on pricing makes me wonder if this is the first PS5 Plus game? This or Bugsnax.

  • Launch day games are cool for the hand full of people able to play them. Will we even get a number on how many units are sold? It’s kinda ridiculous

  • Horizon zero dawn snuck up on me and I was utterly impressed. I’m a huge gamer that researches games several times a week. So that they don’t sneak by me since Horizon. Long story short, never heard of Pathless until this came across my Google. I’m excited to check it out. Hope it’s a hidden gem. At least to me. My ps5 is pre ordered so let’s get to November 12th already!

    • Whenever Shuhei Yoshida @yosp promotes any game on his personal twitter before it has come out, I pay attention.

      This is one of those games

  • Bueno pues la jugaré en ps4 ya estoy deseando q llegue este juego q me interesa mucho

  • Playstation support told me to comment here. I guess there is feedback page. YOU CANNOT BUY PS5 GAMES WITH PSN GIFT CARDS. Atleast not yet yikes.

  • Looks like playstation is doing even better than before with the list of games im seeing and this is one im definitely interested in playing. Keep it up guys cant wait for this game along side poker club horizon grand turismo and more.

  • Does this game release on both physical & digital formats? Thanks.

  • That third screenshot clearly shows a path… 😮

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