Slam, smash, and boost your way to fame in Destruction AllStars, coming to PS5

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Slam, smash, and boost your way to fame in Destruction AllStars, coming to PS5

Wreak havoc on foot and behind the wheel in this over-the-top car competition.

We’ve been watching the excitement around Destruction AllStars building since the game was announced, along with a good number of questions about the game itself. Today, we want to pull back the curtain to show you what the team at Lucid have been working on, coming exclusively to PS5 at launch this November.

Slam, smash, and boost your way to fame in Destruction AllStars, coming to PS5

Destruction AllStars is a global sports entertainment event where stars & cars collide. Become one of 16 different AllStars and get behind the wheel to the sound of a roaring crowd as you wreck your way to the top. Can you master the mayhem?

Jump into the arena solo or with your teammates and run to your vehicle of choice. There’s a variety of different vehicles with unique speed and handling characteristics. Whilst you might have a particular favourite, it takes a true AllStar to master them all!

While behind the wheel, you’ll want to react to the match as it unfolds around you. Driving into opponents’ vehicles will do plenty of damage, but a well timed slam will annihilate them. Master using slam attacks to wreck, dodge and boost your way through the competition.

When wrecked, you’ll have to master a whole new set of skills as you’re thrust into the action from a different perspective. On foot, our AllStars might look vulnerable, but they have the athletic and heroic skills to evade opponents, take their vehicle and cause maximum damage.

The arenas have been designed to harness mobility and destructive action. Vehicles have enough track to navigate at maximum speed, whilst AllStars on-foot can seek temporary safety in suspended platforms above. Using their parkour skills to jump, climb, grab and vault, they can collect items and lure opponents into hard hitting traps.

All of this takes place in the first minute of every game. If you compete hard, be fierce and stay in the action, you’ll be rewarded with an AllStar’s ultimate skills: their character ability and hero vehicle. An AllStar’s character ability gives them an edge above the competition, whilst their hero vehicle can really shake up the game.

Character Abilities Snapshot

Shyft – Uses cloaking technology to go invisible and take over vehicles before his opponents notice.

Ultimo Barricado – Become invulnerable to incoming attacks, from vehicles and characters.

Lupita – Drops trails of fire that causes burning damage to vehicle and KO characters.

Boxtop – Spawns parcels that buff team mates and deal explosive damage enemies.

Hero Vehicle Snapshot

Sabre (Hana’s Vehicle) – Deploy a blade along the length of the vehicle and slice opponents in half.
The Undisputed (Ultimo’s Vehicle) – Activate an immense shield and become an unstoppable force in the arena.
Callisto (Genesis’ Vehicle) – Ignite rocket boosters for a burst of speed, causing massive damage to your opponents.
Mr Sparkles (Tw!nlkeR1ot’s Vehicle) – Enter Rampage as you hit harder with every Slam.

Meet the AllStars

We’ll tell you more about this bunch of diverse, charismatic, and heroic AllStars in a future Blog post.

So that gives you a general idea of what you’ll be doing in the game, no matter what mode you’re playing. Destruction AllStars has a lot to offer, however you choose to play the game. 

  • Global Custom built Arenas for Multiplayer and Singleplayer
  • Destructive Gameplay Action in and out of vehicles
  • A large, diverse roster of Heroic Characters
  • Cinematic rivalries exploring our AllStar’s motivations
  • Enough cosmetics for you to stand out amongst the crowd

But it doesn’t end here. After launch, we’ll be adding new modes as well as exciting twists on others. We’ll also be adding new features to help you get the most out of your Destruction AllStars experience. You can expect these additions as part of a post-launch roadmap, absolutely free, to ensure you have new ways to play, wreck after wreck.

Hopefully that gives you a taste of what Destruction AllStars is all about. We’ve got a brand new trailer launching soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! We’re still hard at work on the finishing touches before launch and the team can’t wait for you to get your hands on the game. We’ll be listening out for your feedback and want to take you all on a wild ride as we continue to grow the game post launch.

However you choose to start your AllStars career, we’ll be ready for you on the starting platform this November!

The Digital Deluxe edition contains:

  • 1 Legendary Character Skin and Vehicle Skin – Embrace the darkness and become The Crow.
  • 1 Dance Emote for Lupita – Lupita shows the AllStars how it’s done in Rio!
  • 4 Banners and 5 Avatars – Add some variety to your player profile, right from the start!
  • 10,000 AllStar Currency – Kickstart your AllStar customization! AllStar Currency can be earned through online play. This boost should give you a head start on customizing your racing stripes whilst you earn the rest!

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  • This game looked interesting to me unfortunately I was bot able to get the ps5 but was lucky enough to get the series x. Let’s see if I will get lucky in the next couple months.

  • It looks like a load of fun, just not $90-95 (£69.99 / €79.99) worth of fun.

    Got the horrendous pricing sorted and we can talk.

  • Game looks awesome and I actually have it pre-ordered, but I will have to cancel if I cannot get a PS5 day 1. Shame because I really want to be a part of this game’s online community from the get-go.

  • Tell you what. You guys make this a free launch title for Playstation Plus owners, as the game should be with this amount of microtransactions, I’ll buy $20 worth of in-game currency.


  • Woohoo! 🎉

  • This looks interesting but not enough info yet. I know it’s just a taste, but we are a month and half away from release. Why should I care about avatars, banners and why isn’t this free to play? Is there a story mode? What makes it a next gen full price release. It looks fun from the trailers but if you are going to up-charge to new pricing we need more than a taste especially when we are this close to release. We know more about Ratchet and Clank and we just have a launch window release date. More info please.

    • It’s made by the same team that created the stellar Wipeout series, so that should instill some faith.

      Why should it be f2p? It’s a AAA production with a monster post launch pipeline of free dlc. PUBG was a budget game that ran like garbage, that should’ve been f2p, not this. It’s primarily a mp game, like Titanfall. Should Titanfall of R6S be f2p?

      It’s a PS5 exclusive. Not cross gen. It will have next gen particle effects and architecture. Instant loading will be massive for a mp focused game. Car speeds will be unreal as texture loading will be blazing fast. Even Rocket League was a paid game at launch and this is so much deeper. U can get out of your car. It’s Destruction Derby meets Wreckfest with a mashup of on foot Battle Royale. It’s innovative and exciting.

  • Please don’t say Microtransactions for a $70 game?
    What? Why?

  • Nice, could be interesting.

    Ordered a PS5 day one but will only be picking up SM:MM Day 1.

    I literally buy all PlayStation Studios games day 1 but this new price point is a big no no.

    This game and Sackboy would have been £35 at launch on PS4, now it’s £59/£69. Same as Souls… a £5 increase to £59 sure.. but £69? Just means I will have to wait for it to drop or more likely buy it second hand.

    I don’t think you have a bigger PS Studios fan here and I can guarantee you will make less from me this gen then you did last purely as your prices are obscene.

    You compared SM:MM to Uncharted Lost Legacy.. ULL was £24.99 RRP on launch day.

    Maybe just make your sub service and throw these on day 1 for £14.99 a month. The industry move is inevitable if we are honest, especially when you think games like this are worth £69.99

    • Why should game prices remain the same as they were in 1990 when the price of everything else has gone up? You know it costs a lot more to make a game than it did back in 1990. Maybe you just need a more affordable hobby.

    • It’s not a case of ‘needing a more affordable hobby’. Look at how much money the PlayStation Division made in just the past quarter. Then look at the last 6 years. Game development has undoubtedly gone up in price since ‘1990’, the reality is the profitability of these games and ecosystems around it is threw the roof. Sony makes more money then ever before, even with game prices staying at £49.99.

      It’s also important to remember that another company who is raising prices due the ‘cost of development’ is Activision. Activision again makes more money then ever, there CEO gave himself the largest pay rise of any CEO in the US AND they don’t pay any tax. Americans actually pay money BACK to them via Tax relief.

      The game industry 100% doesn’t need to raise prices.

    • You DO know making games is getting increasingly more expensive with every generation, right?! Game prices haven’t gone up for decenia. Now is the time producers decided to increasy it. I’m actually surprised it took this long. When the prices of PS1 games are the same then as PS4 games are now, something is wrong

    • Sure, everything’s gone up in price since 1990, but thhe real kicker is when you bought a game back in 1990 you’d get the full game. It wouldn’t have a deluxe edition offering special in-game currency (hello, grind), or Legendary skins suggesting some kind of tiered rewards that we can only hope aren’t tied to loot boxes. I’d happily pay more for a game if we were getting everything up front.

    • Lost Legacy was a $40 game, the only ppl who got it for 25 were those who purchased the triple pack before the scale of Lost Legacy grew from DLC to a whole game. Don’t lie.

      Demon’s Souls is the most impressive game running on next gen. It’s not just a full remake but a pure next exclusive built on next gen tech. It’ll provide 100 hours of gameplay easily, and it has pvp. Blue Point has earned our trust and games haven’t risen in price for generations. I’d rather pay less, but I understand that next gen exclusives are due for an increase.

      Sackboy could’ve been a $40 PS4 game, R&C was a steal at $40, but not every game is a steal. Sackboy is a full game and at least Sony isn’t charging next gen prices for cross gen games.

      Miles Morales could’ve been $60 or more on PS5. Sony didn’t have to be honest about the scale being slightly less than Spiderman. It’s still a full game. Lost Legacy was $40 on PS4, I’m getting MM for $50 on PS5. I’m ok with that.

      The only games going up in price are next gen exclusives. The reason why other console manufacturers aren’t getting hammered for this is because they have no next gen exclusives.

      Games have remained the same price for 15 years. It’s honestly due. I’d rather pay $10 more for a next gen exclusive than get squeezed on microtransactions and receive lower quality productions.

      Some companies are charging more for next gen versions of cross gen games, Sony is not. If u can’t hang, stay on current gen. Games provide enormous dollar/hour value far exceeding other forms of entertainment. Demon’s Souls and, Destruction All-Stars, and Godfall are the only PS5 exclusives going up in price because they are the only games that aren’t cross gen. All three will provide 70+ hours a piece. 1$ per hour is reasonable imo.

    • I Agree with the post.
      It’s a shame there are people even defending the price increase here.

      Anyway, I’ll probably be playing fewer games comes next generation. Day 1 was already a rare situation for me, this price increase just economically pushes me further out of the hobby.

    • Dear iamtylerdurden1 this blog is no longer usa only and now a mix of countries. ULL was in fact 24.99 on release in the UK and in answer to the whole game prices issue no this is not the first price rise since the 90’s ps3 games were around £39.99 ps4 then moved to £49.99 so you can see why people in EU countries are puzzled by a increased price to £69.99/€79.99 in ps5. Not every country has kept around the same price point in 20 years as the one you are in.

    • People forget three things when they talk about “games should be moar expensive!!!!!!!”

      1. Economies of scale. A PS1 game was cheaper, yes, but sold considerably less copies. When you’re selling 400,000 games for 30 (which was a GOOD selling PS1 title), that’s 12 million. Selling 5 million copies for 60 (a GOOD selling PS4 title) that’s 300 million, a 25x increase.

      2. Games are not “more expensive to make”. Developers have LESS to do due to libraries and development tools being already there. The extra money goes to stockholders and management or if to the game, advertising.

      3. You’re a consumer. You shouldn’t be arguing for the opposite team, that’s just silly. All you’re doing is making some CEO make his bonus payment to change the 12th digit in a bank account, not feeding some starving developer.

  • Online multiplayer only? It would have been a day one purchase if it had local multiplayer but I’ll probably wait for a price drop.

    • read the article: Global Custom built Arenas for Multiplayer and Singleplayer – im assuming its also offline campaign or local.

  • Discussing a full price $70 game is filled with microtransactions before even releasing a gameplay trailer??? PR Madness.
    I have a hope this may be fun but you are making it hard Sony.

  • i don’t think this video is the incentive you think it is
    i am now less intrested in this game as it just seams like a battle royal for (£69.99 / €79.99)
    i dont recon it will be long after release before this is dicounted on the Playstation Store but will there be anyone playing it by then
    is there a single player campain ?????
    this video should have just been an entire match of this from ONE players perspective

  • Can we see footage of a match being played please?
    I still don’t “get” what this game is.

  • Great stuff to get me excited in this article. I’d really like to see a State of Play dedicated to this game or at least all PS Studios launch games. Let’s get people excited. Not sure a couple of blog posts will do the trick.

  • They going to get so disappointed with this one.
    We already know this game is very expensive and have MTX.

    I don’t get why wouldn’t they show gameplay first?
    Sony is acting so weird these days…I am starting to think that they don’t know what they actually doing

    • It’s strange, they are coming off the back of 2 huge roll outs ‘Ghost of Tusisma’ and ‘The Last of Us Part II’ which where well received and had dedicated State of Plays, info drops etc.. and this is now the best they can do?

      Also.. TLOU2 was VERY expensive to make and was the 4th highest grossing PS Studios game of all time in the US in only 4 weeks… that was £49.. but this game is worth £69?.

      @Playstation, what are you guys doing? You need to fire your marketing team.

    • So Bedhead… you are just going to copy paste the same reply everywhere… gtfo man. Also, why are you using discounted prices vs launch prices? And vs deluxe edition prices. Get real man. If you don’t like the game or the price, you understand you don’t have to buy it right?

    • @ bedhead1 – You shouldn’t put TLoU 2 in the well received folder,only because it sold well?…well we all know how ND achieved that and no I don’t expect you to understand since you’re using that as your avatar.

    • Next gen exclusives are going to be $70 as long as they are AAA. Get used to it. Quite frankly it’s overdue. Games have remained stagnant in price for decades. Because of this publishers introduced egregious MTX in order to make money.

  • so what is the objective for the game? whoever gets most kills?

  • I appreciate the descriptive article, however I think it is not enough for me. I’d like to see one or two videos to explain while seeing the game in action. The trailer is fun, but it looks more cinematic than anything else. Is just a consideration for players who will spend $69.99 on the (no tax and shipping cost included).

  • Change the price and i´ll buy it. But 79,99€ in Europe is a big NO

  • Not a fan of the forced diversity in the character line up. It’s like they had a check sheet and had to include one of everything to make everyone happy. For instance, why are there so many overweight characters. It’s not healthy to have kids look up and see a fat person on the screen. Kids need to see healthy bodies to emulate.

    • Why do you call it forced diversity? Do you work for this company? We’re you at the meetings when it came to character creation? No you weren’t. Diversity is a good thing so get your head outta your a$$

    • They put fatties in the game for people to enjoy running them over

    • @ JohnnyCash69 – LMAO opie211 is right and you’re the one who needs to get your head outta that place cuz you’re blind to the truth.The industry is bowing to this nonsense of putting forced diversity everywhere cuz it’s the “right” thing to do now.Ha y’all defending this are funny,y’all can’t see when devs don’t do things naturally.

  • £70 + mtx? Play has no limits. Unless it’s your credit limit.

  • 100 USD for this game is crazy, even if it looks great and hopefully plays great, I can get overwatch for 20

  • When I saw this unveiled at the PS5 event , I thought Free to Play or maybe low cost ala Fall Guys , and I would have given it a try , but FULL PRICE and the new higher price too , I am sorry but this game is dead before it even comes out the gate. There will obviously be people that do buy this game but there will no way be enough to keep the servers running , just look at Disintergration , how long has that lasted ? A few months, For a value proposition Xbox has made all the right moves , Sony seems to be floundering. My PS5 has been ordered and I know I will have a great experience, but there is no way I will buy the amount of games I did for PS3 , PS4 , PSVR or Vita , the combination of higher prices and Sonys atrocious refund policy will make me so much more cautious , no longer will I take a chance on a game that looks cool , I get pricing likely had to go up , but we are in the middle of a pandemic , if I had less money I would buy a Xbox Series S and Game Pass , yes I would lose the exclusives but I would have a huge library of games to enjoy and that is why I play games to enjoy them.
    And to the person who said about games had to go up from the 90’s , well they have massively, you now have micro transactions , loot boxes , dlc , special editions , deluxe editions , gold editions , ultimate editions and so on , it has been many years since there was just one price for a single game.

  • I would be interested in playing this game this fall, but I was unable to pre-order a PS5.

    I’ll just wait until it gets added to PS Plus somday, maybe in 2021, if I can even get a PS5.

  • For £69.99 at launch? No chance. I imagine the Digital Deluxe Edition will probably be £99.99 or something equally outrageous as well.

    I’m a huge PlayStation fanboy must have bought almost every single SIE game on day one during the PS4 gen – but I won’t be doing that this gen if you’re going to stick with the £69.99 price point.

    Utterly crazy price increase from £49.99 to £69.99, can’t see any justification. Development costs may have risen but gaming has never been bigger and the PlayStation division is reporting record profits, so the increase is nothing but hubristic greed.

    It’s a big shame as I’d have being buying Spider-Man: Miles Morales (RRP of £52.99 when it’s being compared to Uncharted: Lost Legacy which launched at £29.99) Demon’s Souls and maybe Destruction: All-Stars at launch if they were reasonably priced.

    For £69.99 I’ll be waiting for a sale on SIE games in future. Please reconsider your game pricing Sony, it’s completely out of touch.

  • Full price and microtransactions…..Good luck you’re going to need it!

  • So I love the look of this game and I’ve already pre-ordered. My only question is this. The game releases in just over a month and the most I’ve seen is an announcement trailer and now this huge article. Can we see some gameplay in action before launch?

    • Yeah it is absolutely nuts that we haven’t seen anything but a trailer. A bit worrisome to say the least.

    • Lol damn sorry if this offend you but you’re part of the problem of the gaming community.So you pre-ordered a game while you have close to no information about it and you’re complaining that you’ve seen too few of it to justify your pre-order?…how about waiting for a gameplay or something more tangible before pre-ordering?…haha damn.

  • Really looking forward to this. I’ve been looking for another car destruction game ever since motor storm released on ps3.

  • I do like the look of this game. But £70 seems steep and I can’t justify the price. Hardly anything has been shown about this game. If it was £40 then sure I would of have it a go.

    So far am only getting 2 games on the ps5 launch. Demon’s souls and cod. Even though I adore demon’s souls and can’t wait to play the remake. But felt a bit sick ordering it at £70.

  • I wanted to get this but the characters are terrible. Why are there obese characters? That is just disgusting! Will this be fixed later? You should take inspiration from Fortnite for how to make nice looking characters.

    • lol, you asking why there are obese characters is funny as hell. Well done.

    • @bitbydeath: The obese characters doesn’t have to be “fixed” you know. I like the character design of Fortnite and all, but not everyone likes to play as characters with the typical “slim”, “muscular” or whatever designs.

      On-topic, regarding all the characters’ overlook look in this game, I personally find them fine but not all that exciting.

    • LMAO damn you went too far there…disgusting?…haha why?…I only find it nonsense since they will be running like hell in the game but it’s a game in the end so…

    • Would grotesque be a better word?
      It’s not very child friendly showing people in such a poor state. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next reveal is a junkie that needs to shoot up before every match.

    • You already have a junkie in apex that shoots up to run fast

  • My takeaway is that this is an online-only game? At full price?
    I mean come on. Are you even trying to sell this to me?

  • What is going on at Sony does the game have a career mode? At £70 it’s a no go from me and that’s for all games not just this particular game. If this is online only it’s £30 tops and if it does have a career mode it’s £40 tops. It’s very sad that Sony is pricing people out of playing games, I have my PS5 ordered and looks like I’ll be playing free to play games till these hit the £15 bin in 1 or 2 years time.

  • “we’ll be adding new modes as well as exciting twists on others”

    Like.. Twisted Metal twists?

  • This looks more like a free to play game than it does a $70 premium title. Maybe I can see this bring $39.99 but not a cent higher.

  • Actually I changed my mind, I would happily play this if it were on Game Pass. Sony needs to get their own version like MS has and no PS Now is nothing like Game Pass. There is a reason why ps now bombed.

  • Asking $70 for this is just asking for it to be dead on arrival. It honestly makes me not want to get it for fear that the online would be dead. Not a fan of any of those character designs either. Sony should’ve just gave this team the go ahead to make a new Twisted Metal instead.

  • This game looks amazing and I really want to play but honestly I don’t see the game as a $70 type of game. I think it should have been F2P game with Battlepass cause i can definitely see that working for this game.

  • If the gameplay is any good I may give it a go but the fact that we haven’t got a new gameplay video, despite all this new info, makes it pretty much impossible for me to show any real interest.

  • Hmm had hope for this game,looked mad fun and I always loved games with car destruction but seems to be an online only game,focused on PvP stuff with some single playa stuff thrown in it just for the heck of it.With those characters I was expecting some sort of career with us playing the story of each one and etc…oh well now that you’ve shown the Overwatch like characters I see where this is going and I’m afraid it’ll be a pass for me.

    Twinkle Riot looks freaking awesome though,don’t listen to anyone who says her desing ain’t great.

  • For £70 you’d think it would include the digital deluxe edition.

    I fear the pricing of this game will hurt it more than anything.

  • So the title alone kinda got my hopes up it was going to be a sequel for the brawler all Stars just with vehicle combat mixed in but the trailer makes me curious enough to check it out but price point and the scarcity of ps5 pre-orders will keep me from trying for a while .

  • looks kinda interesting

    • How can people complain about about this game being 70 dollars? First off we don’t know exactly everything we get with this game. Secondly they said in the article that all post launch content will be free. Any character, stages, modes and so on. People would pay 60 dollars for games on ps4 but then pay all this money for dlc and No one complained. For instance Spiderman ps4 was 60 dollars and with all dlc it cost a total of 85 dollars and people paid it. No one complained. 70 dollars in general for games this generation doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’m surprised it took 15 years to happen. It is called inflation. Gas goes up, groceries go up and other things but no one complains about that. Just needed a place to vent with people who play video games. Thanks for listening.

  • Love the rocket league feel to this. It’s everything I wish rocket league was. Me and my friend recently stopped playing that game as it was predetermined how the ball reacts. I love twisted metal too and this game has a touch of it. My friend and I are really looking forward to this! Would be cool if the cars have an auto destruct feature. Play on!

  • Haven’t been much of these in recent, growing up with Vingilate 8/Twisted Metal it looks pretty good and I like the relationship of vehicle and character plus having that be separated. coool

  • How can people complain about about this game being 70 dollars? First off we don’t know exactly everything we get with this game. Secondly they said in the article that all post launch content will be free. Any character, stages, modes and so on. People would pay 60 dollars for games on ps4 but then pay all this money for dlc and No one complained. For instance Spiderman ps4 was 60 dollars and with all dlc it cost a total of 85 dollars and people paid it. No one complained. 70 dollars in general for games this generation doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’m surprised it took 15 years to happen. It is called inflation. Gas goes up, groceries go up and other things but no one complains about that. Just needed a place to vent with people who play video games. Thanks for listening.

  • I am very interested and I have the money, but I can’t buy the game if I can’t buy the PS5 console

  • True that Cusman. I wish Sony had more preorders available. If they just would have opened the preorders like 2 months earlier then I believe they would have been better prepared to handle preorders.

  • Was looking forward to this game, but at €79.99 it’s a no from me. Will wait for a sale if the user base is still there.

  • Is there going to be any local split screen support, or is multiplayer online only?
    This looks like it could be fun with friends.

  • The game seems phenomenal and a ton of fun.

    But seems like you guys are killing the game with the price tag, after Fortnite and Warzone, the landscape changed.

    Not saying you can’t charge for multiplayer, but the price tag is just too high, it will be released on a limited installed base (PS5 exclusive), and will compete for attention of a initially very small base (10mi potential buyers~) with the likes of COD / Cyberpunk 2077 / Demon Souls / Miles Morales and on.

    You guys are doing a lot of cross gen games, but this one that would benefit the most from a bigger installed base, will be next gen only…

    I really hope you guys consider the price tag, 19,90 ~ 29,90 would be the killer price point for this game, maybe even dropping on PS Plus when the console launch would also help tremendously.

    To justify a 70$ price tag the game seems to be lacking: split-screen multiplayer/coop and a campaign.

    • Thats just what has been announced we dont know if there is a story in singleplaywr or not. We don’t know how much stuff there is to unlock and like I mentioned previously all post launch content is free. No one has to buy the game at 70 dollars if they don’t want to but don’t hate on the price until we know everything it comes with. And again, people paid 60 dollars for Spiderman on ps4 and 25 for the dlc. That is 85 dollars and maybe played through it once or twice. This game, if good, people will play for a long time from launch.

  • Only reason I have this game is that I won it off a bag of doritos that cost £1

  • As someone who usually waits a year or so for $60 games to drop in price, (still haven’t bought TLOU2 or Ghost) I really cant see myself dropping $70 for next gen games. But this does look really fun nonetheless

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