Competition: Win a PlayStation 5 with Doritos

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Competition: Win a PlayStation 5 with Doritos

Be in with a chance to win a PS5 or one of 1000s of instant PlayStation prizes across select countries in Europe

Hey there! We’re happy to announce that in a new partnership with our friends at Doritos®, you will have the chance to win a PlayStation®5 console*. 

Our “Find All 4, Win a PlayStation®5” competition officially kicks off Monday, September 28, 2020 across select countries in Europe**. Purchase a promotional pack of Doritos® and enter your details on the promotion website to get a chance to win a PlayStation®5 console or one of 1000s of PlayStation prizes. 

But that’s not the only way to win! Doritos® are also offering you the chance to take part in an Augmented Reality quest with multiple prizes to be won. Your goal is to track down virtual Doritos® bags (“Bag Vatoms”) hidden around your local area***. Discovering bags will win you either one of 1000s of PlayStation instant prizes or could unlock one of the four iconic PlayStation symbols. Find all four chip symbols and you’ll win a PS5™.

And entry couldn’t be simpler: 

  • Buy a pack of Doritos® featuring the below competition packaging:   
  • How to enter for a chance to win during the Instant Win Promotion period

o    Visit to enter your details and your pack promotional code which can be found in the backend seal of each promotional pack, then click on “enter now” to find out instantly if you have won a prize.

  • How to enter for a chance to win during the AR Quest Promotion period

o    Visit the Doritos® Quest website at and create a Vatom wallet to be eligible to participate. Participants must either register directly or continue as a guest user to create a Vatom wallet. Click on the ‘How to Play’ and ‘FAQ’ Vatoms for more details. Users will be able to locate Doritos® Bag Vatoms by viewing nearby Vatoms on a map. As soon as a user finds a Vatom, they can tap on it to pick it up and claim the prize or collect the PlayStation® Shapes in order to try and collect all four PlayStation® Shapes. 

Be warned though: Participants and rewards are limited and there are only a finite number of PlayStation® Shapes to be collected****. So, you better be quick for a chance to enter and win. 

To find out more about the competition, as well as the full terms and conditions, including entry rules, please head here for UK & Ireland, here for Belgium, here for Netherlands, here for Nordics and here for Spain. 

*Winners will receive their console after the PlayStation®5 console launches in their country. 

**Competition available in: UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, from September 28 – December 31, 2020; Spain from November 2 – December 20 2020; Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland from November 2 – December 31, 2020. 

***The AR Quest takes place in Belgium and Netherlands from October 12 to November 9, 2020, the UK from November 2 to November 30, Ireland from November 2 to November 23 30, and Spain from November 2 to November 30.

****AR Quest has a limit on participants (UK: 102,000; Ireland: 5,000; Benelux 22,000; Spain: 21,000)

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  • The quest link seems to be broken or not activated yet.

  • Maybe split out NA and Europe blog posts again? Not sure why I’m seeing this when I live in Ohio…

  • I’m off for winning a free PlayStation 5. But I live in the United States so I’m kind of confused why I’m seeing this on the US blog side a PlayStation. I know PlayStation blog is trying to be universal across all countries. But there needs to be some type of way to filter out these things for each region. I read the headline it did say Europe. So after the headline I didn’t put much thought. So I’m expecting something big or as big for United States. I love Doritos so I’m all for that. Look forward to seeing what’s going to happen for United States for PlayStation 5 promotions. I see that the other company decided to take Taco Bell from you. Hope you can find other big retailer franchises to advertise promotions for free PlayStation 5’s.

  • Eating Doritos while gaming with on a PS5–maybe not the best combination unless you want a lot of orange on that white lol.

  • Thanks for reserving PS5 stock for this. Might as well have just given those consoles to scalpers.

  • I love Doritos and I love Playstation, I live in the United States, this sucks.

  • Any similar promo’s in the US?

  • best of luck whoever wins the PS5 in europe.

  • Wonder if the chances of winning a PS5 in this competition are higher than securing one though pre-order! 🧐

  • Says find all 4 to win ps5. Internal screaming intensifies.
    There are five bags. Everything is fine.

  • Got hyped for a second but I don’t live in Europe.

  • You really need to drop this unified blog stuff. no one wanted it and it’s just terrible.

  • You think your PS5 is really neato, what kind of a chip you got in there, a Dorito?

  • what about other countries in Europe eh?

  • I love playstation and doritos,I am in Europe,But live in Malta…

  • When will there be a United States version of this contest? We do make up a large amount of the worldwide player populace. It sort of doesn’t make sense to exclude us.

  • What about South Africa?, will this be coming to us too?

  • Sure, I’ll hike across europe on my doritos-quest for a slim chance to win the legendary playstation.

  • Your links are NOT working

  • I couldn’t pre-order a ps5 so this got my hopes up for a moment until I read “Europe”. 😢

  • PS Blog gets an EU post for a change and the US gamers here understand what everyone has been saying.

    US gamers get links to their store, links to their sales and their releases when they are different to other countries. In fact this site is tailored towards US gamers thanks to HQ being situated in the USA despite Sony being a Japanese owned corporation but at last, you agree with us:

    No-one benefits from this combined “blog”. Until we boycott this site, Sony won’t give a flying **** though.

  • hojala el sorteo tambien seria para peru

  • How come your not doing the contest for the us?

  • Why is Portugal out? :(

    • Wow I have waited a month to repeat what one of you usa based people said to me when I complained about contests being usa and Canada only at the start of the month

      Why are you complaining its not playstation fault your government won’t let you enter.

      Yeah that answer is very stupid when the company is worldwide like capcom and doritos.

      Oh and this is now the one and only English playstation blog as they merged all blogs into one

  • Why can’t Sony just allow their loyal customers who gotten the preorder email
    get the PS5 early like the 5 to 7 days early???

    • Your email was luck of the draw nothing to do with being loyal. Sony does not care about you or if you got every system day one and made of gold

    • actually the “loyalty/loyalty program” did make a difference. you do know random in never truly random right?

    • You mean the USA only one? Rewards or whatever and yes I know it was not 100% random.

  • Yeah, Playstation has a UK blog page so theres absolutly 0 reason for this to be here. Or at least put EU in the title so we know not to get our hopes up. You guys are better than this.

    • The EU does not have a blog anymore Sony merged all English speaking blogs into this one and it is a very big step down for all

  • i love the fact that sony doesn’t offer the alternative of maybe winning a console in all the europe countries :) its not like we’re giving sony our money anyways, but apparently we don’t matter at all. countries like mine don’t have access to features like Ps Now, we’re living in third world countries that for some reason don’t accept paypal payments and obviously don’t get this type of chances of ever winning anything and the funny fact is that exactly like UK, we’re paying almost 20% extra for games because EU taxes… lets get real for a second… if you’re offering content (like ps now) and if you’re doing promotions like this, do them everywhere dude. we’re all supporting the playstation movement. cause overall, people like me need this thing more than other people. and when i say people like me i mean people that live in countries that have a 350e minimum wage and still pay 70e for a video game, because its our passion. i’m not saying that it should be cheaper, i’m just saying that everybody should have the same opportunities and everybody should pay the exact same price for the exact same content. i don’t know… i just feel disappointed.

  • Cannot see the codes on either pack plus the competition link is broken..

  • I can not see any code

  • Why don’t here Hellas? must here Hellas site free Doritos Playstation 5… And must all worldwide always..
    why only English, Netherland, Ireland, Belgium, USA, France. Is wrong and must all worldwide..

  • I just won in the uk but i dont have the receipt as i bought it on the 29th last month so probably not getting what i should

  • I thought I was the only one here not quite sure how…I live in California this isn’t for people that live in the US… I wanted to be apart of this but maybe next eh? Good luck to those that are fingers crossed for good luck!!!🤞✌

  • Is the quest broken or something? I don’t see any bags all over the country… I’ve been checking it on my smartphone and PC for the past 2 hours.

  • Do you win the disc or digital version?

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