8 tips to survive The Walking Dead Onslaught, out tomorrow for PS VR

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8 tips to survive The Walking Dead Onslaught, out tomorrow for PS VR

It’s dangerous out there. Ready yourself for the VR apocalypse with eight helpful tips from the dev team.

Hi everyone, VR developers Survios here. Tomorrow marks a very special day for the studio – the official digital release of The Walking Dead Onslaught! We’re thrilled to have you step into the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead in a way never experienced before, and to help you prepare we’re sharing some tips every survivor should know before entering the VR apocalypse.

8 tips to survive The Walking Dead Onslaught, out tomorrow for PS VR

The Walking Dead Onslaught is Survios’ 6th PS VR title that takes many of our best mechanics and learnings from past titles, such as Raw Data, Creed: Rise to Glory and Sprint Vector. In The Walking Dead Onslaught, players will fight as Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carol to gather needed resources to rebuild the Alexandria safe zone, restore society, and prepare for an onslaught of walker-slaying mayhem.

Read on to uncover our eight The Walking Dead Onslaught tips: 

1) Choose your loadout wisely

There are 24 weapons at your disposal, ranging from powerful single-fire weapons like Daryl’s legendary Crossbow to close-quarters melee weapons like Michonne’s Katana to scavenged makeshift weapons like crowbars and shovels. While you have full control over what weapons you choose to equip in your loadout, it’s often best to keep a balance of melee and ranged weapons to handle any walker encounter you face. 

2) Pay attention to your surroundings

You may think you’ve cleared an area, but you can never know for sure. Always watch your back and listen carefully for walker growls to avoid ambush in new and unchecked locations. If the growls of a walker herd start to grow louder it means you’ve overstayed your welcome and it’s time to move, fast.

3) Harder difficulties yield higher rewards

The Walking Dead Onslaught’s Veteran difficulty is not to be taken lightly, but if you think you have what it takes, you can reap the rewards and collect maximum resources to bring back to Alexandria. You can always head back to Alexandria to upgrade buildings and weapons in your armory, which will boost your chances at survival in even the toughest situations.

4) Get physical with melee combat  

This game utilizes VR combat physicality, meaning harder melee actions such as swings, bludgeons, decapitations, and impalements will be more effective and deal higher damage based on the speed and velocity of your real-life motions. The Walking Dead Onslaught does not feature an in-game stamina system, however melee combat will test your physical stamina so do remember to take frequent breaks and don’t overexert yourself! 

5) New to VR? Experiment with settings and find your fit

We realize everyone’s comfort level in VR is very different, and have included plenty of locomotion, turning and comfort settings for players both new and seasoned to VR gameplay. Not sure if your original options are working for you? Feel free to open the in-game menu and swap your settings until you find the perfect fit, or take it back to the start and replay the opening tutorial.

6) Position yourself to gain combat advantage 

Taking out one or two walkers at close-range is a simple task, but run head-on into a horde and you’ll soon realize the dire consequences. When you are faced against a large number of walkers, it’s always best to keep out of grappling distance and gain the positional upper-hand. Try finding choke points to limit how many walkers you need to focus on, or take down multiple walkers at once by herding them around explosives. 

7) When push comes to shove, try both

When walkers come in too close for comfort, you can always use your non-dominant hand to grab, slap, push and shove walkers. When dealing with multiple walkers, try giving the closest walker a nice shove into the others, staggering them all and giving yourself some time to gain some distance. 

8) Grab everything you can find

All the resources you collect when embarking on Scavenger runs and Campaign chapters are brought back to Alexandria and can be used to reconstruct buildings, upgrade your armory, and boost your community’s population. There are a number of different resources ranging from common food to rare one-time pickups, and they all play a crucial part in rebuilding Alexandria so try not to leave anything behind!

Bonus Tip: Want a more immersive experience? 

We’ve got a setting for that too! Try out our Minimal HUD and Phantom Limbs options in the menu. Toggling these settings will hide certain game UI and the player’s “ghost” hands to allow for a more immersive experience. However, hiding these elements is not recommended for new players and we do suggest you familiarize yourself with the game first before choosing these settings. 

The Walking Dead Onslaught will be available in Standard and Deluxe editions, starting with a digital-first release tomorrow, followed by a physical disc release in October. Today’s the last chance to pre-order for exclusive content on the official PlayStation store.

From everyone here at Survios, we’re so excited to have you play The Walking Dead Onslaught tomorrow and we can’t wait to see how you’ll choose to fight your fears head-on in the VR apocalypse. Good luck out there!

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