Killing Floor 2: The long train ride to Hellmark Station

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Killing Floor 2: The long train ride to Hellmark Station

An exclusive in-depth look at the new map arriving September 29.

Our seasonal updates within Killing Floor 2 have a central place in the ongoing support of the game since launch and given the horror inspirations for Killing Floor, Halloween has always had a special place in our hearts. From the dreamlike terrors of Nightmare in 2017, the festive celebration to horror icons of the past in Monster Ball in 2018, or the cerebral spookiness of Ashwood Asylum in 2019, we knew we needed to take the player somewhere new for 2020 that felt in-line with the Halloween spirit.

Killing Floor 2

The initial idea for Hellmark Station came out of Killing Floor’s strong connection to London and horror films. In the first Killing Floor, West London was one of the most iconic maps of that game, so we knew we had a great opportunity to return the player to that environment, but we didn’t want to settle for just doing a remaster of the original map and take the player somewhere new. In our research, we came across the iconic King’s Cross station and were impressed by the latticed glass roof ceiling of the entrance and the large sweeping arches of its train platforms. We knew it was something extraordinary that would provide a unique gameplay space for the player to explore.

Killing Floor 2

As a lot of us on the team are occult fans we went with the Hell-themed idea in the end and started to look into the layout of the map and location for it as we knew early on that we wanted to have the map be inspired by a real place to ground the map in reality and to give players a connection its layout and design. We wanted the Station to look like it was in the process of being overtaken.  By incorporating organic shapes, stone obelisks, and lava, we were able to bring new elements into the environment and find fun ways of blending the two themes.

Killing Floor 2

When thinking about the lore of the map for how it connected to the wider Killing Floor universe, we initially brainstormed various ideas of tying its previous events and characters explored in objective mode maps, but ultimately the fantastical elements of the infernal setting made it difficult to settle into the official canon; especially if we didn’t intend to develop these plotlines in future updates. For all of the awesome lore-heads out there, the hidden internal narrative we settled on is the Patriarch having beef with the demonic invaders that suddenly emerge within London. In his never-ending quest for world domination, they were stepping on his territory. This unspoken lore is why we chose the Patriarch to be the Trader VO for the map. 

Killing Floor 2

As we began to flesh out Hellmark’s design, we decided to add some unique gameplay elements that could tie into the seasonal objectives, provide a deeper layer of strategy, and some variety to the standard Killing Floor 2 experience. To do so, we added the idea of a “demonic pact” with the three obelisks placed inside the map, which offer a great risk/reward. Interacting with obelisks lets players trade some health and their ability to heal (temporarily) for a momentary damage and speed power-up; creating the classic Killing Floor 2 power fantasy of efficiently and ruthlessly dispatching Zeds. We’ve found that the obelisks really encourage frenzied gameplay, and we love a good frenzy.

Killing Floor 2

We then added numerous hell portals throughout the map to provide an environmental context of where the invaders were able to enter the station, but also provided a lot of gameplay opportunities to control the flow of combat. If they study the positions carefully, players will be able better anticipate where Zeds will be emerging and set up strong defensive positions. After we had the core framework of the map laid out and constructed, we spent considerable time testing, tuning, optimizing, and refining until it was ready to deliver to the masses in tip-top shape. 

Killing Floor 2

We hope you enjoy this brief dive into the development of the Hellmark Station map and that you enjoy playing the map as much as we enjoyed making it. The Hellmark Station map is a free part of the Infernal Insurrection update launching September 29 for Killing Floor 2 on PS4. 

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  • KF2 has to be the PS+ game I’ve played the most.

    Because of this, and how much fun it is, I have spent money on unlocking skins/guns. Any chance of new bosses? 🤞🏽

    Keep up the good work TW! 👍🏽

    • Thanks for the kind words, we’re glad you have enjoyed the updates over the years. We don’t have any additional bosses on the roadmap for the future but we’re planning out a lot more content and features that we think you’ll enjoy.

  • Thank you for the continuous support over the years. The game is always a blast to play.

    • No problem, keeping the community excited and motivated has always driven us to keep on making new content for the game.

  • Just giving my feedback idea, slow mo killing feature is ruining my experience for me when someone earns a special kill while I’m trying to mow down monsters

  • I have been playing kf2 since console launch back in 2016 . THANK YOU FOR ALLLL THE FREE UPDATES! I hope that you lovely people at tripwire are working on bringing killing floor to next gen ps5 whether it be killing floor 3 or killing floor 2 ps5 upgrade! Thank you for everything!

  • I’m so upset…for some reason I can’t play the map…every other map launches just fine but when I click Hellmark station it just sits at the loading screen =(

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