Big in Japan promotion returns to PlayStation Store

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Big in Japan promotion returns to PlayStation Store

Save up to 50% on titles like Resident Evil 3, Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball Z: Kararot

The Big in Japan promotion returns to PlayStation Store this Wednesday, September 23! This sale features a vast range of titles originating from a variety of Japanese development studios, with up to 50% on the games included in the promo. 

That includes Capcom’s survival horror remake Resident Evil 3, and Bandai Namco’s double-martial arts whammy of Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball: Kakarot. Favouring a different genre experience or an alternate choice? There’s plenty to choose from when the sale kicks off. Head here if you’re in Europe, and here if you’re in North America for the full sales list on PlayStation Store when the promotion goes live! 

As ever, the sale is on for a limited time, ending Wednesday, October 7 at 23.59pm BST / CEST / PST, 02.59am EST. 

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  • Maybe this time we will get some vita sales.

    • Sony: “What’s a Vita?”

    • Don’t know what’s the problem putting at least once per year one massive sale for old gen generally. Money doesn’t stink after all. I’m eyeing couple vita titles myself but they are for like 40€ or more..

  • Bring back vita, PS1, PS2 Classics, and PS3 sales for the true fans

    • It’s been like a year since sales of any ps3 content stopped. :(

    • Nothing is more PlayStationish than Vita. Ps3 is dead to you too?

    • Preach it. The lack of any sales is absolutely pathetic, especially to their customers. Sony wants to pretend that PS1-3 and Vita never existed. ZERO reason for PS5 not being 100% backwards compatible except they don’t care about your past purchases. They only offered PS4 as BC because of what Microsoft has done.

      Going forward I won’t be buying any non-exclusive titles on the PS store unless at a serious deep discount. I’ll buy the non-exclusives games for PC or XSX. Whenever possible, I’ll buy only physical exclusive PS5 titles to lessen what Sony gets.

      Sony has shown that they don’t care about their gamers’ investments. I half-expect that Sony will even phase out backwards compatibility with PS5 after launch…like they did with PS3. After they removed the chip found in PS3’s launch consoles, they managed to do a decent software emulator for all PS3s until they removed that.

    • Couldn’t agree with you guys more.
      They didn’t even bother removing the last PS3/Vita sale we had a year ago lol! The section’s still there without the drop in price…

  • Awesome my birthday is tomorrow so maybe the wife will let me buy something:)

  • 11pm ET, and neither link works properly.

    • Dude, it’s WEDNESDAY 11 AM EDT, not tues PM for the sale.

      I do have a gripe with how they don’t tell us what the sales are and other sites are doing it. It should come from Sony themselves

    • Whoops. That what happens when skimming goes wrong.

  • Only up to 50%??? Meh.

  • Still nothing

  • add a comment but dont be a jerk…. yet sony are allowed to be that by reducing the blog to a glorified link- sale here US, sale here EU, thanks very much for visiting

  • Saved the equivalent of around 300$ for the day PSP, PS3 and Vita games are discounted again. But it seems you don’t want that money. Nope, not gonna spend that on PS4 titles.

  • Why there are no Vita and PS3 games on the Sale (aside for a few cross-buy titles)?? OMG, Sony, what’s your excuse for stopping PS3/Vita games from getting discounted in general? Or is it a publisher thing and I should contact them with this question? I mean, some Vita titles released 5 years ago still cost the same as a newly released game. How is it possible? Some answers please, Sony!

    • I’ve already contacted several publishers. Some replied that it’s not up to them so I think it’s Sony that’s blocking the sales on legacy platforms to push people onto PS4 because “it only does sales”.
      The only thing they achieved for me is that I’m heavily limitting my purchases on PS4 and keeping that aforementioned 300$ intact for the day, legacy PlayStation games are discounted again.
      And I’m also discouraged from buying PS5 due to their disrespect towards legacy PlayStation customers.

    • @Finka_Karfein Oh, OK, I see. Thank you for your reply. It’s just too bad Sony themselves don’t deem it necessary to post their official replies here anymore, LOL. And yes, I’m not looking forward to purchasing PS5 anytime soon either, mainly due to its lack of BS with all of the previous PS platforms except PS4. I mean, if you can’t bother to make at least PSOne games playable on your new hardware, what kind of ‘brand name’ are you even talking about? lmao

    • That’s Sony PlayStation for ya!

  • Sekiro Shadows Die Twice should be on sale by now.

    That game is still priced £59.99 on the UK store. That price is unacceptable. The game should be £15.99 by now, its been out 18 months.

    I will continue to wait.

  • Resident Evil 3 £24.99 🤔Nah, I’ll wait. Its only worth £10.00.

  • Think you guys really need to reconsider the regional pricing for PS5 games in Australia. $120 for Demon’s Souls is way too much when we’re used to paying $69 – $79 at most retailers this gen.

  • These comments are here to reply to each other. They no longer read the comments here so unless we’re commenting for other users, there’s no point in replying. I’m surprised they haven’t removed comments all together already.

    • Yep. Love all the ‘improvements’ they’ve made to the blog.

      * Drop the drop post like a sack of hot potatoes
      * Stop listing out sales in a grid, just put a link to the store where it’s cumbersome to see what’s included.
      * Stop replying to comments.

      I don’t know why they don’t just shut down the whole blog and save themselves the effort of even putting stuff on it.

    • Welcome to the EU playstation blog that was before the merger.

  • Yet again, the the Vita versions of the games I want to buy are left out of the sale while you have reduced the PS4 version. Why are you so against putting Vita games on sale?

  • Only PS4? No PS3 and Vita? I’ll hack them now

  • Why are the Persona dancing games only on sale for PS4? They are still full price on the VITA.

  • These posts really need to go back to the old way and list the games/prices right in the post itself.

    • EU and USA games are not the same plus listing all the prices in all the currencies covered by this blog would be way too long

  • I’m pretty bummed they didn’t put Suikoden on sale this time…

  • Sale Pricing not showing up on website Store just thought you needed to know

  • Only PS4.. Meh.

  • sony where are the classic ps1 / ps2, ps3 and vita on sales, every month i come here and ask this question but sony never sees….

    • Sony has moved on from old systems and in two months time ps4 will fall into old system and less and less ps4 things will happen over the next few years then it will be dropped off plus games. Upside if they want to sell you classic ps1 to ps3 games there will be remasters of remasters

  • Where are the Vita games for Big In Japan Sale? Vita is a JRPG machine, the only stuff on sale is the CrossBuy stuff.

    Why Sony not coordinate PS3,Vita sales with Publishers/Developers. At least there will some profit…than nothing.

  • Quick to take our money, too lazy to post the list like you used to. Wouldn’t be an issue if browsing the store on a Playstation 4 wasn’t such a horrendous experience, with constant crashes and content not loading. And no, it isn’t my console or my ISP. It happened with my original PS4, and it happens with my PS4 Pro. I’ve also switched ISPs and it still happens. Cannot wait to experience the diarrhea of joy that it will be using the store on the PS5.

  • Ages since I’ve posted here.
    Didn’t get a PS4 this gen.

    I’m planning on getting a PS5 at launch.
    Hopefully it plays every PS4 exclusive flawlessly.

    I want to catch up un the PS4 exclusives I missed.
    First thing I want to try are Shadow of the Colossus and Gravity Rush 1 & 2.

  • I’m waiting for a price drop on Utawarerumono Prelude To The Fallen on Vita to start my journey. I already have the other Vita games but I don’t want to start them without having played the first one.

    …and the price drop comes only for the PS4 version. Come on, Sony! It was released this year alongside the PS4 version! How can a 2020 Vita title be ignored?

    Is there a mandate that stipulates that price drops can only be made for PS4 titles and not PS3, PSP or Vita? Because if there is, it’s a really dumb way to refuse money for yourself and for the developers and publishers that worked so hard to make their games for the Vita (and PSP and PS3). Please get some price drops going! I’m still gaming on my PS3 and Vita!

    • Ever since SIE moved to the US (a massive mistake on every front) they’ve tried as hard as they can to kill the Vita as it’s “not a US thing”.

      They basically said “no more first party titles because others are making games” (which is why they make PS4 games..). Then randomly removed it from commercial sale without any announcement on most the planet (around 2-3 years before the “official” ending). They also removed it from plus at the same time as the much older PS3., and removed various services from the Vita.

      The weird thing is, with next to no effort, and being kind of impossible to buy for most it’s lifespan, the Vita has outsold VR greatly. But VR gets heavily advertised and promoted, and Vita got thrown away. Sony are a bit clueless now. All they know how to do now is make $96 TLoU clones with boring stories. 😁

  • Buy all the ps3 and vita games people as they will no longer be on the ps app store or the website store in a few weeks only on the ps3 broken store and vita store

  • Now do it again !

  • Sale US. Sale EU. What about Sale AU?

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