See the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales new gameplay demo

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See the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales new gameplay demo

Coming to  PS5 and PS4;  PS5 Ultimate Edition detailed.

Hey everyone, 

Today we debuted a brand new 7-minute gameplay video featuring explosive new footage of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. If you missed it, take a look. 

See the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales new gameplay demo

The demo opens with Miles and his best friend, Ganke Lee, walking through their East Harlem neighborhood to an election rally for Miles’s mother, Rio Morales. Here you’ll see some of the characters you’ll get to know during the game and a glimpse at the culture of the neighborhood. We hope you love the beautiful visuals of a wintertime Marvel’s New York, our neon-noir aesthetic for the game, and gorgeous ray-traced* reflections. 

Miles is searching for a sense of belonging in his vibrant new neighborhood, but a war has broken out between a devious energy corporation, Roxxon, and a high-tech criminal army, the Underground. In the gameplay sequence you saw captured from PlayStation 5 hardware, the Underground interrupts the election rally.  

Meanwhile the Underground also attacks a Roxxon convoy on the Braithwaite Bridge in an attempt to steal NuForm energy canisters. NuForm is a highly violate energy source that Roxxon promises can power the entire city cleanly. Here we meet the leader of the Underground, the brilliant Tinkerer. Marvel fans will surely recognize the name of this villain from the comics, but we’re very excited to introduce you to our take on this classic Spider-Man villain. 

Miles races to the bridge, and, using his explosive, new bio-electric venom and camouflage abilities, attempts to stop the Underground while protecting the citizens of Marvel’s New York City. But as Miles endeavors to rise to the challenge of becoming his own Spider-Man, he finds it’s not as easy as just having impressive new powers. 

Beyond the thrilling gameplay, the gameplay video also shows off some of the amazing visuals that are available for the game on PS5. We are taking advantage of the next-generation in many more ways as well for the PS5.  From the silky smooth targeted 60fps frame rate Performance Mode, to feeling the bio-electric venom energy course through your fingertips via the haptic feedback of the DualSense controller, to hearing Marvel’s New York surround you in lush 3D audio*, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be a showpiece for the PlayStation 5. 

We’re also excited today to reveal that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be arriving on both PS5 and PS4.  

Yes, that’s right, we know that some of you may transition to PS5 at different times, which it was why it was important to us to release the latest title in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe on both consoles.  

The standard edition will be available digitally on the PlayStation Store or physically at your local retailer for $49.99. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales also supports a next-gen upgrade path, so even if you aren’t ready to upgrade to PS5 just yet, there’s nothing stopping you from buying the PS4 version and enjoying the game alongside everyone else at launch. While it doesn’t have the enhancements made possible by the console in the PS5 version, the game still looks beautiful on PS4 and PS4 Pro, and you can rest easy that when you do make the jump to PS5, the game comes with you.  

But that’s not all; we have one more surprise for you today. On PS5, we are announcing an Ultimate Edition that includes a voucher code** for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered. You’ll be able to experience the complete storyline up to this point, which includes the remaster of the original game and all three installments of the Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC so you can play the full narrative arc. 

The remaster for the PS5 is no simple up-res, as many of the game’s art assets have been completely updated to take advantage of the PS5 console’s horsepower. You’ll see better-looking characters with improved skin, eyes, hair, and facial animation (including our new, next-generation Peter Parker). You’ll also see ray-traced reflections and ambient shadows, improved lighting, more pedestrians and vehicles stretching further into the distance, and the same optional performance mode offered on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, allowing you to finally play the game at a targeted 60fps frame rate. We’ll be supporting near-instant loading, 3D audio, and the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback. Lastly we’re adding three amazing new Spider-Man suits, new photo mode features, and even new trophies for those of you looking to Platinum the game all over again.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition will launch both physically and digitally on the PlayStation Store for $69.99 on launch day. 

We have been working hard all year to ensure that PS5 will launch with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales as well as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered. We have big plans for the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe with our partners at PlayStation and Marvel, and we cannot wait for you to experience the next adventure with Miles. 

*Features described in this blog post are associated with the PlayStation 5 console experience of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.  PlayStation 5 features are not available on the PlayStation 4.

**Account for PlayStation Network, and internet connection required for code redemption. Code expires 01/01/24. 

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  • Hopefully we can upgrade our PS4 Spider-Man + dlc to the PS5 version.

  • Unexpected PS4 release, but this sounds awesome!

  • Man , i wish i had waited to but a console a little late ! Spiderman – Miles morales PS5 version looks dope !!

  • Hope my save file from the PS4 version can be used with the remastered version of Spider-Man.

    • Second that – I’d love to do a fresh New Game+ playthrough on the remastered edition! Hopefully the remastered edition also includes all the DLC.

      Speaking of which, I need to go back and restart the DLC, I didn’t finish all of it.

    • It won’t. It’s technically a new game, that’s why they mentioned you being able to re-platinum and new trophies. It’ll show up as Spider-Man Remastered in your system and save files/trophies

  • What if I own the PS4 version and DLC of the original game, do I get auto upgraded to the Remastered version?

    • I hope so, apparently a lot ps4 games are backwards compatible, but idk if thats confirmed yet.

    • Just found out that the original game will be backwards compatible, no word yet on free upgrade

    • I wouldn’t mind paying (like $10-15) for an upgrade as long as it doesn’t mean buying the full game again. Probably not gonna happen for the disc version.

    • @Voltan
      you want to pay 10 15 bucks for a patch ?
      cmon thats the same BS activision is doing with black ops

    • Technically that’s a patch but it’s a pretty significant upgrade by the sound of it.
      But anyway – I realized I never played the Spider-Man DLC and wanted to do that before Miles – but since the Season Pass is $20, I guess I’ll just get the ultimate edition instead and play the game again with the PS5 features :)

    • There is no upgrade, it’s a Remaster, and included with Miles Morales Ultimate. You can still play your PS4 copy, but it won’t be the PS5 standard visuals

    • it will be backwards compatible but not remastered. A remaster is being built from the ground up. If u play the ps4 version on your ps5 all you will see is improved lighting

    • Yes I’m sure the graphical difference will be so significant too. Uh-huh.

  • Wait… so it’s a Lost Legacy sized expansion pack that uses the same city as the base game and costs almost as much as a full price AAA game?

    • The base price is $49.99.

      The “full price” version comes with a fully remastered version of the Spiderman PS4 game.

    • @Nonstop_Madness

      I know…I’m saying they’re charging almost full price for an expansion pack of mostly reused assets.

    • it IS full AAA price here in Ireland, 59.99 for the standard edition – no word on the ultimate yet.

      thats why im wondering if i have to spend probably 80 on buying the same game all over again or not.

    • Its based in Harlem not Manhattan

  • Well this all sounds awesome, one question though. Do you get the remastered upgrade to the base Marevel’s Spiderman if you already own the game and the DLC on the PS4? Or if you want the remastered upgrade, you have to buy the game all over again for 70$?

  • Will the 3 new suits be added to the original ps4 version of spider-man or is it for Miles Morales?
    either way, really hope its available to people not ready to make the jump to next gen yet.

  • If I already own the spiderman GOTY edition will that be upgraded for free?

    • No, they didn’t Upgrade. They Remastered. You can still play your copy I believe, but the remastered to PS5 Visuals, and features, requires you to buy the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales

  • If I got the PS5 version, can I have the PS4 version too?
    Because is a nonsense to buy the PS5 version only when I can get both buying the PS4 version.

  • So glad is also coming to PS4!
    This and Persona 5 Scramble will probably be the last games i’ll play on my PS4.
    May replay Marvel’s Spider-Man to celebrate.

  • Definitely won’t be going near this game. Not after the repetitive boredom of the last game.

  • Can’t wait to get the ultimate one on ps4

  • Thank you so much for the PS4 release. As a college student, transitioning to PS5 when it comes out isn’t too feasible. This just made my day!

  • When can we pre order the ps4 version of this game

  • So does my PS4 version of the original game also come with me?

  • Weird question but I’m kinda dumb when it comes to this stuff. Can I buy the Spider-Man:miles morales deluxe edition for ps4?
    And can I upgrade at anytime? Like if I don’t buy a PS5 for a year or so will I still be able to upgrade it whenever I get the PS5?

  • So glad to see the ultimate edition. I purposely didnt play the first Spiderman game with the hope that it would come to PS5, as well as The Last of us II.

  • *Account for PlayStation Network, and internet connection required for code redemption. Code expires 01/01/24.

    NNNNooooooooooooooooooooooo !

    We need a physical edition, please !!!!

  • It is AMAZIING..yeaaahh

  • Will you be able to get the new trophies and suits on the original version of Marvel’s Spider-Man?

  • Loved it already pre-orderd can’t wait.

  • The game looks amazing on the ps5 but I’ll just stick to playing it on my ps4. I’m not picky enough to buy the latest console right off the bat.

  • Do i need to purchase miles morales ultimate edition to get remastered Spiderman ps5? Even if i already purchased it (Spiderman, original) on ps4?

    Will my ps4 Spiderman version get a free remastered upgrade on ps5 or not?

    Same question regarding to demon souls as well.

    Thank you

    • do you realy expect sony to give you the demon souls remaster for free just because you own a decade old game on ps3
      that would make no sense whatsever

  • I’m so excited to play both of em on the PS5, and enjoy while playing it.

  • So, If I already have Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Should I buy the Marvel’s Spider-Man:Miles Morales Ultimate Edition to get the remastered version?.

  • Ok, what about me, that bought the ps4 version of marvel spider-man? Will I be able to update it to the ps5 version with improvements? Freely? Paying?

  • High price for a less than full game.

  • To be clear, I have the PS4 version of Spider-man and all it’s dlc but I need to buy the “remaster” to get the full PS5 experience. That sucks and is insanely greedy.
    Lets see why. Miles Morales uses the same assets, the same game world. You used the high def textures you started with before you had to downgrade it for PS4 (as all game developers do) and you added ray-tracing. So the original game is exactly the same assets as the Miles game and still you want to sell the it as a remaster. Sure I’m angry because Sony decided to treat the European market as second class citizens, but how you guys are handeling this game is a disservice to your hardcore fans who made Spider-man the financial succes it is. I’m very, very disappointed and won’t support this.

  • This will 100% be the first game I play on PS5.

    Miles’ new abilities look really fun and the new battle track is FIRE!!!

    Can’t wait to platinum this like I did Spider-man on PS4!

  • I hope that all of Sony’s 1st party games get a full remake on PS5 but I know that’s wishful thinking. I don’t mind to pay a small upcharge for it since I own them all digitally anyhow, but it seems like if we want an upgrade to Spiderman I have to buy this Ultimate PS5 version now. I would hope it would be available in the store after launch to get on its own for like $20 etc. I won’t be getting a PS5 anytime soon due to finances this year, but I feel like Sony could do a better job of explaining this stuff. The more I hear the more I just want to wait and this is coming from someone who has a digital library of Sony games going back to the PSP. I am a long time fan but am quickly getting frustrated at the bad messaging and confusion here. And with everything that is going on this year I am more likely to just sit this generation out for a very long time. Throw us a bone Sony and help your fans out here so we aren’t lost and just end up not buying anything.

  • The fact that this masterpiece is going to be released on both the console is simply amazing
    I was really disappointed when i got to know that this game will only be released on PS5 but now i am so damn hyped up about this game

  • Ha wow another recycled game Jesus next-gen is already a joke,mad funny how you speak proudly of that and even more funny the sheeps eager to support that cancer…but anyway about the mile’s game,while the bridge sequence was pretty cool mile looks so dumb and those electro powers are cringe as hell,is he electro now?…haha invisibility is cringe too.I’m curious about what Peter is doing that villains can wreck havoc in his city while he doesn’t do anything.

  • Love it ! I’m a ps4 player and i’m so happy i can play this game. KEEP THE GOOD WORK INSOMNIAC AND SONY ! Oh and BTW give it to me ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ NOW. Its too good to be true

  • If I were to buy the PS5 game physically, would it still play on PS4?

  • So cool. But I wonder for spiderman ps5 remaster will it have different fighting styles and different web swing styles also finishers or it will just be faster loading screens.

  • what if i bought the digital ps5? where can i preorder the ultimate launch edition?

  • You know once i thougt what would happen if marvel made a black panther game to honour Chadwick Boseman

  • I AM CALLING IT!!!!! The female in the mask is………… Screwball!!!!

    Once you finish the story………….more Screwball challenges INCOMING


  • man im excited

  • what the!!

    why there’s no free upgrade for ps4 owners?

    This is really shameful,a first party won’t allow it while third party do,plus The competitor provides that, too,SHAME ON YOU

    This is an abhorrent exploitation, I wish Failure failureevery supporter of this greed

  • Will there be a Miles Morales themed PS5?

  • CTRL+F “free”, 0 results.

  • This is the exact kind of Anti Consumer stuff that made me switch to XBox as my primary ecosystem. Oh well, the final value of all these exclusive games is zero as evidenced by PS Plus Collection. Might as well wait for all of them to hit PS Plus before buying their discounted hardware late in the gen.

  • So how do we preorder the ps5 digital version then? Since there will be preorder bonuses how will we get them if we can pre order the digital version

  • Love the diversity but wish I didn’t have to pay for it 😁

  • Are the new suits also comming to the ps4 version?

  • If I’m able to get my hands on ps5, this is the first game I’m getting

  • I really hope the pre order goes out soon on ps4

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