PlayStation global brand spot takes gamers beyond “The Edge” to explore new worlds

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PlayStation global brand spot takes gamers beyond “The Edge” to explore new worlds

PlayStation’s brand tagline, "Play Has No Limits," comes to life in an evocative visual metaphor.

A few months ago, we introduced our first global tagline for the PlayStation brand, Play Has No Limits. Today we are pleased to share our latest global brand spot, “The Edge.” This spot brings the idea of Play Has No Limits to life through an evocative visual metaphor — with gamers taking us on an adventure that they never dreamed could be possible. 

“The Edge” showcases our ambition to challenge the ordinary and continue to push the boundaries of play. We want to raise the bar for our fans and for ourselves as we move into a new generation. The core of our brand is defined by those thrilling moments when our hearts race and we leap into undiscovered adventure. That’s what this new ad is all about. 

PlayStation 5 launches this holiday, delivering a new generation of innovation in gameplay, storytelling, and immersion that will transport players to new worlds at lightning speed. The future of gaming looks incredibly promising, and we want to make a few more promises in turn. We will never stop imagining the future. We will never stop cherishing games, the remarkable people who make them, and the passionate people who play them, because we believe that Play Has No Limits.

We hope you enjoy our new ad and, as a treat for fans, we’ve hidden PlayStation’s iconic symbols in this video for you to find. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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