Discover Tohu, a gorgeous new adventure coming to PS4 later this year

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Discover Tohu, a gorgeous new adventure coming to PS4 later this year

Take a tour of beautiful environments, intriguing characters and juicy puzzles as new details emerge.

Hi everyone! I’m Matt, a producer here at The Irregular Corporation. It’s my absolute pleasure today to take you behind the scenes to show off some more of Tohu, the gorgeous adventure game coming to PS4 which we’re helping to put together with the talented team of puzzle conjurers over at Fireart Games.

What is Tohu? Well, without further ado, Tohu is…

… A tale told across fishy planets

Tohu’s story takes place across a weird and wonderful universe of fish planets. Jump in and you’ll discover a startling variety of locations to explore. From the back of a fetid swamp fish, to the garish hide of a circus seahorse, each location offers up a vivid new visual tapestry to feast your eyes upon.

… The story of a little Girl and her Cubus

From the outset you’ll play as a mysterious little girl who has the unique ability to transform at will into her mechanical alter-ego, Cubus. As The Girl you can nimbly scale precarious environments, as well as squeeze into small spaces to reach new areas. Need something heavy lifting? Then switch to Cubus to get your lift on!

… Inspired by the classics, but made for modern players

Gamers of every ilk will have an opinion one way or another regarding traditional adventure games, but Tohu has been designed from the ground up to be a different kind of adventure game. Our aim is to provide a challenge for players used to the classic titles, but one which can be picked up and played by just about anyone, regardless of their experience with the genre. We want as many people to enjoy Tohu as possible!

… A soundscape crafted by Christopher Larkin, the composer of Hollow Knight

When it came to nailing the unique atmosphere of Tohu it was incredibly important that we got the music just right. Christopher Larkin, best known for his work on the seminal soundtrack for Hollow Knight, lends his talents to that end. It was a constant delight for the core development team to discover where Chris’ ears went with each new theme that he worked on.

… Full of weird and wonderful characters to meet

A man made of junk. A tub-dwelling pawn broker. A terrified mammoth with a penchant for soothing tribal singing. These are just some of the unique folks you’ll meet on your journey across the fish planets. Each character is brought to life with slick and charming animation, and, yes, plenty of them also have secrets of their own for you to uncover!

… A test of your puzzling skill (though not without a kind heart)

It wouldn’t be an adventure game without an opportunity to stretch your brain muscles at some point, right? In Tohu, said puzzles come thick and fast, and though we have a generous hint system for those who need it, there’s a bucketful of satisfaction to be earned through each of the unique conundrums you face. That’s true whether you’re designing moustaches for a bevy of moles, or convincing a troupe of pirates to ‘un-mutiny’.

… Hiding a collection of secret critters to discover

Each area you visit in Tohu is full of detail, ideal for players that like a good mystery to unravel. But look closer still and you’ll discover a tiny army of bizzare critters out there waiting for you to find and collect. Keep your eyes peeled!

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