PlayStation Store: August’s Top Downloads

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PlayStation Store: August’s Top Downloads

Madden, Fall Guys, Call of Duty, and Ghost of Tsushima top the PS4 charts

September has arrived, and with it the PS Store charts for August. We saw strong placements on the PS4 side from Madden NFL 21, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, and Ghost of Tsushima across the US / Canada and EU regions, while Vader Immortal, Beat Saber, and Job Simulator topped the PS VR list on both sides. Meanwhile, newcomer Hyper Scape shot to the top of the Free-to-Play chart in its debut month — well done!

We’ve already seen some big releases in the first week of September… how do you think this month’s charts will shake out?

PS4 Games

US / CanadaEU
1Madden NFL 21Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
2Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Modern Warfare
3Ghost of TsushimaMinecraft
4Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutGhost of Tsushima
6PGA TOUR 2K21Grand Theft Auto V
7MinecraftARK: Survival Evolved
8Grand Theft Auto VCuphead
9NBA 2K20The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
10CupheadF1 2020
11Marvel’s Spider-ManRed Dead Redemption 2
12Mortal ShellAssassin’s Creed Odyssey
13Batman: Arkham KnightMortal Shell
14Red Dead Redemption 2A Way Out
15ARK: Survival EvolvedThe Crew 2
16Madden NFL 20eFootball PES 2020
17Need for Speed HeatTEKKEN 7
19TOM CLANCY’S RAINBOW SIX SIEGEAssassin’s Creed Origins
20Mortal Kombat 11PGA TOUR 2K21

PS VR Games

US / CanadaEU
1Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR SeriesVader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series
2Beat SaberBeat Saber
4Job SimulatorJob Simulator
6The Walking Dead: Saints & SinnersThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
7Pistol WhipPistol Whip
8Marvel’s Iron Man VRMarvel’s Iron Man VR
9The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VRBlood & Truth

Free-to-Play Games

US / CanadaEU
1Hyper ScapeHyper Scape
2Call of Duty: WarzoneCall of Duty: Warzone
4Apex LegendsApex Legends
6Destiny 2Destiny 2
7WarframeeFootball PES 2020 LITE
9Fantasy StrikeWarface

DLC and Expansions

US / CanadaEU
1Fortnite – The Yellowjacket PackFortnite – The Yellowjacket Pack
2Fortnite – Derby Dynamo Challenge PackFortnite – Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack
3Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Fast Food Costume PackFortnite – Metal Team Leader Pack
4Fortnite – Batman Caped Crusader PackFortnite – Batman Caped Crusader Pack
5Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Collector’s PackFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Fast Food Costume Pack
6Fortnite – Metal Team Leader PackFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Collector’s Pack
7Call of Duty: Warzone – Starter PackFortnite – Summer Legends Pack
8Rogue Company: Starter Founder’s PackCall of Duty: Warzone – Starter Pack
9Fortnite – Summer Legends PackRogue Company: Starter Founder’s Pack
10For Honor – Warmonger HeroFor Honor – Warmonger Hero

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  • Kinda surprised to not see TLOU 2 in the top 20.

  • Stop buying Madden!

  • I’m kind of surprised Fall Guys was so high in both. These don’t take into account PS+ downloads just sales. So that many people actually bought it in August? In which case, why? It was free and you have to have PS+ to play it so anyone who bought it had the option to get it for free. Quite puzzling.

    • It’s it “top downloads” not sales?

    • Good point. Maybe parents bought it for the kids before realizing they have to pony up for PS+ anyways? In which case, they got suckered.

    • @MiseryPrincess When you go back and look at prior months you never see that PS Plus games in the charts so that can’t be. Rocket League wasn’t in the charts the month it came out. Sonic Forces was said to be the most claimed PS Plus game prior to Fall Guys and it wasn’t in the charts either. So yeah these charts are strictly sales and not downloads.

  • Spiderman is a Juggernaut. People excited for Miles Morales are probably buying it.

    Tsushima has far exceeded the wildest sales expectations from Sony. Legends should extend sales further. Sony has to capitalize on Ghost the same way they did with HZD. They must promote it heavily on PS5 with impressive technical improvements. Support Legends with new maps and gear, keep this going. Sony extended the sales of Days Gone, HZD, Spiderman, GT Sport, and Uncharted 4 with DLC and numerous free updates. It’s unfortunate that TLoU 2 has fallen off, but i believe a rebranding of the game on PS5 is in store. Perhaps an enhanced edition will release on PS5 featuring mp? It needs a boost. The negative propaganda appears to have impacted the longevity of sales similarly to Death Stranding. Ppl are shameful swines. Death Stranding was a fantastic game that preached love and community yet ppl ripped it. I hope it gets a PS5 revive.

    I’m pretty disappointed my PS4 bricked with Tsushima inside so i can no longer play it nor can i access any of my PS4 screen shots. It happened more than two weeks ago and i never finished the sheer masterpiece that is Tsushima. Yes, the game is phenomenal and among the best open world games this gen. Unlike many open world games it ran well and featured absolutely spectacular combat.

    The success of Skater XL and Tony Hawk show us how hungry ppl are for a new Skating game. Props to Mortal Shell.

    • My condolences for your bricked system. That’s gotta suck, man. Good points you made all around. Best of luck with your next system.

  • Neil being fired in 5,4…
    Old director fired, 5 years in development, 10s of million in costs, no multiplayer, fanbase furiously upset.
    Not EVEN in the top 20 2 months later.

    • Neil isn’t going anywhere LOL. The game sold more in the first three days than any other PlayStation game ever. They made their money back and then some right then and there. Their “fanbase” doesn’t just consist of the small group of babies on the internet like you who haven’t even played the game.

      As for the multiplayer they said that was a standalone thing coming later.

    • ^agreed. I thought the game was great. Disagreed with a few story points, but it was still fun to play. Gameplay was improved on and even better in this one.

    • Strongly agree.Ignore Mercenary09,he’s just butthurt that his beloved tlou2 got bodied by fallguys…🤣🤣🤣 and a two year old game like spider-man😂😂😂.ND fans are crying right now👌😘

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