Twilight Path announced for PS VR, out next month

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Twilight Path announced for PS VR, out next month

Get your first look at the intriguing fantasy world you’ll explore and characters you’ll meet in the upcoming puzzle adventure.

Hi, I’m Alan Jernigan, Studio Director of Charm Games and I’d like to tell you a bit about our fantasy adventure Twilight Path, coming to Playstation VR this October.

Twilight Path was inspired by beautiful fantasy and adventure movies from our childhoods in the 80s and 90s, a time when innovative special effects created new ways to bring classic tales to life on screen. The wonder of these films is that they transported us to beautiful, magical worlds, completely unlike real life. 

Our small but capable Vancouver-based team, led by our Creative Director Derek Young, wanted to use the modern magic of VR to create our own impossible world, a first-person interactive fairytale, and fill it with characters and stories you can not only watch but co-exist with.

Twilight Path announced for PS VR, out next month

The land of Twilight

Twilight Path is set in a surreal realm between the real world and the afterlife. In this story-driven adventure, you’re mysteriously transported to the land of Twilight. You’ll awaken in this fantasy world to discover you’ve become trapped, and your only way home leads through the ancient remnants of a land that has been home to wandering spirits and souls for countless generations.

Twilight Path

Meet your companions, denizens of Twilight

From the beginning of your adventure, you’ll have help from a group of unlikely companions on their own journey. They’ll stay by your side to assist you from time to time when the moment calls for it. Only by working together can you each find your way home.


Twilight Path

The ferryman of Twilight, is responsible for picking up lost souls and giving them safe passage. He has traveled throughout the land, and seen every landmark, big and small. If there’s a particular leaf out of place on a particular tree, he would know. Or he did know – it’s been a few millennia since he last saw a lost soul like you, so his memory may be a bit more rusty than he realizes.


Twilight Path

The cantankerous fire spirit who keeps Barque’s engines running. A unique presence, he probably hails from a land full of fire spirits, but he doesn’t say much about the past. Nobody knows how his flame stays lit, though most assume it’s his fiery temper. It’s a testament to their bond that Singe and Barque have stayed friends through so many heated conversations.


Twilight Path

A magical faerie navigator and guide. She’s a level-headed problem solver, and prepared for any challenge. Nix can light the way ahead no matter how dark the path, and she’s surprisingly strong for being half an inch tall. While Barque and Singe argue over how to storm the castle gates, Nix will confidently go over the wall and suggest that this whole thing might be a lot easier if the rest of the team would just learn how to fly.

Solve puzzles to make your escape               

No adventure would be complete without puzzles to solve, and throughout Twilight Path you’ll find obstacles in the way of you and your newfound friends. We’ve built off of our experience from our award-winning previous game FORM, using the beautiful setting to create puzzles that are deeply grounded in their surroundings.

PS Move controllers put your hands in the world, giving you the ability to interact with objects you find to solve puzzles. During your travels you’ll discover a pair of helpful magical powers, giving you the ability to control things beyond your grasp, and to reveal hidden sights and sounds. You’ll also be able to transport yourself forward through the world to advance the story at your own pace. Using intuitive motion with your hands and controller buttons, you’ll feel the wonder of restoring and reanimating huge relics, neglected for thousands of years.

As you explore deeper into the ruins and history of the land of Twilight, you’ll discover the true nature of the power that brought you here, and the force blocking your path home. Your unique abilities will make the difference for your ragtag group – either overcome the barriers between you and home, or remain trapped forever.

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