Minecraft adds PS VR support this month

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Minecraft adds PS VR support this month

New update will allow you to enjoy Mojang Studios’ game fully in VR. 

This has been much requested, and much discussed amongst our Minecraft PlayStation community and players but, I can finally say something officially about it. Yes, we are bringing PlayStation VR support to Minecraft, and we’re doing it very soon! This month, in fact!! 

Yes, that soon!

Us Mojang folks have been bursting to say something about this for ages! PS VR support has actually been a planned PS4 feature since we got the thumbs-up from Sony to bring cross platform play and the Bedrock version to PlayStation 4. There was never any question of would we, just when.

Minecraft x PlayStation VR

So, I guess you’ll be wanting to know some details? 

Once we’ve finished the final bits of polish to the experience, the PS VR support will arrive via a patch for the main Minecraft game. Everyone who has Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will get that patch automatically. Download that patch and you’ll get access to the new Minecraft VR functionality. Of course, you’ll need a PS VR setup in order to use it. All of you have one of those right?! 

But what is Minecraft x PlayStation VR, I hear you say? 

Well <drum roll>… it’s Minecraft, but in stellar VR. It is 100% the same Minecraft game that you can play every day, every week, every month, every year…on PlayStation 4. Nothing removed. 100% wholesome & pure full-fat Minecraft.

Minecraft x PlayStation VR

But surely there must be something different?

Yes, of course! There’s a bunch of new settings & guidance so that you can tweak the VR experience to your needs. There’s also two main ways you can play the game in VR: Immersive and Living Room modes. We think both are cool, but it’s up to you. 

Just like the main game, you use your DualShock 4 controller to move around and do all the crafting and choppy/fighty things that you need to do, but you’ll be fully immersed in your Minecraft world. I guarantee you will jump out of your skin at some point.

Minecraft x PlayStation VR

Despite the pandemic adjusting how we develop Minecraft, development on Minecraft for PS VR has been relatively drama-free. Dare I say it, normal, even. The Minecraft x PSVR experience itself is based on the Minecraft VR tech that we developed for other VR platforms a few years back. SkyBox Labs took that and have been working their magic to convert and optimise the existing tech for PS VR. And, of course, our friends at Sony have been there all along the way to guide us because they know their system better than anyone. 

It’s been a brilliant team effort and we’re so excited for PlayStation VR’s players to get to experience a gorgeous, immersive version of Minecraft!

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  • Not a Minecrafter myself, but this is huge. Very nice.

    • This is fantastic news Roger! Credit to Mojang and Microsoft for allowing the PlayStation edition to get this feature.
      Minecraft could really benefit from VR. I’ve built a lovely two-floor glass beach house on the coast of a jungle which I occasionally visit to relax. I can’t wait to see it in VR!

    • I despise Minecraft but this is huge for PSVR. It’s time to jump in, VR is full of great titles rn.

      I’m not surprised MS allowed this considering PSVR is by far the best selling VR HMD.

    • Can we use the Moves to play?

    • Cool. But I WISH you could use motion controllers.

  • Awesome news !!! Was hoping this would eventually be happening!!!

  • Awesome news, I’m so ready! There had better be the option for smooth turning and smooth locomotion though.

  • Very nice!

  • This actually amazing to see.

  • So no MOVE CONTROLLER support? Sp it’s actually just a head mounted TV mod. Not in any way like the oculus mods that make the game actually fun. Gotcha. GG Playstation. Another almost good job. Fail.

    • Right.. because if it uses a DS4 it clearly doesn’t have any VR technology in it and is merely a 2D experience..

      Do you even realize what it takes to make a game VR?

    • having move controller support wont work as well as other HMDs for just the sole reason is that it can only perfectly track with 45° either side making the experience not as immersive especially with the design of the move controller a redesigned vr controller with sticks and full 360° tracking would be perfect the DS4 is perfect for minecraft anyway as much as i would love move support i don’t see it providing a better experience especially for turning i’m sure it would still be amazing to walk around your builds in vr or play with friends and feel like they’re there with you especially if you haven’t been able to see them for months

    • honestly there are so many psvr titles that could become amazing psvr games if they just added move controller support for example, Firewall Zero Hour, I think if they added move controller support and made matches longer that it could easily be the best game on psvr. Same goes here for minecraft, if they just added move clntroller support it would probably become the best PSVR game out there. Still probably will get a lot of people playing it since its minecraft.

    • How exactly would adding move support benefit in any way for this game?

    • @MrBeens you would be able to hit enemies by swinging your weapon, dig with arm motion, etc. You could more quickly and efficiently point where you want to place building blocks. It’s definitely a shame there is no Move support because the controls are more immersive and VR is all about immersion, but it’s not at all as bad as psykram is suggesting. He is clearly an idiot. The VR support is awesome, and Move controls could always get added in another phase, or when better controls come out for next gen VR.

    • They will probably do it soon

    • I am so excited to see and play minecraft vr mode😆🌐

    • si no ponen soporte para psmove
      Juro que me cambio a xbox

    • Tyler thats not how it works

    • For those complaining about having to use the ps controller vs the move controllers. Do you not realize how tired your arms would get mining blocks?

  • its amazing news,but what about servers?when will servers come to ps4?

    • Ya I’m wondering the same thing. I’m super hyped for this, but no realm support is getting ridiculous. It’s been like 6+ months, and I haven’t even seen an update about why it’s taking so long.

  • Sweet! Was planning on more PSVR gametime, now it’s not that hot and while waiting for PS5 :)

  • Huge news.

  • All of the sudden a game that seemed irrelevant becomes intriguing. Just another one of VR’s superpowers.

  • GameCats… (dramatic pause) ….Assemble

  • Sky Wars is going to be crazy!

  • will it be in the demo version?

  • The lack of any mention of Move Controllers has me cautious. I’m holding onto my cash until confirmed or added.

    • they aren’t going to add it. This is just a port of the oculus go/win10 vr version

    • Uhh dude, the VR update is free.

    • @rangerry

      Windows 10 edition has motion controller support on oculus. Not only that, oculus has less buttons than PlayStation VR. Still shouldn’t get our hopes up too high though.

    • See adding a whole new pair of controllers are quite difficult and same for me, I do want to see move controllers, and they most likely will add it if not in the new update then. quite quick after that because that would be awesome and a lot of people are going to spam, so you shouldn’t have to wait that long

    • No lo han confirmado
      Pero se espera que si

  • I love to see that Minecraft VR is coming, but when will we be allowed to have servers and realms?

  • Nothing was ever stopping you from bringing PSVR to the game before, except your awful specifically designed “Xbox Live account required for absolutely no reason except being a scam gateway to Xbox services” “version” of the game that YOU designed and released.
    What other of the 300 games on PS4 with cross play since launch, needs an Xbox Live account to work???

    What happened to you? You were the team that were wizards with PS3 hardware from the beginning. You made a better port of TES Oblivion on PS3 than the developer themselves on 360 lol.

    You have some astounding porting talent and it’s all wasted on Minecraft of all things lol.

    • Oh stop whining. Go back to Fortnite with the rest of the kids.

    • Are you really talking to Mojang as if they are Sony?

    • You realize that 4J, not sony, developed the original PS4 version, right? And you’re aware that Microsoft, not Sony, owns the IP, right? Once bedrock launched for PS4, an xbox account became required because Microsoft, not Sony, owns the game. And the current version, Bedrock? Yeah, Sony didn’t design that either. Sony isn’t a developer. They’re a platform and a publisher.

      They couldn’t bring VR to it before because they simply weren’t allowed.

  • That is Awesome! And I am so Excited for this!! But… Move controller support would have been a bonus

  • Much appreciated, This is indeed good news, thank you for all the hard work.

    Still, I have to be honest, lack of move support is a shame.

  • Hopefully they roll out server support and move compatibility on release or at least soon after.

  • A good step forward, but a massive missed opportunity. This will be disappointing to many players. You should have taken this chance to add psvr support with the move controllers and update the win10 versions vr to use vr controllers. That would have been great for the community and boosted sales a lot more than this will

  • This is fantastic to hear! My only concern is the lack of move controller support as it immensely improves any VR experience. I hope it’s not just playable with the DualShock4!

  • Great news but can we us ps motion controller if you can’t find a good way to do I would say do the ref Room controlles

  • I very surprised that there’s not a option for the VR controllers. That would really make the experience real!

  • Never played Minecraft, definitely the best time to jump in!

  • Well it is a free update. Be happy.

  • Been looking forward to this for a long time, will definitely get me back into it.

    Could you please expand on the Immersive and Living Room modes?

  • But we’ll can play with PS Move too? I really want to play Minecraft in VR, I’m so excited


  • Please add ps move controller so that it can be more immersive,And so we can Use our real hands! I was a tad bit disappointed to see there was no move support, please add it as an option please

  • Can you use the PSVR motion controllers instead? Or is it just the Dualshock controller?

  • But can we use motion controllers? I feel like just standing up with a dualshock takes away from the immersion.

  • Will it have support for the move motion controllers?

    • But what’s the point if we can’t use the vr motion controllers? I’d rather wait longer for that to be implemented than play without it…

  • Great news. Now add EastEnders skins. My mother had a stroke a few years ago, and I’m trying to get her to play video games to train her brain, but it won’t happen without EastEnders something.

  • I was on board with the idea until he mentioned that you use the Dualshock 4 to play. That is the biggest way to kill immersion. The PC version allows use of Touch Controllers. PS4 version should allow use of Move controllers. Won’t be playing this update unless they change it. I don’t use PS VR much anymore anyway. Not since experiencing PC VR with 360 degree wireless tracking.

  • Is there any conceivable possible way that you can make it to where we can use the move controllers with Minecraft PSVR?!?!?!?

  • Microsoft listening to the PS fans and approving Mojang to develop VR for PS4. Big step for Minecraft fans to enjoy this.

  • Will There Be Support For The Move Controllers?

  • I see now sign of the move controllers being usable. So I’m screwed, with this et park wired controller from Amazon.

  • That’s pretty epic bro

  • Nice.. Any word of when realms will be available?

  • But what’s the point if we can’t use the vr motion controllers? I’d rather wait longer for that to be implemented than play without it…

  • Will there ever be move support

  • Are you not able to use motion controllers or will that come later date think it will make it feel more like minecraft

  • Is motion controls not available will they ever be will make it feel more like minecraft

  • Can we use the move controllers

  • Will there be move Controller support?

  • Why won’t they add realms? I really don’t care about vr but I know it’s cool but it would be nice to play with folks on a server

  • Just wondering will it support PlayStation Move controllers.

  • While I’m not a Minecraft fan, I suppose adding support for PS VR could make it interesting, but it also depends on its execution as well.

  • Yay my psvr just stopped working yesterday

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