Ride 4 takes races to a whole new level on PS5

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Ride 4 takes races to a whole new level on PS5

Find out how the console’s SSD and DualSense features will make you feel like you're on the track come January 21.

The launch of a next-gen console is always an exciting time for any game developer. We usually face two different situations: on one side we have plenty of ideas and secret wishes about what we’d love to implement and improve, while on the other side we know we’re just scratching the surface of what new possibilities await.

Ride 4 takes races to a whole new level on PS5

Every new console is a whole new universe to explore and it is always so inspiring when you can mix new hardware power and technologies with the creativity and the experience of your development team. That’s why we’re all so thrilled that Ride 4 is coming to PS5 on January 21, 2021.

Ride 4

PS5’s specifications are incredibly inviting for a racing franchise like Ride, where players expect to experience the excitement of riding a 200 HP bike in fast-paced, adrenaline-filled races all over the world. 

We will now be able to deliver a smoother gameplay experience at 60FPS with a resolution up to 4K. That means players will be able to enjoy their beloved bikes with the highest quality for shaders and textures, with a never before seen level of detail for both bikes and environments. Your riding experience will also be more precise, satisfying and natural.

And all races — both online and offline — will be even more compelling as up to 20 riders will be competing for victory!

Ride 4

Thanks to PS5’s SSD, loading times will be significantly reduced. That means less waiting time before races, but also a better gameplay experience during them. That’s because the SSD will enable faster streaming of textures, allowing us to better immerse players in our environments while they roar around tracks at 300 km/h.

Ride 4

Last, but definitely not least, Ride 4 fans will experience the power of PS5’s DualSense wireless controller. Gas and brake levers will have their own resistance to transmit the same sensations as their real-life counterparts. We are also leveraging haptic feedback to let players feel their vehicle’s vibrations, just like when they ride on the streets.

This is just the start of what it means to compete at full speed with Ride 4 on PS5 — the race has just begun!

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  • Really happy for the guys at Milestone for their excitment in regards to the PS5.

    But most of us would be even more happy if the corporate overlords from Sony decide to bestow upon us peasants the price and release date of the PS5.

    Thank you very much

    • Do you see this comment Sony?

      This is what we want we’ve been waiting patiently for sometime now but for some reason you keep stalling on giving us a date, a price and maybe info about what is inside this system like the actual working mechanics of this device!

      Just maybe every PlayStation gamer just wants the damn announcement now I don’t care what Microsoft is selling their system for I’m buying a PlayStation 5 and so is everyone else I know that’s a gamer all where asking for is an announcement please!!!!!

  • I am very happy that now even the third party games are using the ps5 dualsense features.

  • Sooooo frickin excited for PS5 .. just hope I can secure a console on day 1 (but damnit, I want a black console 😔) anyways .. not cool releasing pre-order to US only .. what about the rest of us .. this is hammering my anxiety to pieces .. been with Sony since PS1 .. you’re in my blood .. please give us pre-order in UK – EU – ASIA – AUSTRALIA ect. ….. pretty please 🙏❤️

  • Can’t wait…. but… with us being so close to the PS5 being released. Too many questions. If your buy the PS4 version in October, will it auto upgrade to PS5 in January. Or do I have to sell the other kidney for all the digital upgrade costs I might be expecting to cash out. Stop playing chicken with XBOX and let your consumers plan for a very expensive period of the year.

  • it needs VR, like any racing game

  • Sorry but racing game without PSVR support in 2020 can’t be called “next gen”.

  • I’ve preordered this for PS5, would we be allowed a PS5 version upgrade for free?

  • Its Cool that Yall Showing these cool games to see the PS5 at Optimum Peak Performance. I have just one more question I would like to ask : ” Will We Get to See More Spiderman: Miles Morales Gameplay ? ”
    That’s All I want to Know And Yall Have A Blessed Evening.

  • Playstation Never Dissapoints.

  • It boggles my mind, there’ so little information regarding PS5. This has to be one of the worst Playstation releases I’ve ever seen. I’m almost offended by the fact Sony feels they, do not need to share any more information regarding the PS5. WTF!!What is the damn price? What is the release dates? What games are available at launch? What other features does the PS5 have that we should be excited about. I really hate how Sony is handling the release of PS5 news. Very very disappointed!

  • The Gran Turismo series of Motorcycle games. I will be buying this on day one release for the PS5. They just need to hurry up and release both the PlayStation 5 and this game. I promise to buy them both one day one.

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