How to build your battlemage in Spellbreak, out today on PS4

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How to build your battlemage in Spellbreak, out today on PS4

Strategically select your class, gear and talents to ensure maximum magical devastation.

Hello, potential battlemages! My name is Jesse Kurlancheek and I’m the Design Director here at Proletariat, the developers behind Spellbreak. Spellbreak is a competitive third-person action-spellcasting game where you take on the role of a powerful battlemage and it releases for free today! In a previous post, I described the six classes available at launch and gave a brief overview of what they could do. In this post, I want to look a bit deeper at some of the many abilities and build customizations options available for you to create a character best suited to your playstyle.

How to build your battlemage in Spellbreak, out today on PS4

A quick refresher on How to Build a Battlemage in Spellbreak: 


Your class is your biggest upfront decision. It dictates your primary spell and sorcery as well as the four skills you’ll unlock over the course of the match. 


Another decision you’ll make pre-match. You can choose up to three different talents that give you passive benefits, each changing the way you play.


Once you’re in a game, you’ll find various pieces of equipment on the ground, in chests, and dropped by other players. 

  • Offhand Gauntlet – This gives you a second spell and sorcery and can be used to combine elements with your chosen class. 
  • Rune – Your rune gives you access to a variety of movement abilities on fairly short cooldowns. 
  • Amulet, Belts, and Boots – These increase your maximum mana, maximum armor, and maximum movement speed, respectively.

Build Example 1

Here’s a flexible build that focuses on making it easier to hit and track targets, a good mix of mobility options, as well as solid offensive and defensive options. 


The Pyromancer gives you access to Fireballs and Flamewall, both of which have large areas of effect when paired with the class skills. Additionally, the level two skill, Firefly, gives you surprising amounts of mobility by flying through your Flamewalls. 


  • Tracking – This lets you highlight any target you tag for a few seconds, letting you keep track of them even behind terrain or other obstacles.
  • Fervor – The base cast time on Fireball is a little slow, but Fervor speeds up your cast speed allowing you to fling more of them, more often. 
  • Recovery – Whenever you take any damage, Recovery will slowly heal 50% of it back over a short time period. If you get hit, dodge behind some cover and heal back for free!


  • Offhand Gauntlet – I’m a big fan of pairing a Toxic gauntlet up with Fire since when you combine the two elements, you can cause a massive explosion for bonus damage. Setting toxic puddles on fire can give you some decent area control as well. 
  • Rune – Featherfall lets you launch yourself into the air and when paired with both Fire and Toxic’s area of effects and Tracking’s highlighting, you can stay above your enemies and ensure lots of damage.

Build Example 2

At the other end of the spectrum, here’s a build specializing in damage at the expense of all else. Your goal with this build is to open up on someone, expend all of your resources and hope you burst them down before they know what hit them. 


The Conduit gives you access to Lighting Bolts and their passive skill, Potential Energy, which ramps up your damage the longer your cast. To leverage this, we’re going to want to help you get in position and stay on your targets. The final Conduit skill, Power Surge, makes your spell casts free for a few seconds as well, so once you’re “spun up” you are a true force of destruction.


  • Focused Mana – Whenever your mana is at 80% or higher, you’ll get a damage bonus from this talent. Lightning Bolt’s cost is on the low side and this will let your talent pick up the slack until Potential Energy takes over towards the end of your mana bar.
  • Fervor – Similarly, more cast speed provided by Fervor will let you ramp up your damage stacks faster as well. 
  • Recklessness – Now we’re getting dangerous. Recklessness increases your damage when you have NO armor. We’re going to intentionally never pick up a belt with this build to keep this buff up at all times. The downside is that… well, you have no armor, so you’ll have to be extra careful.


  • Offhand Gauntlet – Keep leaning in to the theme and go with Frost as an offhand. It’s about as close as you’ll get to a sniper rifle and while Lightning is decent at range, Frost is the best option if your target is far away.  
  • Rune – Invisibility not only gives you an escape, which you’re painfully lacking, but it also lets you get in close to unsuspecting targets to take advantage of them being out of position. 

I could go on and on, but hopefully this gives you a brief insight into what’s possible when building your own battlemage in Spellbreak. We’ll be adding new talents, runes, and even classes going forward, unlocking even more possible combinations. We’d love to see what builds you come up!

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2 Author Replies

  • platinum trophy?

  • Just tried this game out and thoroughly enjoyed it. Proletariat, I think you all may have something special on your hands.

    I think the amount of customization that you have over your build really adds a neat layer to this game, from the way spells and sorceries combine, to the wide array of talents you can pick from.

    Friendly fire being enabled is an interesting touch, but I kind of like that forces you to play a bit more carefully around your teammates (and around your own spells!).

    Overall, I liked what I played and I’m looking forward to putting more time into this.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying and look forward to any feedback you have down the road.

      As for FF – things can get hectic on the battlefield and it’s a good idea to watch your step (or aim, I guess…) :)


  • PS5 price and release date. This is what we are ALL waiting for. What’s the problem? PS4 price reveal = JUNE. PS5 price reveal? ITS SEPTEMBER ALREADY!

  • Hey Jesse Kurlancheek or someone working on the game.. I would like to give my feedback…
    1st please give a mire acurate audio editing… the main menu audio hurts my ears and no matter what I do it doesnt lower the volume, everytime I start a game or pick a class or edit something there is this mystical spell effect and I promise you its too goddamn loud… its neet but too loud without option to lower it..
    2nd please make winning look better… the winning screen is very boring… no difference from when you dont win.. the only difference is that one says winner the other shows who kills you and then shows yourself.. it takes off from the feeling of victory and deminishes enjoyment… one 2 times in a row on my first night with the game, loved it but the winning screen made it feel like I didnt do anything special.. let the character have a special cutscene if they win or if thats too much let them do a special emote that only happens if you win… and please dont tell me thats what you unlock at tear 10 class because that means people have to grind class levels for their wins to only feel slightly more meaningful and enjoyable? Its kinda dumb.. needs a fix.
    3rd im really digging the game since day 1 of it being announced.. and playing it feels every more fun… but you know how gamers are and for people to keep playing you have to make them have a reason for the game to not feel like they already finished the peak… so even tho the tease you guys give that down the line there might be more classes and guantlets I think adding more to the map like environmental hazzard that trigger bigger area effect on the map coul be experimented… the game loop seems to not care on the map at all and makes it feel like i doesnt make a difference whether you play on this map or any other map.. and tho that has its plus for newcomers after a while it might feel a but stale…
    Last feedback:
    The ping system and map.. feels slow, and sometimes like its unresponsive? The ping feels like its running on its own seperate engine and has an awkard button layout for pinging things (most games use L3 for running) it feels slow and doesnt highltight enough thats easy to see seems to small, and my feedback on the map is that there is no zoom to look better at the map nor is there a way to easily find yourself.. as a new player I constantly take like 30 secs looking for my spot on the map.. thats a problem people can kill me while I do that and it makes the map less of a information gathering to know where you are and what to do and more like a thing thats nice its their but doesnt really fill its purpose.. not being able to zoom on the map limits the ability to planning routes since you cant see enough details and your character not being able to not be seen at a glance on the map makes it that people start using it less and less.. also the game having any truly memorable spots on the map at some type defeats the purpose of it :/

    Does are my main feedbacks.. really enjoyed the game got me out of playing more mainstream battle royales like warzone so it felt very nice and clicked immediatly with me… looking forward to more of it and seeing you guys grow and become more popular and who knows maybe even mainstream for the gamimg community

  • Sorry if my feedback was a bit too long btw.. hope you read it tho.

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