Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV headline PS Now’s September lineup

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Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV headline PS Now’s September lineup

Sport sim WWE 2K19 and sci-fi puzzle horror Observation also join this month.

Face a terrifying descent into America’s deep South, take a road trip with royalty, become legend in the ring and save a space station from annihilation with this month’s PS Now games. With Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy XV, WWE 2K19 and Observation launching today, you’re spoilt for choice as to what your next PS4 adventure will be.

Let’s take a closer look at the games.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV headline PS Now’s September lineup

Step into a Resident Evil experience quite unlike anything you’ve ever encountered as the series embarks on an ambitious approach that plunges you neck-deep into an adrenaline pumping nightmare. Trade the series classic third-person gameplay and stylized visuals for an unsettlingly realistic, first-person adventure, filled with a grueling atmosphere, stomach-turning design and a hauntingly unhinged cast of new characters. Set among the isolated rural estates of America’s deep South, nothing is quite as it seems and nowhere is truly safe. 

Resident Evil 7 biohazard is available until November 30, 2020. 

Final Fantasy XV 

Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV headline PS Now’s September lineup

Join Prince Noctis and his closest friends as they fight against the empire in an effort to take back their fallen kingdom. A unique fantasy world teeming with exotic wildlife, nefarious beasts and ancient treasures lies in wait.

Wield devastating magic and powerful cooperative attacks in a tactical real-time battle system to crush those that stand in your way. Discover and modify new weapons and armour as you go, developing new skills and strengths with each successive victory. 

Final Fantasy XV is available until March 1, 2021.

WWE 2K19

Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV headline PS Now’s September lineup

Take on or play as WWE and NXT’s most popular Superstars and Legends in one of the franchise’s biggest rosters to date in a variety of match types and options, extensive creation capabilities, fan-favorite modes and much more. Includes an all-new MyCareer experience and new game modes such as 2K Towers and the return of 2K Showcase, highlighting the Return of Daniel Bryan. 


Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV headline PS Now’s September lineup

This  cinematic sci-fi thriller told through the lens of a space station’s artificial intelligence. Take on the role of S.A.M., an AI system installed on the low orbit space station “Observation” in 2026 and take control of the station’s control systems. A mysterious event has caused the station to lose power and forced S.A.M. to reboot. With most of your systems offline, you must work with the only crew member you can find, Dr Emma Fisher, and attempt to restore your systems to discover the fate of the station and its crew. 

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  • That Final Fantasy XV looks very good to me!

    • RE7, FFXV, and Observation are solid additions. Last month was fantastic, this month’s additions are decent.

      With the 25% off sale PSNow comes to $3.75 PER MONTH. 800 games. Download and streaming. PS2, PS3, PS4. Well worth it. Best value on console.

    • @iamtylerdurden1

      Where do you see this sale? Showing $60 bucks for me. I never bought PSNow once.

  • Nice so two games coming or already on gamepass. A game you can get for under $10 and the worst wrestling game in recent memory. What a month to be PS Now member.

    • WWE 2k20 is the worst wresting game in recent memory 2k19 actually works and got good reviews

    • And? I’d imagine most PS Now subscribers don’t also have Gamepass. I’m happy with FFXV, been wanting to play that for ages.

    • WWE 2K20 was the worst wrestling game in recent memory. And that ones on game pass. But nice try tho. Imagine crying.

    • Lol they announced RE7 coming to Game Pass TODAY! On a sidenote, if you pay for annual, PS Now is half the price of game pass. So you get much of the same games for half the price. Sounds like the better service to me.

    • Gampass ultimate is by far a better deal! 13euro tons of games and EA Play and online play. Free Xbox cloud gaming Oh and of course you can play on PC too with gamepass for PC!

      So no ps Now cannot compete.

  • I expected better seen as though you gave us the middle finger with the Plus games… Very disappointing. The newest AAA game is a 2 year old Wrestling game… Laughable.

  • I love playstation but sometimes is just disappointed, you don’t want to embrace backwards compatibility and yet you don’t use this ps now to add more ps1, ps2, ps3, ps vita games. So many amazing games in those console.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      So many games like Resistance 2 & Retribution, Motorstorm 2, Killzone Mercenary, the OG ratchet and clanks, Medieval 2, Uncharted GA, and more from the PS1 through the the Vita that are SONY games they just left to die, It’s shocking.

      Put them on PS NOW and give them a 2nd life.

    • EXACTLY. PS Now could be the answer to backwards compatibility. If you go on the PS3 PS Store, and search, “Classic” there are over 300 PS1 and PS2 games that were optimized for the PS3. Meaning they can all be played on PS Now.

      300 CLASSIC GAMES Sony isn’t doing anything with. But think about the exclusives that Sony could just ad without permission from 3rd party publishers.

      Ratchet, Jak & Daxter, Fat Princess and more.

    • @Ultigamer500 PSNow isn’t the service that could be the answer to backwards compatibility, it’s the excuse NOT to enable it on current and next gen. Sony could easily enable an emulator for PS1/2 but instead they opt for making people subscribe for that “service”.

      As for your other point in the topic: Gamepass is not twice the price of PS Now, that’s just something PS owners (apologists) tout to make them feel better about not having such a service available to them. Sure, if you pay the original asking price then it is £90 per year but to get it at it’s cheapest you can purchase up to 3 years of Xbox Live and then for just one pound/euro/dollar you can buy Gamepass which will extend to all current Live subscription duration. PS Now has NEVER offered such a deal to its “loyal” customers and likely never will.

      Don’t be a Sony fanboy (or any fanboy for that matter) you’ll potentially end up talking yourself into some poor choices.

      Disclaimer: I do not own any Xbox console this generation.

    • @Gotrek_74 You’re wrong actually. Yes, in theory PS1 and PS2 could be played on PS5. But if it isnt, then PS Now could be the solution. And as someone who does have the ability to use Gamepass, I can tell you that even using the 3 year plus a dollar thing, it would still be more expensive than PS Now. And not as good because you have less games. It’s not about being a “fanboy”. It’s about realizing what’s worth spending your money on.

      Using the “fanboy” excuse is just a lazy way of saying you dont agree with something bc you’re dissatisfied with s product. Which is fine. But take it up with Sony if you are.

    • @Ultigamer Well, I can see that this is a pointless exercise in communication already.

      “You’re wrong but it could be possible” [sic] It is already possible to emulate PS1 and PS2 and takes a pretty minimal programme by today’s standards to do so. It could easily be implemented onto current hardware as an optional or even mandatory application/patch. Sony are holding back on emulation in order to charge for remasters and PS Now subscriptions, you just can’t seem to see that for some reason (hmm…).

      For the record, I have the capability to use Gamepass as I have a gaming PC, I simply don’t own any Xbox hardware this generation.

    • Gotrek_74

      “Sony are holding back on emulation in order to charge for remasters and PS Now subscriptions”

      Oh really, they’re not doing something that’s “very easy” so they can make more money off of Remasters? Like, the PS2 remasters, that they havent made any new ones in years? Or to sell PS Now subscriptions? Yeah, bc out of the 800 games on PS Now, there see like 25 PS2 and 0 PS1 games. So that’s another argument that falls flat

      Look if you want PS1/PS2 support on the PS5. Write and email. If it happens it happens. I’m talking ab PS Now, bc, that’s what this blog post it about. I’m giving a suggestion on how the service can improve.

      “For the record, I have the capability to use Gamepass as I have a gaming PC, I simply don’t own any Xbox hardware this generation.”

      No one asked. lmao

    • PSNow isn’t the answer to BC, it’s merely a service to enjoy. The answer to BC is PS3….there’s one on Ebay for $47 right now.

      But why would u own PS3 games and not a PS3? If u don’t have BC games why are u concerned about BC?

      BC on PS4 would be nice, but, i still have my PS3 so i’m fine. PS5 releases in 2 months, let it go. PS5 will be BC.

      PSNow is cheaper than Gamepass with twice the games. It offers download AND streaming. Each service has their advantage.

  • Only three months for Resident Evil 7?

    That’s rather short, but alright, I’ll take it.

    Does Final Fantasy XV include the Royal and Ardyn DLC by any chance, or is it the god awful base game?

  • Great games for sure, too bad I already own the major drops (RE7 and FFXV)

    • Why ? Add Turkey Server Now service?

      We want to service but not yet added.

      Turkish community very angry!

      Most player and me buy new console for XB not Ps5 !

      Sorry but No PS Now Turkey No money for you!!!

  • 1. All older exclusives should be on the service permanently PS2, PS3, & most PS4
    2. PS Now on mobile devices.
    3. Option for 1080p/60fps
    4. More PS4 versions of PS3 games.
    5. More franchises

    • 1. Yes.
      2. Yes. Also, bring it to streaming video devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and so on. Just sync up a DualShock 4 (or DualSense ;) ) and you’re golden. Or you could even allow people to use touch screen on a phone for the controller, but play the game on the TV or PC screen.
      3. Yes.
      4. Yes. Any good reason why they haven’t done this for games like the Uncharted series? You can’t play multiplayer on the PS3 versions anymore, so there’s no reason not to upgrade these to the PS4 versions.
      5. Yes.

    • They used to offer PS Now on other devices like Samsung Smart TVs. However they took that option down along with other compatible devices. I don’t see them bringing them back again.

    • @Ninjapigs Maybe not those specific devices. But Mobile, tablets, and android tv is definitely plausible. Look at Stadia, xcloud, geforce now. They’re doing it. And Sony even said in an investor report that bringing the service to “off console” devices is a “mid term” goal.

  • Well it’s nice to know what next month’s PS+ games will be!
    I’ve long wanted to try Resi 7 so glad that’s here (not sure if I want the VR mode to be included or not!), and maybe I’ll give FFXV another chance after getting lost in not-Venice and quickly getting bored of it all.
    All that said, Observation actually looks really interesting, hadn’t even heard of it before, that’ll be the first download!

  • All of these exclusives should be permanently added to PS Now.

    Jak & Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3, Jak X (PS4)
    Ratchet & Clank Collection and Deadlocked
    PS All Stars Battle Royale, Twisted Metal Black, Gran Turismo 5, 6, and Gran Turismo Sport, The Order: 1886 , Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy, The Last of Us: Remastered
    inFamous Second Son/First Light, Horizon: Zero Dawn, PaRappa The Rapper, PaRappa 2, Patapon, Gravity Rush & Gravity Rush 2

    • The service hasn’t had any fundamental changes in a very long time.

      The streaming is still only 720p 60. In 2020.
      It’s not on mobile devices or android tv. Cant take screenshots or capture gameplay. There hasn’t been a PS3 game added in years. Barley any PS2 games. And no PSOne games.

      The PS5 doesn’t play PS1, PS2, or PS3 games. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. But that can easily be remedied by added those games to PS Now. There are still a bunch of exclusives that should be permanently added to the service. I get not added new exclusives day one. But ones that are 3 years old or sell for $20 should be on the service PERMANENTLY.
      The games that have been added have been good so far. This month included. So that’s gotten better.

      PS Now, is ok right at the moment. But there’s a reason it’s not called the “best value in gaming” despite offering more games for less compared to the competition.

      It could be the best streaming AND subscription service in gaming if those things are improved.

  • Decent lineup👍🏼 looking forward to Resident Evil 7!🧟‍♂️

  • Excited for re7 and observation
    Gonna give the other games a try

  • This is the kind of quality games that should be in every month! I own all of these titles and I’m still not mad. Even Observation. Which I picked up just YESTERDAY on sale. I’ve been burned by that dirty little trick more than once, Sony! Still, I’ve posted on here a number of times voicing my displeasure with the horrid line-up offered in any particular month. But, these are the kind of top titles we should continue to see added each month. Now….if we could just stop offering free PS Plus games that are ALREADY IN MY PS NOW SUBSCRIPTION, that would be great!

    • Try getting a refund if you haven’t put that many hours into it. And yeah, idk why they’re putting PS Now games as PS+ games. It’s redundant for people who have both. They need to put their old exclusives on there. Along with PS1, and more PS2, PS3 games.

  • What makes this even worse is WWE 2K19 had parts of the game shut down! So it’s not even the full game, can’t even platinum it. Terrible addition.

  • A game I would loved Remastered, similar to Final Fantasy 8, would be Legend of Dragoon.

    Please make it happen Sony.
    Have either a Remaster or Remake of Legend of Dragoon.
    Graphics Enhanced from battle characters to towns and areas resolution and color enhanced. More polygons on playable characters and enemies.

    The ability to have all attack skills available when selecting attack, rather than just one attack set prior to the battle, and custom prioritize which attacks goes first on the list.

    Shana/Miranda to have multiple arrow attacks (Poison Arrow to Poison enemy. Flaming Arrow to Burn enemy. Explosion to attack all. Venom to paralyze)
    Trophy 🏆 Support

    That game is a great PS1 classic and is much needed for a comeback on PS5 in one shape or another.

  • Can you guys put The Sinking City Back, this is the only way for me to subscribe

  • Decent but only if you don’t already own FFXV and RE VII (amazing in VR btw, the scariest experience in my life) but nothing for me. I’ll give Observation a try for the sake of getting something out of my subscription.

  • Can’t wait to try RE7 on VR, but I’m not home until the weekend!!

  • I really don’t understand why everyone keeps on complaining about what games come out for either here or PS Plus. Yeah we are paying a service to get these games but in all reality PS Now wasn’t around. Also PS+ at one point the “Free” Games were not part of the deal at all. Just online saves and multiplayer were the deal for PS+.

    • PS+ has always offered a free game or games right from the start in 2010 when it was WipEout HD for the PS3. Back then you didn’t need PS+ to play any games online.

      I have both PS Now and PS+ and kind of expect games to appear on both, and don’t mind this at all. As others have said I’m sure they could make a lot more use of PS Now.

  • been wanting a wrestling game recently aswell , rest of titles totally solid . superb additions this month!

  • I want my PlayStation 5 now I can’t wait for the next generation of gaming

  • I’m exciting that I get the chance to play Resident Evil 7 knowing I won’t buy it. Final Fantasy another hand I already owned and finished long ago. Glad people get to experience a wonderful game. The WWE 2k19 game gonna be skip.

  • Put God of War back on PS Now. Also Last of Us Remastered.

  • Can we have The Sly Collection/Sly 4 Thieves in Time re-released for PS4?

  • – “Ohhh, NO! re7! Bad company!”
    Are you serious? What you knows about херовых monthly games?
    Ask me! Ps Russia love and support Russian community! Don’t believe me?
    First, we don’t have ps now. Second, our ps plus is cr’p! But for the lack service ps now Sony compensation greatest support our PS PLUS(ps store and other services)! How? They are not stressed about plus monthly game. Cod mw2r for all, but not for us. Okey, trouble with cod, I understand. But change cod to pslink ****?!
    сосунки! Добро пожаловать в Россию!

  • I just got down with customer service. I was playing a through pc while using my tv. While my hands were driving a race care in Nascar heat 4 for 20mins a window kept popping up telling me another game is trying to load no even on my list, i kept trying to cancel, and it would not let me.

    I restarted everything , and an error came up saying they don’t have servers in my area. Customer service kept saying call my service provider.
    They have copy and past staff, and they closed my window and all my text after I asked for a supervisor.
    I’m sorry but an internet connection can’t access psnow library while I’m in mid game. It almost sounds like they have hackers.
    This the second time I’ve gotten this error , but the first where they tried to load up another game while I’m playing one.

  • OK I will buy Final Fantasy XV thats for real !!!!

  • With the PS5 coming out this year, will PS Now still be available for the PS4?

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