How Project Cars 3’s career mode takes drivers from weekend warriors to racing legends

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How Project Cars 3’s career mode takes drivers from weekend warriors to racing legends

Get a closer look at player progression in Slightly Mad Studios' latest, roaring onto PS4 today.

Your journey from weekend warrior to racing legend in Project Cars 3 is a curated deep-dive into the best content in-game. With 200-plus elite-brand Cars and many of the world’s most storied tracks, you’d be right to assume it’s both challenging and inspiring. 

How Project Cars 3’s career mode takes drivers from weekend warriors to racing legends

But that’s just the start: the big news is the way player progression, ownership of Cars, and performance part upgrades have transformed your career in Project Cars 3 into a whole new ball game. 

The career structure

The basic structure of the Career Mode is 10 new classes (split between Road and Race Cars) with four branches of four events and a championship race in each, plus 16 invitationals to marquee events, and 16 challenges featuring electrifying mini-championships. 

Highlights from the career mode

You’ll begin, like all weekend warriors, in the lower Road Car classes (E, D, and C) with few Credits and many dreams. Road E eases you into the game’s new modes, objectives, the upgrade system, and new venues like Shanghai and Havana. Choose your ride wisely here and consider what upgrades to spend Credits on by looking ahead and deciding which car best fits the tracks and challenges to come. Since there are events that allow only Cars from certain eras or countries, planning is key as you rise to class Road D and its new breed of sportscars like the Toyota Supra.

Road C is where you’ll need to make some tough choices: Tune your current ride to Road C spec’ or buy a shiny supercar like the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray? Choose prudently because Road B is waiting to throw curveballs at you — like handling 600-plus horsepower in the snow, and a legendary showdown between Lamborghini and Ferrari!

Road A is the home of dream Cars and V12s on the California Highway, a feast for eyes and ears. And as if those are not exciting enough, wait until the next class — HyperCars — where beauty meets cutting edge technology, raw power, and mind-boggling speeds like in the Rimac C Two and its 1,000 fat and instant horses. 

If you’re good enough to get this far, it’s time to go pro as you’ve now reached the Race Cars class: GT C and GT B first, which will test you like never before as you draft in the Stock Car Championship, and fight the epic hotlap challenge around the Nordschleife. Get that right, and you’ll be in the GT A class where every sportscar manufacturer with racing in its veins competes. Win here — it’ll take all your skill and racecraft — and you’re ready for GT Open, the crowning glory of your career and where legends are made. 

Helpful hints

  • Stuck at an event? Use Credits to unlock the next series of challenges and return with an upgraded ride.
  • Not a fan of a particular class? Use Credits earned in career and online to progress right away.
  • Short on Credits? Play Rival events and race online to gain extra XP which unlock Credits.
  • Power or handling? Analyse which tracks are coming and upgrade accordingly.  
  • Over the course of your career, you‘ll build a garage of exhilarating machines. Use the right weapon for the right challenge: From sharp handling hatchbacks to tough touring Cars to hybrid-powered HyperCars.
  • Found a car that fits your driving style and stole your heart? Give it the full range of upgrades to become a supercar tamer. Or get a race conversion kit and mix it up in pro Race classes… or make it your own online racing legend!

Words really can’t express how excited we are to see what kind of upgraded and customised Cars our fans will create as the game launches today!

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