Explore the internet of 1999 in Hypnospace Outlaw, out now on PS4

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Explore the internet of 1999 in Hypnospace Outlaw, out now on PS4

Play detective and unravel the mysteries buried in this '90s internet simulator.

Hey there everyone, Pip from No More Robots here to tell you all about our ’90s internet simulator and detective game, Hypnospace Outlaw!

Hypnospace Outlaw sees you donning a headband and drifting off to moderate a bustling community of internet users in 1999. Telling their stories through colourful pages and crunchy gifs, this community becomes your home until the millennium ticks over, and the internet is changed forever. With pages full of repetitive midi tunes and bizarrely written status messages as your only clues, can you work out what the new year brought with it?

Hypnospace Outlaw

Hypnospace Outlaw is a point and click adventure game set in 1999 where you are tasked with taking down bad netiquette and making sure Hypnospace is a safe, happy place for everyone that uses it. Armed with your enforcer’s version, you are sent to remove any copyright infringements, harmful downloads, unauthorised payment systems and much more. The more you remove, the more the community will respond to it, updating their pages and statuses as well as sending you emails.

As you work as an enforcer, the cast of characters really comes to life, each with their own circles of friends and enemies, likes, dislikes, and motives for being on Hypnospace in the first place. Whether it’s a teen boy pretending to have a girlfriend to look cool, or an old lady using Hypnospace as part of her downtime at her care home, each is distinctly different, and in their own way, loveable. Hypnospace is definitely a game about people, and getting to know them through their pages is a real treat, whether you are following the story along or simply diving in to relive the good old days of dial-up. 

Hypnospace Outlaw

With hundreds of pages, music tracks, weird viruses, apps and virtual pets to tinker with, there’s so much within Hypnospace Outlaw to get lost in. The entire game works like an old operating system, so there are lots of crazy secrets to discover outside of the main story. While the story is the same, everyone who plays has a different experience based on what they find and what memories unlock for them!

Even if you never experienced the internet in the ’90s, Hypnospace is built so that everything will feel familiar, but there are no real-world references. That way, everyone has a brand-new world to discover, and new favourites from The Chowder Man to Granny Cream’s Hot Butter Ice Cream.

At its core though, Hypnospace Outlaw is a detective game with some real meaty puzzles. You’ll need to get your head around cracking people’s passwords, sifting through archives and using programs to break through errors and into secret, unseen areas of the game. To find out the true culprit and unravel the mystery that Hypnospace’s cheery exterior hides. If you’re a fan of adventure games and a little bit of lateral thinking, make sure you give Hypnospace a look.

Hypnospace Outlaw

We’ve worked hard with our partners at Ratalaika Games to make Hypnospace Outlaw on PS4 the best experience it can be, and we’re so proud of how smooth an experience it is – you’ll almost forget you’re not back in the ’90s with your desktop PC! We’ve also included the Hypnospace Plus expansion for free when you download the game, so you’ll have even more pages to read and tunes to bop along to! 

Hypnospace Outlaw will always have an incredibly special place in our hearts. It’s equal parts happy, sad, bizarre and wonderful, and we hope you love it as much as we do! It’s out now at PlayStation Store, make sure to let us know which pages are your favourites! 

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  • I would highly recommend when you post these new games like this, that you also give us a link to the game on the store.

  • Awesome! Been wanting to play this, but my laptop is just for work and has only an Intel integrated card so it didn’t run at all.
    Is it a keyboard needed to play it properly??

    • Not required, but you can use a USB mouse and keyboard if you like! Wired or wireless with a USB dongle. If not, there’s an on-screen keyboard of course :)

  • Nah if it just point and click that sucks it should have keyboard use too so you can actually type during the hacking/puzzle parts instead of choosing pre scripted multiple choice answers/options

    Like that hacking mini game in Enter the Matrix, THAT was fun

    • It does have keyboard functionality! There’s searching the web, making sticky notes, typing in passwords, etc… and you can literally plug a USB keyboard in to your PS4 if you want to play that way :)

  • This looks awesome! Will there be a physical copy? Or am I going to have to go digital on this one? Also still cant wait for PS5!

    • No plans for a physical copy right now, we’re a tiny studio! If given the chance we’d love to do so though!!

  • Doesn’t this look a bit..retro for 1999?

  • Why were we told about the game for the PS4 on release day instead of a week ahead of time like the nintendo switch? If I had known this would be on the PS4 then I would have bought it on here instead of on the switch. Also, it seems like the PS store isn’t really featuring the game anywhere, you have to search for it to find it as it’s not even in the indies section, just a heads up.

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