Sword-wielding roguelite Until You Fall comes to PS VR in Fall 2020

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Sword-wielding roguelite Until You Fall comes to PS VR in Fall 2020

Strike down hordes of magic-infused monstrosities as a Sword God in this neon hellscape.

Greetings, Champions. I’m Adam Kuta, Community Marketing Specialist at Schell Games, and I am honored to share some exciting news with you regarding Until You Fall. In Fall 2020, our hack-and-slash roguelite comes to PlayStation VR! In this game, fantasy and synthwave collide when you become a Sword God with supercharged abilities, striking down hordes of magic-infused monstrosities in an intense neon hellscape.

Sword-wielding roguelite Until You Fall comes to PS VR in Fall 2020

Our team spent copious hours trying to capture the feeling of being a truly powerful warrior, which is the essence of the Until You Fall experience. To achieve this response, we developed three primary pillars for the game’s direction. These ‘pillars’ serve the team as our collective vision, goal, and concept for the game; they are the foundation of Until You Fall.

Become a Sword God

Vile and dangerous creatures fill the corrupted lands of Rokar. But you can stop them, Champion! As a Rune Knight, you are strong. You are a master of melee combat. You are a Sword God.

From the diverse array of weapons and abilities to the health and stats of your enemies, we shaped Until You Fall to most effectively put you into the chainmail of a mighty champion. One of our early design decisions was the idea of customizing your abilities and increasing your arsenal of powerful weaponry. After all, a mighty warrior should be proficient with a variety of fighting styles and each of those approaches should feel different.

With this concept in mind, we designed each weapon to be distinct – from its weight and control to its damage output and special abilities, called “supers.” Each combination of weapons comes with its own set of benefits and opportunities, allowing players the ultimate form of self-expression through their unique play styles.

Supercharged VR Interactions

Creating a game in VR offers even more opportunities to support the Sword God approach in the form of our second pillar: supercharged VR interactions. For example, blocking and repelling attacks requires precise positioning, often encouraging and leading to dynamic poses. Using large swings of your weapons deals the most damage to your opponents, reinforcing the idea of heroic movement and cinematic combat. Claiming rewards after a battle requires you to crush crystals in the palm of your hand to claim their abilities, reminding you of the raw power you possess.

Power Through Persistence

The roguelite nature of Until You Fall contributes to our final pillar: power through persistence. Battle your way through a series of encounters, claim upgrades and abilities after each victory, and continue on to face even stronger enemies. Through continued play, you’ll amass Aether, a spendable in-game resource, allowing you to power up, upgrade, and unlock weapons. Through each encounter, you’ll learn your enemies’ weaknesses and develop tactics to help you take down your foes on your next attempt. Fight. Fall. Rise Again! Persistence is your key to success.

Bringing these three pillars together, we could not be more excited for you to experience the incredible power of being a Rune Knight. With your Sword God powers, supercharged abilities, and persistence to win, the land of Rokar is counting on you. Stay strong and press the advantage, Champion!

We’ll have even more information to share with you in the coming months and can’t wait for you to experience Until You Fall soon!

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  • Is the game going to have accessibility options? In particular, can it be played with just one hand?

    The game is looking very interesting, and I’m liking the frenetic swordplay, I just hope I can still play it (even if going 1 handed is “hard mode”, better than not playing at all).

    • Thank you, Champion! We’re so glad to hear you’re excited for Until You Fall!

      The game IS playable one-handed. We’ve factored in other accessibility options for other needs as well, such as a Seated Mode and adjustments to visual components like vignetting and screen flashes. We fully believe that everyone can be a Rune Knight!

      Stay strong and press the advantage!

    • We wanted to add some clarification to the previous comment.
      Until You Fall can be played single-handedly in terms of combat. All enemies can be attacked, blocked, and defeated with a single weapon in one hand. However, the full range of movement is not available without a second controller; character movement on one, and the ability to turn and dash on the other.

  • Really cool looking game! I like how colorful the game is. This will look amazing in VR for sure, hopefully the gameplay is on point too. Wish you guys luck and look forward to playing the game in the near future.

    • Ah, yes. The lands of Rokar are a true sight to behold! Thank you for appreciating its beauty.

      We certainly hope you’ll enjoy your experience as a Rune Knight and feel like a Sword God when you take up your blades!

      Fight. Fall. Rise Again!

  • The game I love to play most on PSVR is Beat Saber. I just love the feel of gameplay in that with great music and rhythm to the play that for me counts as a form of daily aerobic exercise. How is this game paced? Does it let you go into a trance where you get waves and waves of fights that go with music or is it slowly walking around with weird PS Move locomotion controls and then you have some exciting melee fights to break up the tedium?

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