Descenders, the extreme downhill biking game, rides to PS4 today

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Descenders, the extreme downhill biking game, rides to PS4 today

Ride through more than half a billion levels thanks to the multiplayer game’s procedurally generated worlds.

Hey everyone! This is Mike Rose from publishing label No More Robots, and we’re thrilled to say that Descenders, our multiplayer downhill biking game, is finally available for PS4. You can grab it today from PlayStation Store, or you can pick up a physical copy from your favorite retailer.

Descenders is extreme multiplayer downhill mountain biking in procedurally generated worlds, where mistakes have real consequences. As you ride through the more than half a billion levels in the game, never playing the same track twice, you’ll be earning Rep, which will unlock new worlds to ride and new bikes and kits to deck yourself out with.

But hey, it’s a lot easier to just show you how Descenders work — so let’s do just that!

Scoring with Style

As you ride through the many worlds of Descenders, you’ll earn Rep whenever you’re pulling off stunts, jumps and near misses. The crazier the stunts, and the longer the combo, the more Rep you’ll earn!

You’ll also start to attract the attention of the three big bike sponsors in the game — Kinetic, Enemy and Arboreal. Kinetic are watching for fast riders, while Enemy want to recruit bikers who can pull off cool tricks. Arboreal are all about off-road action and carving your own path.

Like a Boss

Every world in Descenders ends with a completely off-the-wall “boss jump”, essentially a massive jump you need to complete before you can move on to the next world. These range from jumping over a train, to jumping an entire canyon, and they can be pretty fast and scary!

Once you’ve mastered all the regular boss jumps, you can then also discover and activate the special “fire ring” boss jumps, which add floating fire rings to each boss. If you can manage to jump through every fire ring in a single run, you may just find a super secret hidden world at the end…

Time to Wipeout with Bikeout

Aside from the main career mode, there are a whole bunch of special modes and bike parks in Descenders, to play with your friends. The Bikeout worlds are some of the most silly experiences you can find in Descenders — a whole host of Wipeout-like challenges to complete, with swinging obstacles, rotating platforms, and giant bouncy balls to fall off.

Completing all the Bikeout levels is one of the greatest achievements you can muster up in Descenders, and it’ll take you a long while before you’re good enough to manage it!

We hope you all enjoy Descenders — it’s a fantastic experience on PlayStation, for you and three friends to share, and we can’t wait to see everyone diving into the game. 

Descenders, the extreme downhill biking game, rides to PS4 today

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