Street Power Soccer brings arcade-style sports to PS4 tomorrow

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Street Power Soccer brings arcade-style sports to PS4 tomorrow

Choose from 10 soccer heroes and a variety of modes in this over-the-top experience.

When Street Power Soccer (or Street Power Football as it’s known for European and Latin American players) arrives on PS4 tomorrow, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the culture of street soccer and show off your street-style through six unique game modes. Make sure to grab a friend as Street Power Soccer also features local and online co-op and versus modes with extensive visual customization for your favorite players.

For this over-the-top experience, we’ve brought together 25 of the world’s best freestyle and street soccer legends to help you master insane tricks, learn skills, and play across the world in 14 playgrounds. From the Favela in Brazil through the snowy terrain of Copenhagen or even playing on playgrounds floating on the Thames in London.

Street Power Soccer (Street Power Football)Street Power Soccer (Street Power Football)Street Power Soccer (Street Power Football)Street Power Soccer (Street Power Football)

Who’s in the game?

With a roster of 35 characters, you can play with the perfect players for your style. Street Power Soccer features a premier roster of global freestyle, panna and street Soccer ambassadors including Sean Garnier, Melody Donchet, Liv Cooke, Andrew Henderson, JaviFreestyle, Raquel Benetti, Daniel Got Hits, and many more! 

You’ll be able to experience signature freestyle moves from each player and continue to build your team with 10 brand new soccer heroes created especially for the game.

Street Power Soccer (Street Power Football)

What are the game modes?

Freestyle: In Freestyle mode, you’ll be able to express your style and perform over 90 outrageous tricks in dance-like fashion solo or against a friend. Rhythm, style, originality, and creativity are the keys to success in Freestyle – the harder the trick, the more points you’ll earn!

Trickshot: This mode requires precision and strategy to beat the record and take your place on top of the leaderboards. Find the right balance of power, height, and spin to hit targets spread all over the playground or hidden inside it. Watch out: the clock is running out though, so you’ll have to be both precise and fast.

Street Power Match: Street Power Match can be played with teams of 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3, solo or co-op against AI or head-to-head with a friend. You have 5 minutes to score 5 goals. Pull off crazy tricks and incredible acrobatic stunts to stun your opponent, set the field on fire and win the match! 

You’ve got two tools to help you: first, superpowers for each character like a flaming ball, teleportation, or super jump; and second, on-field consumables to electrify your opponents, boost your energy and speed up your players.

Panna / Panna KO: Panna is a word that comes from Sranan Tongo, and it means “gate.” In English, we also call it “nutmegging.” In this game mode, you try to kick the ball between your opponent’s legs on a small playing field called the “Cage.” The game goes to five minutes or five points. Step into the arena and “humiliate” your opponent with incredible pannas!

Become King: Sean Garnier guides you through this adventure mode and takes you to challenges around the world in each of Street Power Soccer’s unique game modes. In this mode, you’ll face off against the best players in the world with tips and guidance from one of the masters of Freestyle Soccer and Street Soccer.

Elimination: Elimination mode is a really fast-paced mode played on one half of the playground, in 1v1, with two teammates on the bench. It’s simple: every time you score a goal, the opposing player is eliminated and must leave the field until one team has no more players left and it’s “Game Over” for them. But watch out, there’s a catch! You only have 10 seconds to score before you’ll need to reset.

Street Power Soccer (Street Power Football)

Bringing streetstyle soccer to gaming

Taking the world’s most popular sport and turning it on its head was a challenge in development – everyone knows soccer and how it works, but for Street Power Soccer, we had to break the rules and bring surprises to the game with over-the-top superpowers, moves, tricks, and fast action gameplay.

We wanted to bring the feel of Street Soccer to the screen and controller, so when you play, you’ll score goals, but you’ll do it with the ball on fire after hovering in the air Matrix-style. With all the game’s unique game modes, we had to figure out intuitive controls for each mode so that you’ll be able to focus on creative style with each mode while still leaving room for the best of the best players to truly shine. 

In the end, Street Power Soccer combines creative style with high-energy action for an over-the-top soccer and arcade video game experience. Play through six distinct game modes with tons of customizable options to style your team to your liking, pumped up music, and more. We can’t wait to see everyone get their hands on the game when it launches tomorrow on PS4!

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