Free patch update for Marvel’s Iron Man VR including New Game+, available today

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Free patch update for Marvel’s Iron Man VR including New Game+, available today

New weapons, new modes and more arrive today on PS VR.

Hello everyone, my name is Blaine Higdon and I’m a gameplay designer at Camouflaj. It’s been an honor to work on an IP as celebrated as Iron Man, and to do so in a way that leverages the immersive power of PlayStation VR.

I know many of you have been busy playing Marvel’s Iron Man VR since it was released in early July, but we aren’t done yet! Today I wanted to show you some of the content and quality of life features we will be adding to the game in a free Patch* 1.06 update launching today.

New Game Modes

We are adding two new game modes designed for those who are hungry for more.

The much-requested New Game+ will allow you to re-experience the story without giving up your Research Points and unlocks for the Impulse Armor. The New Game+ mode will only be available once you’ve completed the game. And if you’re a hardcore player who has already mastered “Invincible” difficulty, you should definitely give the new “Ultimate” difficulty mode in the new patch for a spin to see what you’re really made of!

New Weapons

Of course, if you’re going to be replaying the story or challenging a new difficulty mode, why not try out some of the new weapons that can be unlocked at the Armor Station?

The Continuous Beam Repulsor

Allows you to sustain a beam for several seconds, dealing continuous damage as long as it’s held.

EM Charge Cannon

It can fire a charged shot right through the hardlight shields of those pesky Skull, Revenant, and Wight drones.

Micro Swarm

A “fire-and-forget” intelligent anti-swarm weapon, great for disabling large groups of enemies. 

The Gravity Bomb

Creates a singularity that traps multiple enemies in a single location and is perfect for setting up a devastating shot from the Scatter Shot or Anti Armor Missile!

New Custom Armor Decos & Challenges

Another set of eight awesome Custom Armor Decos by our character artist Chris Foster will be added to the Armor Station in the garage, along with new challenges to overcome for unlocking them. Among the eight Custom Armor Decos is the Iron Patriot, in case you missed our launch weekend promotion.

New Quality of Life Features

In addition to the new content above, we’ve been hard at work improving user experience.

Improved Load Times

We’ve improved our load times across the board, including 20-30 second decreased times when loading into Shanghai missions. A big shoutout to our engineering team for their continued efforts on this front.

Skip Cinematics without Loading on Replay

When replaying missions, either in New Game+ mode or otherwise, you now have the option to skip an upcoming cinematic without having to load into it first if you’ve already completed the mission at least once before.

Skippable Side Missions

Based on feedback we received for you all, we have made two story missions skippable, if you so choose. You can use the “Skip Mission” button at the globe to advance past these missions, which will count them as “completed,” but you’ll still need to go back and complete it if you want  the trophies for them.

Remember, you can still download and launch the free demo to unlock the exclusive Molten Lava Custom Armor Deco*, and you can purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game to get four extra Custom Armor Decos.

As we prepare to launch this update, I’m reminded of the excitement the team felt in the days and weeks leading up to the game’s release. After years of development, pressing the proverbial “launch” button was both intimidating and deeply satisfying.

One thing that we understood innately — but didn’t fully appreciate until our game was in the wild — was just how passionate Marvel fans are about what we were building. The development team at Camouflaj gobbled up your reviews, tweets, and videos; listening intently to what you had to say, and what you wanted more of. I hope this content update continues to make good on our initial promise: to make you feel more than ever like you are Iron Man.

Thanks for all your support… and enjoy your flight!

*Patch 1.06 and demo requires internet connection and account for PlayStation Network.

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  • Will there be new trophies? Please say no, the hardest difficulty was already really hard!

    Wouldn’t mind a NG+ one though…

    • The patch notes on the PS4 say that they added 2 new trophies. One for NG+ and one for beating on Ultimate difficulty.

  • Thank you for tackling the load times!

  • Grrr, just finished this game two days ago and had to suffer through the load times. Still, I’m very happy that you guys are still committed to this game. I will definitely go back and try out the new weapons!

  • Does it disturb anyone else that the industry has been using the term “free patch” a lot more lately? To me, it has the connotation that at some point we’re going to be paying for bug fixing updates.

    • That’s just because we get more free stuff patched in than we used to.

    • Plus if they don’t say “free” there will always be someone wondering if anything in the patch has to be bought. Better to just get it out of the way and clarify it’s free.

    • You’re honestly complaining that developers are giving us free tools;weapons AND especially skins…instead of dishing out $$ for them… wow..

  • Great work, guys. The game was already amazing, but lessening those load times will really help with jumping back into the suit. Definitely the best Super Hero games in VR.

  • Kinda glad I haven’t gotten around to playing my copy yet. I heard a lot about how bad the load times were so hopefully they are much better now. Thanks for the new content team.

  • Grateful you worked on loading times and improved them.

  • Damn it guys. It was hard enough in the previous hard 😭. Alright, ima try

  • Great job guys, the pressure on your shoulder are huge, and knowing that only around 5% of ps4 players own a Psvr, you deserve a clear recognition for this amazing work! To me, the best game ever (I did take the Deluxe Edition betting it was ;))
    Will try out these new weapons (but not the new mode… But not the new difficulty,the Invincible one is already too much for me lol)
    Great job, so craving to see other patches in the next months as well… Would we dare dream about multiplayer modes one day…? (co-op & pvp?)
    It would be so awesome…… 😋😋😋

    • Why do people always co
      mplain that there is no multiplayer almost every game. there is always 1…

  • Quick question: Are you guys releasing the pre-order pack suits and deluxe edition suits later on? I got the game digitally but there was a mix -up so I never got any of those extras. I’d gladly pay for them to have a complete set. Thanks so much for the fixes! And say hi to Ryan!!!! Big fan since back in the days of 1Up and KojiPro. :D

  • I think I have an idea to make the game a bit better. You could have weapons on your shoulders that you activate using the O button on your right hand and X button on your left. You hold down one of these buttons and a targeting system comes up, you use your body to aim the targeting box (like the unibeam) and to fire you release either O or X. I know that this will make it so that you can no longer hover without using your thrusters, but I think it would make the game better. If you think this is a good idea may you please add it? Thank you for reading!

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