Train Sim World 2 arriving at platform PlayStation tomorrow

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Train Sim World 2 arriving at platform PlayStation tomorrow

Become a driver on the London Underground, take control of high-speed services in Germany, and haul freight across an epic US mountain range.

Hi railfans, I’m Matt Peddlesden the Senior Producer on Train Sim World 2 at Dovetail Games. This week our new simulation launches on PlayStation 4. Read on for our top ten tips as you start playing, to make sure you have everything you need to become an experienced train driver.

Start a Journey

Train Sim World 2 features three routes: Bakerloo Line, Köln – Aachen and Sand Patch Grade. Whichever you choose to play you’ll have the option of starting a new Journey. This is one of the best ways to get started — each Journey consists of tutorials, scenarios and services carefully selected to guide you through curated gameplay. Starting with simple tasks before testing you with more complex services.

Play the Tutorials

If you are a new driver, the controls of each locomotive can seem daunting at first. Fear not, we have included fun and easy to understand tutorials for each of the six locomotives included in Train Sim World 2. A brand-new immersion controller scheme also makes commands simple to learn. Don’t forget, if you need a quick refresher the tutorials are always there for you to have another try.

Watch the HUD

You’ll find lots of valuable information to help you drive during each session. The pause screen includes your train info as well as schedule details, whilst a re-designed HUD keeps pertinent information at your disposal. As well as speed you can see safety systems, brake pressure, door status and more. When you’re travelling at 250km/h across Germany this kind of information becomes critical. The HUD can also be resized to help with visibility or removed completely for an authentic experience.

Learn Your Loco

So, you’ve completed a tutorial and your first challenge. As you progress you’ll start to learn more about each of the locomotives. Each has their own unique control and safety systems, tailored to suit their role, and will behave differently on the rails. Everything from the type of power, weight and braking systems will change how you play. You’ll also have to adjust for weather conditions and grades with the new adhesion feature. Learn the nuances of each locomotive to ensure smooth running.

Know the Route

It’s not just the loco you need to learn. Each of the routes in Train Sim World 2 are meticulously recreated from the real thing. This means that they also include the areas of the route that are more challenging to navigate. Getting to know when signals or speed limit restrictions are coming up, or memorising braking points for platform stops is important to become a precise driver. Applying the right amount of power or brakes means you will arrive at your destination on time every time.

Check Your Reports

Once you have completed a scenario you will get a detailed breakdown of your progress along the route, how punctual you were, a display of route speed restrictions vs your actual speed and a medal based on performance. Learn from your mistakes, alter the way you drive and try to get a perfect run the next time you play the scenario.

Go For a Walk

Train Sim World 2 gives you the freedom to get out of the cab and explore all that a railway has to offer to foot. With a variety of tasks to complete around the route for those that want to explore. On the Bakerloo Line you will be placing route maps, repairing platform monitors, putting up posters and re-stocking newspapers around the route. Complete route tasks to unlock PlayStation Trophies!

Get Creative

Once you’ve found your favourite locomotive you will want to make it your own, you can do that with a new custom tool, the Livery Designer. Create your own unique look for your locomotives and wagons using a large selection of decals and colours, building up layers to make your personal livery. Then take them for a drive and see what they look like on your favourite part of each route.

Railfan Shots

Rolling mountains, amazing architecture and urban cityscapes bring Train Sim World 2 to life and really immerse you in the world of driving trains. These incredible backdrops often perfectly frame a locomotive so why not jump out of the cab, find the perfect spot and capture those locomotives as they pass by. The ‘Railfan Shot’ feature allows you to save your photos to a gallery online. 

Create a Scenario

Played through a full Journey on your favourite route and want more? Use the Scenario Planner to drive what you want where you want, building up a custom scenario with your choice of locomotives. This includes defying the laws of physics with an ‘Off The Rails’ option. So, if you want to take a German electric train up the side of a US mountain range… You can!

Go have fun with Train Sim World 2, coming to PlayStation on August 20! There’s a 15% loyalty discount at launch if you already own Train Sim World 2020 — simply go to the Train Sim World in-game store to purchase.

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  • Looking forward to it. I used to be in the R.R. business and it’s impressive how realistic this sim is.

  • not really into Train Sim but have to say it does look impressively realistic

  • Is the above high-end PC shots? The last one was so unbelievably poor it’s the only title I have ever felt the need to request a refund from PSN for, fighting for weeks to get it. Buggy (stuck, unable to complete one particular scenario), looked like a poor PS3 game on PS4 Pro, awful draw distance, slowdowns, lack of assets e.g. a freight train with ALL white cars, only one male and one female passenger model. That’s before even getting to the obscene price of the DLC. I loved MS Train Simulator back in the day, but I don’t game on PC these days. I really wanted to like TSW and felt badly let down. Once bitten…

  • Does it have any improvements for ps4 pro?
    4k? 60fps? improved visuals? Are the screenshots in the article from ps4 pro?
    Does it support HDR?

  • Can’t wait! Like it so much!

  • Please add a DLC for a Panama route. That would be awesome. So much history and scenery with that route.

  • Love these sims and the London tube (subway) is now included

  • Do the DLC from the previous Train Sim Wolrd work?

  • Maybe it will actually work, this time. The first one wasn’t even playable and the company didn’t care. From the time I bought it, downloaded it, started it and deleted it was 42 minutes. Dovetail is a pos company, that is fact.

  • Je suis détenteur de train sim world 2020 et j’ai commandé sur le store le 20/08/2020 le tant attendu train sim world 2…. Mais sauf erreur de ma part je n’ai pas bénéficié de la promotion 15% de remise…. 🤔😢

  • Saw this listed on the store and am seriously confused on the pricing. Looks like I can get the deluxe version for $50, or…. I can buy the base game plus all the DLC separately for $160?????? Ehhh? What the hell is going on there? $110 price difference for the exact same content?

  • The deluxe edition says it adds East Coastway, not all the other DLC, it’s not a season pass, just a discount on a specific add on.

  • I’m finding the controller (PS4) and the controls in the Bakerloo Line very hard to get my head around. There are slight instructions as to what to do, but messages like “apply the brakes gently” – how? What does “set the direction key to inter” mean? If I overshoot the platform at the first station (which I’ve done often), how do I go backwards? the reverse direction doesn’t appear to work. What does “Rheo 1. Hold” mean? Why move the traction brake control from “Emergency” to “Off and release”? It may appear obvious to some, but not to me.

    It looks lovely, and I’m sure I’ll learn to love it, but I think the initial tutorials should be fleshed out further, not just with how, but also why.

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